States That Considered Sports Betting in 2024

Almost all state legislatures have wrapped up their 2024 legislative sessions. For the first time since PASPA was overturned in 2018, no new states legalized sports betting in 2024. A handful of states tried to pass legislation, but each attempt was unsuccessful.

Click on the map below for details on each state that considered sports betting in 2024.


Tried but Failed to Legalized Sports Betting



Like last year, the Georgia legislature considered multiple bills to legalize sports betting in the state. Still a point of debate is whether legalizing sports betting requires a constitutional amendment, with legal scholars in the state split on the issue. Most gambling industry lobbyists argue that a constitutional amendment is unnecessary. Lobbyists worked with legislators in 2024 to introduce bills that would legalize sports betting absent a constitutional amendment. Another faction of lawmakers believes a constitutional amendment is required and introduced bills that included one. Absent a constitutional amendment, revenue from legalized sports betting could only go to education, according to the Georgia Constitution, and not to problem gambling prevention, research, or treatment.

Given that obstacle, the bills without a constitutional amendment were extremely weak in preventing and treating gambling addiction. Legislators supporting the constitutional amendment were very open to including NCPG’s suggestions on how to improve their legislation for those who may develop or have developed a gambling problem. Senator Bill Cowsert led this effort, crafting bills with significant problem gambling protections that, if passed, would have made Georgia a leader in funding problem gambling and responsible gambling efforts among states. Senator Cowsert should be commended for his excellent work in this field, even if the bills did not ultimately become law. NCPG submitted multiple rounds of written testimony as the bills were being considered. Ultimately, one of the bills that required a constitutional amendment passed the Senate and was extremely close to passing in the House. The bill was ready to be taken up on the last day of the legislative session but remained unpassed. The Georgia legislature will surely take up sports betting again in 2025.



A sports betting legalization bill was introduced in Hawaii in 2024 and had a substantive hearing. The bill ultimately died, but lawmakers seemed more interested in sports betting than ever. NCPG submitted testimony in the state and plans to continue outreach this fall in preparation for 2025.



Although both the Minnesota House and the Senate seriously considered bills to legalize sports betting, neither were able to pass their respective bills. As in 2022 and 2023, lawmakers could not agree on whether sports betting licenses should be held entirely by the state’s tribes and how the revenue should be divided. The negotiation continued until the end of the session, but a consensus could not be reached. Lawmakers will likely make another attempt at legalization in 2025. NCPG’s state affiliate, the Minnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling, led the charge in the state to ensure the proposed legislation included resources for problem gambling treatment and services.



The Missouri legislature again introduced bills to legalize sports betting in the state in 2024. However, most in the state remained wary after last year’s session, when a lone Senator filibustered the legalization bill because it did not include money for veteran services or address the legalization of video lottery terminals (VLTs). VLTs function like slot machines and are currently found in convenience stores across Missouri. VLTs operate in a legal gray area, and other gaming entities in the state oppose them, given that they are not regulated and may poach customers from other gaming establishments. Given the Senator’s opposition and willingness to filibuster, no one thought the bills introduced this year had a chance because they did not include the Senator’s demands. Lobbyists for sports betting in the state have instead launched a Constitutional Amendment ballot initiative to legalize sports betting, allowing them to bypass the legislature by having the voters vote directly on the issue at the voting booth. The initiative has received the necessary number of signatures to be placed on the November ballot this year. NCPG took an active role and assisted in drafting this constitutional amendment, including significant funding for problem gambling. NCPG is neutral on legalized gambling and takes no stance on whether the amendment should pass. NCPG continues to monitor updates in the state and will continue educating lawmakers on the importance of including responsible and problem gambling provisions in legislation and constitutional amendments.



Multiple sports betting legalization bills were introduced in Oklahoma in 2024, with one passing the Oklahoma House before making minimal progress in the Senate. According to one legislator, the bill had significant support but will not have the votes to pass until an agreement with Oklahoma’s tribes on how sports betting would operate is in place. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt supported one of the introduced bills but did not get buy-in from the tribes, and that bill failed as well. The legislature may take the issue up again in 2025. The NCPG state affiliate, the Oklahoma Association of Problem Gambling and Gaming, is leading the advocacy efforts in the state, with NCPG assisting where requested.


South Carolina

A sports betting legalization bill was introduced in South Carolina in 2024, but it did not have a legislative hearing and did not make any significant progress before the legislative session’s conclusion.


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