National Conference

2024 Submission Guidelines & Selection Criteria

This conference serves as a crucial avenue for fostering dialogue, sharing innovative strategies and promoting cutting-edge research in the field. We encourage submissions that explore a wide spectrum of themes that delve into the diverse dimensions of problem gambling and responsible gambling. Join us in shaping the discourse and steering the course toward a more comprehensive understanding of the problem gambling and responsible gambling landscape.

Deadline for Submission: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

National Conference

Call for Conference Presentations

Presenters and attendees will include professionals from many disciplines — behavioral health, social work, mental health and substance abuse, academic and commercial research, government agencies, regulatory bodies, media, as well as individuals in recovery and family members.

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Serving as the worlds oldest and largest annual conference on problem gambling & responsible gambling, event brings together local, national and international experts in responsible gambling and problem gambling.

Submission Content Guidelines

The National Council on Problem Gambling expects the information that you share at the conference is for the benefit of attendee education and learning. Conference presentations are not an appropriate forum for product sales pitches or demonstrations.

Session Themes

  • Populations in Focus – Presentations focus on specific groups and populations who have been disproportionately affected by gambling-related harms and/or those who have been historically underserved by problem gambling services. Examples include, but are not limited to, military, minority, tribal and youth populations. 
  • Prevention – Presentations focus on innovative and evidence-based prevention programs and models that demonstrate results across different domains and populations.  
  • Recovery – Presentations focus on the different pathways and experiences of recovery from gambling addiction, including perspectives from individuals, family members and allies.  
  • Responsible Gambling and Regulation  Presentations focus on developments and best practices in responsible gambling tools, policy, programs, legislation and regulation. 
  • Safer Sports Betting – Presentations will explore the risks of expanded sports gambling as well as opportunities for responsible gambling in this new environment.
  • Treatment – Presentations provide training, techniques and information on promising practices for the treatment of gambling addiction among individuals and affected loved ones. 

Conference Registration for Presenters

NCPG recognizes and values the work, time and energy that you have invested in preparing your presentation. The following Presenter Registration Policy is designed to acknowledge and reward the efforts and expertise that presenters bring to each NCPG event. Within this policy, a single Webinar, single Digital Symposium, Pre-Conference Day and Main Conference two-day are each defined as an “Event”.  

  • A Lead Presenter will receive one complimentary registration for the specific event during which they are presenting. Complimentary registration entitles the Lead Presenter to participate as an attendee in any additional session(s) within that event. If a Lead Presenter wishes to attend an event separate from that which they are presenting, they will need to complete and pay for their registration for that event separately. Lead Presenter registrations are non-transferable. A Lead Presenter will only be provided with one complimentary registration per event.   
  • Co-Presenters will not receive complimentary registration for the event during which they are presenting and must complete and pay for any and all applicable registrations.  
  • Lead Presenters and Co-Presenters are responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel, accommodation and other related expenses.