Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling Resources

These resources are intended to assist key stakeholders in implementing and advancing policies that safeguard against gambling-related harm.

Responsible gambling resources

Guidelines for Payment Processing

With advances in payment technology, it’s becoming increasingly easy for people who gamble to quickly access large amounts of money. Grounded in an informed consumer choice model, these guidelines are designed to minimize gambling-related harm by emphasizing player control and shared responsibility.

Fantasy Sports Consumer Protection Guidelines

A set of consumer protection guidelines for Fantasy Sports contests, particularly Daily Fantasy Sports contests, intended to assist stakeholders in developing and implementing consumer protection policies

Internet Responsible Gambling Standards

NCPG’s Internet Responsible Gambling Standards are designed to facilitate discussions among all stakeholders on internet gambling, including operators, regulators, advocates and the public.

Lottery Retailer Training Checklist

This guide was developed to provide guidance for lotteries to conduct and advise on the training of lottery retailers. The document is not exhaustive but includes basic guidelines to incorporate in training efforts.

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