National Survey of Gambling Attitudes and Gambling Experiences (NGAGE)

The National Council on Problem Gambling released its National Detailed Report from the National Survey of Gambling Attitudes and Gambling Experiences 1.0 (NGAGE) in March 2021. Please visit to download a free copy of the report.

The NGAGE survey is the first major national research on gambling issues and public attitudes about gambling since the 1999 National Gambling Impact Study Commission. It meets a critical need for contemporary data about these issues, especially in the wake of the growth of sports betting, online gambling, casinos and other gambling operations in the US in recent years.

The National Detailed Report was released as nearly half of the states across the nation  legalized sports betting following a Supreme Court decision in 2018. There are also State Detailed Reports for each state in the nation available for purchase.

These detailed reports follow companion overview reports on national trends and state trends, released earlier. The findings provide insight on both national and state-by-state gambling participation trends, as well as problem gambling issues.

Please visit to access all of these reports, as well as see an Executive Summary and a statement of Implications for the Future.

The survey questions address a broad range of issues including gambling participation, rates of problematic behavior and positive play, and public beliefs and opinions about problem gambling. This research also includes an in-depth look at specific aspects and attitudes about sports betting and fantasy sports betting, providing the most detailed information to date about these emerging fields.

The NGAGE survey was conducted at the outset of the largest and fastest expansion of gambling in our nation’s history. NCPG will continue to use this survey data to advocate for programs and services to assist people and families affected by problem gambling and gambling addiction.

Now that NCPG has created this baseline, there is an urgent need for ongoing national survey research to measure and monitor these trends. Without this information it is impossible to accurately assess the costs, benefits and impacts of gambling in America. Please contact us to inquire about supporting this work with funding or other resources.

NCPG will follow up on this effort with NGAGE 2.0, with a full report planned for late 2022.