Problem Gambling

NCPG works to provide a problem gambling framework for stakeholders in policy and community settings including prevention, education, treatment, enforcement, research, responsible gambling and recovery.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM)

Problem Gambling Awareness Month is a nationwide grassroots campaign, held annually in March, that seeks to increase public awareness of problem gambling and promote prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

Problem Gambling FAQ's

Explore frequently asked questions to find valuable insights and resources related to problem gambling. Learn the risk factors, signs, treatment options and how to find support.

Helpline Modernization Project

With funding from the NFL Foundation, we’re revamping the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network. We aim to enhance the efficiency of the helpline, improve access across the country and ensure that everyone who reaches out receives high-quality care.

Agility Grants

A strategic NCPG initiative, Agility Grants offer funding to nonprofit organizations across the country for problem gambling prevention programs. The goal of these grants is to fill in gaps for areas that currently have no such services, as well as bolster promising efforts in existing programs.

Screening Standards Manual

Since few people with gambling disorder seek help, early identification is critical. The Screening Standards Manual provides a non-exhaustive review of problem gambling screening tools for clinicians.

Gambling Assessment Manual

After a positive screening evaluation, the next step is a thorough assessment. Our Gambling Assessment Manual provides guidance for determining the severity of an individual’s gambling disorder.


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