Gambling addiction prevention (GAP) act

The Gambling Addiction Prevention (GAP) Act is a bipartisan & bicameral initiative led by Senator Warren (D-MA), Senator Daines (R-MT), and Representative Lee (D-NV-3).

Protect our troops by preventing problem gambling!

call to action

Encourage political leaders to protect our troops by preventing problem gambling.

Call your Senators and Representative to tell them that the GAP Act is essential to ensuring our troops remain healthy & ready.

What the GAP Act is all about:

  • Requires the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop policies and programs to prevent & treat gambling problems
  • On military sites where gambling activities take place, such policies and programs would include provisions of educational materials and promotion of responsible behavior

why the GAP Act matters:

  • NCPG estimates that as many as 56,000 active duty members of the Armed Forces meet the criteria for gambling disorder
  • Research finds that veterans are 2-3x more likely to have a gambling┬áproblem
  • Prevalence of gambling disorder in the military is a serious health and financial issue, and also poses a threat to national security
  • Less than 10 percent of individuals with gambling problems seek help, due to shame and stigma and misunderstanding of the disorder
  • The Department of Defense currently has 3,141 slot machines on overseas military installations
  • These slot machines generate approximately $100 million per year for the Department of Defense