• AGA, AGEM, NIGA and NCPG Come Together To Urge Congress to Include Gambling Addiction in ACA Replacement

    03.10.17Keith Whyte

    During Problem Gambling Awareness Month (#PGAM) the American Gaming Association, Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, National Indian Gaming Association joined with the National Council on Problem Gambling to urge Congress to recognize gambling addiction as a public health issue that merits inclusion in any replacement for the healthcare law.

    The letter cites NCPG’s groundbreaking 2014 report, Problem Gambling in the 21st Century Healthcare System, that “inclusion of behavioral health is critical to ensuring integrated and comprehensive healthcare in the United States, and this approached has increased access to treatment for gambling disorders.” Complete copy of the letter available here.

    NCPG will continue to monitor efforts to repeal and replace ACA and advocate for provisions to help problem gamblers.  NCPG opposes Sec 114 of the American Health Care Act that would allow states to disenroll lottery winners from Medicaid.  NCPG believes problem gamblers are likely to be disproportionately negatively impacted by this provision as they are more likely to gamble, win jackpots but continue to gamble and lose.  They may then have no money or healthcare coverage.