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For most adults, gambling can be a fun and entertaining experience, but there are risks involved. It is critical to know the risks and have a plan before gambling. This toolkit is designed to provide tips from to help keep gambling fun.

About Responsible Play provides important resources on how to gamble responsibly for those who choose to gamble. These resources help make gambling a fun, but safer, experience. also shares information about problem gambling and where to get help for a loved one, a friend, or for the person who chooses to gamble. is supported by the NFL via the NFL Foundation.

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If you bet, know your limits.

For the majority of adults, gambling can be a fun and entertaining experience, but there are risks involved. It is critical to know the risks and have a plan before you begin gambling. Visit for tips to help keep gambling fun.

Tips to Help Keep Gambling Fun

If you choose to bet, remember these tips: Make a plan, take breaks, and only bet what you can afford.

Social Media Shareable #1 – Make Your Plan 

If you choose to bet, remember to always make a plan and stick to it. Set a budget, and don’t play longer than planned.

Social Media Shareable #2 – Balance 

It’s a good idea to balance gambling with other activities. Take a walk, visit a friend, or crack open a new book. Keep your day balanced by treating gambling like any other leisure activity.

Social Media Shareable #3 – Time

Choosing to gamble? Make sure to track time spent betting on a phone or watch. Keeping an eye on the time you’ve spent gambling can help you stick to your personal betting plan.

Social Media Shareable #4 – Team Up 

Sticking with a personal betting plan is always easier with a friend. If you choose to gamble, pair up with a buddy to help keep each other accountable.

Social Media Shareable #5 – Risk

Gambling can be fun, but it does come with risks. Before betting, make sure to remember and respect your tolerance for risk. There’s no shame in passing on a bet.

Social Media Shareable #6 – Money 

Remember – only bet the money you can afford to lose. Set a budget, don’t borrow money to gamble, and always stick to your betting plan.

Social Media Shareable #7 – Expect to Lose 

Even if you hope to win, always expect to lose. Always remember that you’re playing to have a good time — not to win.

Social Media Shareable #8 – Know the Game 

Before betting, make sure you understand the odds and house edge. Over the long run, the house ALWAYS wins.

Social Media Shareable #9 – Entertainment 

Treat gambling as a form of entertainment, and not as a way to make money. Gambling should always be budgeted as an entertainment expense, just like streaming subscriptions, football tickets, and other leisure activities.

Social Media Shareable #10 – Take a Break 

Time out! When gambling is no longer fun, take a break. Put your phone down and try one of the following activities instead:

  • Go for a walk
  • Reach out to a friend
  • Check out for more tips on how to keep gambling fun

Ready for Help?

Call, text, or chat the National Problem Gambling Helpline to be connected with a friendly professional who can share practical resources.

Call: 1-800-GAMBLER
Text: 800GAM

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