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As social-distancing measures increase stress for all and help drive at-risk persons to online gambling, we are ramping up our work to help everyone affected by problem gambling. NCPG receives no federal funding, and our normal funding sources have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

We are relying on our reserves for now, but we depend on friends like you to support our core programs, including the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network, as well as new costs for increased programs or new delivery methods in response to the pandemic. These include additional webinar capacity to to help more counselors and their clients, and those in recovery, with teletherapy; and making the pivot to deliver our National Conference completely online.

You drive NCPG’s mission and provide help and hope to the people who benefit from our programs and resources, including an estimated 660,000 people affected by gambling addiction each year and their 4.6 million family members, in addition to the millions of people who are on the problem gambling spectrum.

NCPG’s Leadership Circle recognizes organizations and individuals whose combined support of NCPG programs, membership and conference sponsorship is at the highest level. They make a multi-year commitment, which helps protect their investment by ensuring that new programs as well as ongoing initiatives will have the funding to remain viable. These organizations are essential partners who support overall operations, sustainability, future growth and innovation. (read more here)

NCPG’s Board of Directors, staff and stakeholders extend our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Your gift of $10, $30 for over 30 conferences or $50 for almost 50 years of service will help to:
–increase public awareness of gambling addiction,
–provide training and education for professionals and community members on problem and responsible gambling,
–ensure the widespread availability of treatment for people affected by gambling addiction or problem gambling, and
–encourage research and programs for prevention and education

No gift is too small and all gifts are welcome – together we can help reduce the negative outcomes for people who get caught up in this devastating disorder.

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NCPG is the most objective voice on problem gambling and responsible gaming issues, with over 40 years of a history of impartiality and independence.  In conjunction with our state Affiliate chapters, we are in constant communication with important stakeholders from government agencies, gaming companies, treatment facilities and counselors, research groups and recovery communities.  We also serve as an important source of information for journalists and legislators from across the country, who can and do call us every day with questions both basic and complex; as well as stakeholders of every kind. NCPG receives no federal funding and relies on our members and friends for support.

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