The Power of Problem Gambling Advocacy Day

Problem Gambling Advocacy Day, an annual event hosted by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), is an important opportunity to educate and inform legislators about the critical issue of problem gambling. This event invites stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to unite, connect, and drive change at the federal level.  

What is Problem Gambling Advocacy Day? 

Problem Gambling Advocacy Day unites experts, professionals, and organizations to raise awareness and advocate for effective problem gambling prevention, education, and treatment. Attendees participate in in-person meetings with legislators, share stories about their personal connection to problem gambling, and discuss the importance of a strong social safety net for those impacted. Armed with crucial expertise, attendees play a pivotal role in disseminating accurate information, dispelling myths about problem gambling, and fostering a deeper understanding of the issue. 

A Critical Funding Gap 

NCPG estimates that 7 million American adults suffer from gambling addiction, resulting in an annual social cost of $14 billion. Despite this significant societal impact, resources and funding for problem gambling prevention, treatment, and research have fallen short.  

Advocacy Day provides a platform to highlight this critical funding gap and advocate for federal support. By actively engaging with policymakers, attendees tie the importance of allocating resources to combat the escalating challenges of problem gambling in their communities. Drawing attention to the need for comprehensive and adequately funded programs benefits not only individuals and families affected by problem gambling, but also contributes to the development of more effective national strategies to address this growing public health concern.  

Advocating for GRIT 

This year’s Problem Gambling Advocacy Day takes on a heightened significance following the introduction of the Gambling Addiction Recovery, Investment, and Treatment (GRIT) Act. The GRIT Act represents a crucial step toward addressing the challenges posed by gambling addiction, filling in funding gaps and providing increased access to resources at the national level. 

Advocacy Day offers a timely opportunity to garner support for this groundbreaking legislation, emphasizing its potential to transform the landscape of gambling addiction prevention and treatment. By participating in Advocacy Day, attendees actively contribute to the momentum behind the GRIT Act, advocating for its passage and ensuring that lawmakers recognize the urgent need to create the first-ever federal funding stream dedicated to helping prevent, treat, and study gambling addiction in the United States. Attendee involvement is instrumental in fostering dialogue and garnering bipartisan support for a legislative initiative that could significantly enhance the resources available to those affected by gambling addiction. 

Attend Problem Gambling Advocacy Day in 2024 

Attending Problem Gambling Advocacy Day is easy. NCPG will arrange each participant’s meeting schedule, provide virtual training ahead of the event, and host an in-person briefing on the morning of Problem Gambling Advocacy Day.  Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or new to the process, you’ll be fully prepared before engaging with policymakers. 

Join us at Problem Gambling Advocacy Day and be part of a movement that strives to raise awareness, provide support, and advocate for a future free from the harms of gambling addiction. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of many. 

Problem Gambling Advocacy Day is May 23, 2024. Learn more about the event and register as a participant today. 

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