NCPG Award History


Each year NCPG honors individuals and organizations for their work on problem gambling issues.  The Awards Committee oversees the Lifetime Awards and the selection process for the Annual Awards for Direct Service and Advocacy, as well as for CSR and  Holiday Responsible Gambling Campaign. The Research Committee conducts the Research, Dissertation and Master’s Thesis Awards; and the Communications Committee conducts the selection of the various communications awards. The Prevention Committee oversees the selection of the Prevention Awards.

The current awards criteria can be found on the Annual Awards page.  The NCPG awards have undergone many changes in our 45 years and the current criteria do not necessarily apply to previous awards.  The list below contains the most complete awards information available.

2018 Awards Recipients


Lifetime Research Award

Dr. Richard Rosenthal

Monsignor Joseph Dunne Lifetime Award for Advocacy

Maureen Greeley


Corporate Social Responsibility Award

MGM Resorts International

Holiday Responsible Gaming Campaign

New York Council on Problem Gambling on behalf of the New York Responsible Play Partnership

Multi-Cultural Communications Award (Corporate)

California Office of Problem Gambling

Newsletter (Corporate)

McGill University International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors

Public Awareness (Corporate)

Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling

Website (Corporate)

Russell Herder


Don Hulen Annual Award for Advocacy

Terri Sue Canale-Dalman

Joanna Franklin Annual Award for Direct Service

Loreen Rugle

Jim Wuelfing Annual Award for Prevention

Susan McLaughlin

People’s Choice Award (Corporate)

The Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia “Problem Gambling is a Heart Breaker”

People’s Choice Award (Affiliate)

Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey “Your Recovery is Our Goal”

Dr Durand Jacobs Dissertation Award

James Broussard

Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

Yaxi Zhao

Excellence in Prevention Award

Nyamal (Mal) Tutdeal “Influence of the Gambling Industry on the Immigrant & Refugee Community”

Best in Prevention Showcase Award

Janine Robinson “The Responsible Gambling Council’s Youth Prevention Approach”

Past Award Recipients

Dr. Robert L. Custer Lifetime Award for Direct Service:

  • Phil Satre -1990
  • Henry R. Lesieur, Ph.D.-1996
  • Tom Cummings-1998
  • Edward Looney-2002
  • Arnie & Sheila Wexler- 2003
  • Richard Rosenthal, M.D.-2004
  • Julian Taber, Ph.D.-2005
  • Chuck Maurer, Ph.D -2009
  • Dr. Marvin Steinberg, Ph.D.-2011
  • Sandi Brustuen-2012
  • Joanna Franklin-2014
  • Linda Graves, Ph.D.-2017

Monsignor Joseph Dunne Lifetime Award for Advocacy
(formerly Herman Goldman Foundation Award for Advocacy):

  • Robert L. Custer, M.D.-1983
  • Hon. Elizabeth Connelly – 1984
  • Henry R. Lesieur, Ph.D.-1985
  • Julian I. Taber, Ph.D.-1986
  • Durand Jacobs, Ph.D.-1988
  • Irving Sachar-1990
  • Arnie Wexler-1991
  • Carl J. Gerber M.D.-1992
  • Monsignor Joseph Dunne-1993
  • Joanna Franklin, M.S.-1994
  • Richard J. Rosenthal, M.D.-1995
  • Marvin Steinberg, Ph.D.-1996
  • Loreen Rugle, Ph.D.-1997
  • Rachel Volberg, Ph.D.-1998
  • Roger Svendsen-1999
  • Christopher Armentano-2000
  • Paul Ashe-2002
  • Rena Nora, M.D.-2005
  • Reece Middleton-2006
  • Kathleen Scanlan-2011
  • Bill Eadington-2012
  • Pat Fowler-2013
  • Carol O’Hare-2014
  • James Pappas-2015
  • Lisa Pertzoff-2016
  • Don Feeney-2017

Lifetime Research Award:

  • Dr. Mark Griffiths-2013
  • Dr. Alex Blaszczynski-2014
  • Dr. Howard Shaffer-2015
  • Dr. Marc Potenza-2016
  • Dr. Jeff Derevensky-2017

Joanna Franklin Annual Award for Direct Service:

  • Dr. Eddie Chiu-2010
  • Dr. Timothy Fong- 2011
  • Midwestern CT Council on Alcoholism-2013
  • Dr. Heather Chapman-2014
  • Dr. Henrietta Bowden Jones-2015
  • Morneau Shepell-2016
  • Michael Rosen-2017

Don Hulen Annual Award for Advocacy:

  • Mike Ryan-2009
  • Jennifer Filmore- 2010
  • Maureen Greeley-2013
  • Jean Holthaus-2014
  • Alice Garland-2016
  • Dr. Deborah Haskins-2017

Jim Wuelfing Annual Award for Prevention:

  • James Wuelfing-2009
  • Dr. Larry Ashley- 2010
  • International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors-2011
  • Julie Hynes-2012
  • Jim Kooler-2013
  • Carl Robertson-2014
  • Elizabeth McCall-2015
  • Rodney Anderson-2016
  • Dr. Josephine Wilson-2017

Service Award:

  • Joanna Franklin-2002
  • Linda Graves-2003
  • Lori Rugle, Ph.D.-2004
  • Renee Seigel-2011
  • Dr. Mark Griffiths-2013

Annual Research Award:

  • William Eadington, Ph.D.-1989
  • Marvin Steinberg, Ph.D.-1990
  • Rachel Volberg, Ph.D.-1991
  • Richard Rosenthal, M.D.-1993
  • Loreen Rugle, Ph.D.-1994
  • Alex Blaszczynski, Ph.D. and Nathaniel McConaghy, M.D.-1996
  • Robert Ladouceur, Ph.D.-1997
  • Henry Lesieur, Ph.D.-1998
  • David Comings, MD-1999
  • Sue Fisher, Ph.D.-2000
  • Ken Winters, Ph.D. and Randy Stinchfield, Ph.D.–2002
  • Frank Vitaro, Ph.D.-2005
  • David Hodgins, Ph.D.-2006
  • Marc Potenza, M.D., Ph.D.-2007
  • Jon Grant, M.D., J.D., MPH-2008
  • Mark Griffiths, Ph.D. – 2009
  • Dr. Mark Dixon, Ph.D.-2011
  • Dr. Kahlil Philander and Dr. Terri-Lynn MacKay-2015
  • Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky, Dr. Thomas Paskus, Dr. Marc Potenza. Dr. Caroline Temcheff-2016

Dr. Durand Jacobs Dissertation Award (formerly Outstanding Dissertation Award):

  • Rina Gupta, Ph.D.-1999
  • Jeffrey Marotta, Ph.D-2000
  • Gerry Cooper , Ed.D-2001
  • Hermano Travares, MD, Ph.D.-2002
  • Guy Jeff Powell, Ph.D.-2003
  • William Jolley, Ph.D.-2004
  • Laurie Dickson, Ph.D.-2005
  • Kate Diskin, Ph.D.-2007
  • Bethany Cara Bray, Ph.D.-2008
  • Ryan Martin, Ph.D.-2009
  • Jennifer Zorland-Allison- 2010
  • Ty Lostutter-2011
  • Dr. Jamey Lister-2014
  • Jessica McBride-2015
  • Dr. Renee St-Pierre-2016

Outstanding Masters’ Thesis Award: 

  • Karen Hardoon, M.A.-1999
  • Kate Diskin, M.A.-2000
  • Karyn Mararchuk, M.A.-2001
  • Jennifer Felsher, M.A.-2002
  • Laurie Dickson, M.A.-2003
  • Robert Pietrzak, M.A.-2004
  • Isabelle Lussier, M.A.-2005
  • Meredith Gillespie, M.A.-2006
  • Mariko Ono, M.A.-2007
  • Jessica McBride, M.A.-2008
  • Renee St-Pierre, M.A. – 2009
  • Guillaume Pagnier-2015

People’s Choice Award:

  • Massachusetts Lottery/Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling “Lose” -2006
  • Manitoba Gaming Control Commission & “Throw It Away,” Atlantic Lottery Corporation, “So You Think I’m Hot?” 1st
  • Place 2007
  • Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario, “Know a Friend Who’s Lost in the Shuffle?” 2nd Place-2007
  • Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling “Hope & Help,” & Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance, “Lost,” 3rd
  • Place-2007
  • Nevada Council on Problem Gambling “Problem Gambling Breaks More Than The Bank”-2008
  • California Office of Problem Gambling “More than Just Your Money”-2010
  • Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling “Reaching Diverse Populations”-2011
  • West Virginia Problem Gamblers Helpline Network-2013
  • West Virginia Problem Gamblers Helpline Network-2014
  • The Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia-2015
  • First Choice Health Systems “His Dad”-(Corporate) 2017
  • California Council on Problem Gambling and Betting On Our Future – High Tech Middle School, Chula Vista, CA-(Affiliate) 2017

Holiday Responsible Gaming Campaign Award:

  • Connecticut (US) and Austrian Lotteries (International)-2011
  • Connecticut (US) and BCLC (International)-2012
  • Illinois Lottery-2013
  • Hoosier Lottery-2014
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation-2015
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation-2016
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation-2017

Corporate Social Responsibility Award:

  • Ohio Lottery Commission-1989
  • Casino Association of New Jersey-David Gardner-1989
  • Washington State Gambling Commission-Ronald Bailey-1991
  • Foxwoods Casino-1992
  • Minnesota Indian Gaming Association-1994
  • Illinois Riverboat Council-1996
  • Turner Gaming-1997
  • Ohio State Lottery-Julie Ault-1998
  • Powerhouse Technologies-1999
  • Washington State Industry Working Group-2001
  • Alberta Gaming Industry Association-2002
  • Kentucky Lottery Corporation-2003
  • Churchill Downs-2004
  • New Mexico Responsible Gaming Association-2005
  • Sands Casino Bethlehem- 2009
  • Potawatomi Bingo Casino- 2010
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling-2012
  • Massachusetts State Lottery-2013
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida-2014
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)-2015
  • Oregon State Lottery-2016
  • New Jersey Lottery-2017

Public Awareness Award:

  • Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council-1992
  • Gear Up With Music – 2009
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation ”Game Sense”- 2010
  • Ohio Lottery Commission- 2011
  • Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling-2013
  • Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling-2014
  • Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling and MedSchool Maryland Productions-2015
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling-2016
  • Connecticut Lottery Corporation-(Corporate) 2017
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling-(Affiliate) 2017

Media Award (formerly Reporting Award):

  • WNBC News 4 Dr. Frank Field-1983
  • WCBSTV Marie Torre-1983
  • WMCTV “Dealing in the Delta”-1984
  • Mathew Kaplowitz (Electronic)-1986
  • Ruth Harwayne (Print)-1986
  • Theodore Weber Jr., McGraw Hill Foundation-1986
  • New York Times-1989
  • John Grassie NBC (Electronic)-1991
  • Maryland Public Television-1991
  • CBS Children’s Entertainment Division-1993
  • O’Hara-Horowitz “Playing to Win” (Electronic)-1998
  • James Bishop, Jr. “High Stakes” Phoenix Magazine (Print)-1998
  • Connecticut Public Television “One Last Bet”-1999
  • Mary Faffalli “Women and Gambling” ABC News 20/20-1999
  • Mary Wozniak “Hidden Shame” Florida Sun (Print)-1999
  • David Farrell and Matea Gold “Going for Broke” LA Times (Print)-1999
  • John Block and Josh Mankiewicz “Out of the Money” Dateline (Electronic)-2000
  • Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling “Problem Gambling Tonight” (Electronic)- 2001
  • Maura Casey, New London Day (Print)-2002
  • Shapiro/Grodner Productions, “Flipped” MTV (Electronic)-2002
  • Nebraska Public Television (Electronic) 2003
  • Louisville Courier-Journal (Print) 2003
  • Dateline NBC “Betting on Mary” (Electronic) 2004
  • Channel 12/KSLA “Betting It All” (Broadcast) 2005
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer “Out of Luck: Washington’s Gambling Problem” (Print) 2005
  • Twin Cities Public Television/Russell & Herder “The Hidden Addiction”-2006
  • Connecticut Partnership for Responsible Gaming “New Home”-2006
  • Manahan Group & The Media Center “xl” (Electronic)-2007
  • World Journal “Asian Outreach Initiative” (Print)-2007
  • King 5 (NBC) “New Campaign Targets Underage Gamblers” (Broadcast)-2010
  • Kathrine Schmidt “$1 Billion Spent on Poker in 4 Years” The Houma Courier- 2011
  • New England Center for Investigative Reporting-2013
  • Harry Esteve-2014
  • Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling and
  • ESPN-2016
  • Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia-2017

Website Award:

  • Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling- 2010
  • California Office of Problem Gambling- 2011
  • Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling-2012
  • MN Department of Human Services/Russell & Herder-2013
  • Loto-Quebec-2014
  • Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling-2015
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling-2016
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services-(Corporate) 2017
  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling (Affiliate) 2017

Newsletter Award:

  • Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling- 2010
  • Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling- 2011
  • Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance-2012
  • Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling-2013
  • Connecticut Lottery Corporation-2014
  • North Carolina Education Lottery-2015
  • Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling-2016
  • Connecticut Lottery Corporation-(Corporate) 2017

Multi-Cultural Communications Award

  • Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, Puyallup Tribal Health Authority and
    Puyallup High School-2016
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services-2017

Social Media Award

  • Ohio for Responsible Gambling-2016

Outstanding Student Poster Award:

  • Michael Razavi “Alcohol, Tobacco and Gambling Advertising Under Three Feet”-2010

Outstanding Contributor to the Field:

  • Deaconess Medical Center-2001
  • Howard Shaffer, Ph.D.-2002
  • Trimeridian, Inc. (Organization)-2003
  • Honorable Mark G. Farrell (Individual) 2003
  • Vanguard Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program/Project Turnabout-2006
  • Norman Kruedelbach, Ph.D.-2007

Lifetime Achievement Award for Family Treatment:

  • Mary Heineman, M.S.W.-1998

Affiliate of the Year:

  • Delaware Council-1998

Distinguished Program Award:

  • Valley Forge Medical Center-1989
  • Taylor Manor Hospital-1989
  • Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling-2001
  • Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling-2002
  • International Center for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviors-2005

Government Award:

  • State of Iowa Health and Human Services-1989
  • Hon. Mike Jaros, Minnesota House of Representatives-1991
  • Hon. John Montford, Texas Senate-1992
  • Oregon Legislature-1994
  • Hon. Paul Kollios, Massachusetts State Legislature-1995
  • Hon. Rosemary Mulligan, Illinois House of Representatives-1996
  • Hon. Richard Davis, Delaware Legislature-1998
  • Tim Christensen, State of Nebraska Gambling Counselor Certification Program-1999
  • New Mexico Gaming Control Board-2001
  • Oregon State Lottery-2002
  • Minnesota State Lottery-2003
  • Connecticut Lottery-2004
  • Vermont Lottery-2005
  • Louisiana Attorney General’s Office-2006

Excellence in Prevention Award

  • Mina Hazar & Adela Colhon: YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness

Best in Prevention Showcase Award

  • Dr. Jim Kooler, Betting On Our Future