Internet Compliance Assessment Program (iCAP)

What is iCAP?

iCAP, the internet Responsible Gambling Compliance Assessment Program, is the first and only US-based online responsible gambling assessment program. The program provides recognition and services to verify the compliance of your company’s internet gambling site(s) with the NCPG Internet Responsible Gambling Standards (IRGS). These standards have been developed based on best practices in online responsible gaming from jurisdictions around the world. They are the highest standard in the US for online responsible gaming. iCAP is available for operators providing licensed gambling services in the US.

NCPG actively encourages legislators and regulators to incorporate our IRG Standards into their online gaming requirements and to require licensees to utilize the IRG Standards and the iCAP process.

The verification process requires detailed descriptions of your policies, procedures, and user interfaces, with reference to each of the IRG standards, conducted by an independent specialist testing partner, Gambling Integrity. The assessment includes guidance on necessary improvements, and the framework is regularly updated to ensure that approved operators are continually working to implement the highest standards of player protection.

Certification validates that the certificate holder’s website and app(s) are compliant with NCPG’s IRGS standards. However, NCPG makes no warranty or guarantee about any experience of any particular user or users and does not warrant or guarantee that the website or app(s) were, will, or would be similarly compliant in any particular user experience or series or combinations of experiences. NCPG is not a guarantor or insurer of the website, its operations, its owner(s), or its operator(s) and denies all liability arising from any manner of usage of the website or app(s).

How much does it cost?
• $12,000 fee plus assessor physical site visit expenses for each 2- year assessment
• NCPG Organizational Members receive a
discount of $1,500 on the full assessment
(making their fee $10,500)
• All fees are non-refundable and payable in
advance. Assessor site visit expenses will be billed upon completion of travel.

As of January 2021, the following organizations have earned the iCAP certificate:

  • Georgia Lottery (November 2020- November 2022)
  • Jackpocket, Inc. (November 2020- November 2022)
  • Michigan Lottery (November 2020- November 2022)
  • Pennsylvania Lottery (August 2020- August 2022)
  • TSG – The Stars Group (November 2018- March 2020) (Dublin and remote)
  • Kentucky Lottery (April 2018-April 2019)