2018 Press Releases

(1-16-18) 2016 National Survey on Problem Gambling Services

(2-27-18) March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

(3-12-18) National Council on Problem Gambling Issues Responsible Gaming Principles for Sports Gambling Legislation

(5-14-18) National Council on Problem Gambling Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Murphy v NCAA

(5-15-18) NCPG and All-in Diversity Project Join Forces to Change the Face of Gaming Globally

(6-14-18) National Council on Problem Gambling Board of Directors Election Results

(6-28-18) Caesars Entertainment Makes Significant Investment in Responsible Gaming Programs, Joins National Council on Problem Gambling President’s Circle

(7-12-18) Sports Betting and Problem Gambling Experts to Convene at 3rd Annual Summit on Sports & Gambling, July 18 in Cleveland

(8-2-18) Record Sponsorship for 32nd National Conference on Problem Gambling

(8-14-18) Gambling Disorder Screening Provision Included in the National Defense Authorization Act 2019

2017 Press Releases

(1-25-17) NCPG Welcomes Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission

(1-30-17) The Big Game and the Gambling Disordered

(2-1-17) Superbowl 51 Illegal Betting and Gambling Problems

(2-25-17) NCPG Announces 2017-2018 Officers

(2-27-17) March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

(3-15-17) Stand Up In March for Help For Problem Gambling

(3-20-17) Help For Those at Higher Risk For Problem Gambling

(3-27-17) 30% Spike in National Problem Gambling Helpline Calls Expected in March

(5-2-17) NCPG Promotes Responsible Gaming & Problem Gambling Recovery in Japan

(6-6-17) 2017 NCPG Board Elections Release

(6-21-17) Advocate Calls on Governor Hutchinson to Restore Funds to Research

(7-7-17) NCPG Calls on Arkansas Leaders to Take Responsibility for Gambling Addiction

(7-10-17) NCPG 2017 Awards Nominees

(7-17-17) National Conference on Problem Gambling July 21-22 in Portland, Oregon

(7-25-17) NCPG Awards Winners

(7-31-17) Record Sponsorship & Attendance for 31st National Conference on Problem Gambling

(8-14-17) Inaugural Circle Members

(10-2-17) National Council on Problem Gambling Statement on October 1 Las Vegas Shooting

(10-01-17) National Council on Problem Gambling Statement on October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting

(11-02-17) National Council on Problem Gambling Hires Communications Manager

2016 Press Releases

(02-02-16) MEDIA ADVISORY: Provide Beacon of Hope During Super Bowl 50 Betting Bonanza

(01-20-16) NCPG Urges Inclusion of Gambling Addiction in Surgeon General Report

(01-13-16) Media Advisory on High Jackpots & Helplines

2015 Press Releases

(11-11-15) Veterans Gambling Addiction November 2015

(11-05-15) MI Lottery NeoPollard Interactive iCAP 2015 Press Release

(10-20-15) NASPL NCPG Announce Responsible Gambling Verification Program for Lotteries

(8-03-15) National Conference on Problem Gambling Visits Baltimore

(7-28-15) NCPG Salutes Leaders in Problem Gambling Responsible Gaming Fields With 2015 Awards

(3-25-15) Arkansas Senate Kills Problem Gambling Programs During Problem Gambling Awareness Month

(2-11-15) NCPG Urges Responsibility As Lottery Fever Heats Up

2014 Press Releases

(9-08-14) NCPG and Mass Council Support Botticelli ONDCP Nomination

(8-13-14) Affordable Care Act Mainstreams Help for Gambling Addiction

(8-11-14) NCPG Launches Responsible Gambling Compliance Program for Internet Gaming

(6-03-14) 2014 Strikes for Responsible Gaming

(3-26-14) APGSA NCPG Release National Survey of Gambling Services

(1-31-14) Super Bowl XLVIII Release 2014

2013 Press Releases

(1-31-13) Super Bowl XLVII

(1-28-13) NPGAW Press Release 2013

2012 Press Releases

(02-03-12) Superbowl XLVI

2011 Press Releases

(2-4-11) 2011 Super Bowl Press Release

2010 Press Releases

(12-07-10) NCPG Release Internet Poker Bill

(03-15-2010) 2010 NPGAW Press Release

(03-09-2010) Helpline Press Release

(03-05-2010) Fathers Urge Nation

(3-02-2010) March Madness ’10

(2-05-2010) Superbowl XLIV

2009 Press Releases

(12-02-2009) Internet Gambling Press Release

(6-17-2009) 2009 Awards Press Release

(6-17-2009) CPG Press Release

(5-04-2009) Benoit Press Release

(2-18-2009) NPGAW 2009 Press Release

(1-29-2009) Superbowl XLIII

2008 Press Releases

(12-10-2008) Holiday Campaign Press Release

(6-16-2008) Town Hall Forum on Internet Gambling at 22nd Annual Conference

(6-6-2008) Family Day

2007 Press Releases

(8-24-2007) Lottery Jackpots Responsible Opportunity

(6-20-2007) Conference Attendees Select People’s Choice Award

(6-18-2007) North Carolina Becomes 35th Affiliate Member

(6-18-2007) The Year’s Best in the Problem Gambling Field

(6-1-2007) New Problem Gambling Tool Kit to Be Introduced at 21st Annual Conference

(3-23-2007) 5.5 Million College Students At Risk for March Madness

(3-22-2007) March Madness At Work

(2-7-2007) Campus Media Group To Create Awareness About Youth Gambling