Continuing Education and CEUs

NCPG Education Committee reviews and approves applications for problem gambling-specific Continuing Education Units (CEU).  The purpose of NCPG CEUs is so educational providers and attendees have confidence that an approved conference/training has:
  1. Educational goals and objectives that demonstrate that our programs will increase specific or general problem gambling knowledge among program trainees and/or make relevant their area of expertise to the field of problem gambling.
  2. Instructional design that promotes learning about problem gambling.
  3. Evidence of successful completion and an evaluation form for each trainee.
  4. Instructors whose credentials and qualifications demonstrate possession of expertise in problem gambling.
Individuals who seek gambling-specific CEUs should contact the Board and/or Certifying body to ensure they accept NCPG CEUs. For first-time applicants, the initial CEU Application is available here. For returning applicants, the renewal application is available here. Please contact Christina Wingate ( with any questions or comments.

Approved NCPG CEU Providers

All Organizations listed below have been approved to provide gambling specific continuing education units. For specific training dates, check out our Events Calendar! Providers denoted with an asterisk (*) offer web-based training – visit their website for more information.
Organization Contact
ACEP/CAPS Dianne Doyle Pita (P):617.298.7907
Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling Kaitlin Foshay (P):959.230.4034
Council on Compulsive Gambling of PA, Inc Josh Ercole (P):267.968.5053
Delaware Council on Gambling Problems Barbara Barr-Lodge (P):302.655.3261
Drug Free Action Alliance Krysta Bennett (P): 614.540.9985
Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling Roxane Waldron (P):360.352.6133
Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling Kathy Bishop (P):360.352.6133
Georgia Dept of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Michael Moryc (P):404-463-6843
Indiana Council on Problem Gambling Christina Gray (P):317.632.1364
Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling Jodie Nealley (P):617.426.4554
Michigan Association of Compulsive Gambling Chris Ward (P):517-374-6848
National Center for Responsible Gaming Christine Reilly (P):978.338.6610
Nebraska Council on Compulsive Gambling Jerry Bauerkemper (P):402.699.6810
North American Training Institute, Inc. Elizabeth George (P):218-722-1503
North American Training Institute  Elizabeth George
Recovery Resources Jennifer Clegg (P):216.431.4131
Texas Council on Problem Gambling David Bauerkemper (P):512-627-3145
Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling Rose Blozinski (P):920.437.8888