Goals & Strategic Plan

2021 NCPG Goals

I. Broaden public awareness

  • Implement communications plan.
  • Recognize achievements in field through awards program.
  • Distribute NGAGE reports and conduct follow-up survey.
  • Represent field at stakeholder events.
  • Work with members and other stakeholders to adopt Safer Sports Betting Initiative (SSBI) recommendations.

II. Promote treatment & recovery services

  • Advocate for Federal involvement in gambling addiction.
  • Oversee National Problem Gambling Helpline Network.
  • Increase veteran awareness of responsible gambling.
  • Support Affiliates and other members on state-level legislative and regulatory issues & develop advocacy capacity.
  • Engage in Affiliate states upon request.
  • Develop treatment manuals.

III. Promote Prevention & Responsible Gaming services & develop workforce

  • Provide Responsible Gaming Verification (RGV) & Internet Compliance Assessment Program (iCAP) assessments & renewals. Conduct 2021 and plan 2022 national conferences.
  • Revise Loved Ones Guide.
  • Launch responsible gambling masterclass series.

IV. Maintain and oversee financial & organizational health

  • Annual review of all membership dues.
  • Pursue best practices for non-profits.
  • Encourage membership participation in governance.
  • Strengthen membership.
  • Finalize 2021-2023 Strategic Framework.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Goals

I. Broaden public awareness of problem gambling.

II. Promote the accessibility, availability and affordability of a continuum of treatment and recovery services for those affected by problem gambling.

III. Research, establish and promote prevention and responsible gambling standards.

IV. Improve the knowledge and skills of those working on behalf of people affected by problem gambling.

V. Enhance organizational capability.

Download the full NCPG 2015-2020 STRATEGIC PLAN document.


2018 Annual Report

2018 was a year of unprecedented growth and success for NCPG. Please review the full report for more details on the highlights given below on our advocacy, awareness and assistance work in responsible and problem gambling.

Download the 2018 Annual Report