NCPG Committees

This reflects committee members serving on the 2017-2018 term.

Standing Committees Mission Chair Members Staff
Affiliates Advise the Board of Directors on all policy and program matters that affect the activities of the State Affiliates Wiley Harwell All affiliate representatives Barbara Rollins
Bylaws Advise on NCPG bylaws, structure and functioning Thomas Moore* Jeff Beck, Dean Hestermann, Mike Stone Keith Whyte
Development Facilitate and oversee fundraising Connie Jones & Chelsea Turner Sheila Morago, Ray Pineault*, Lawrence Wall Barbara Rollins
Finance Oversees NCPG finances Ray Pineault Nan Horner, Michelle Lassiter, Joe Pahl, Marlene Warner, Enrique Zuniga Birhanu Demissie
Nominations & Elections Solicit nominations and oversee elections for the Board of Directors Jeff Beck Robert Jacobson*, Jon Grant, Dean Hestermann, Kathryn Elliott-Hudson, Chelsea Turner Barbara Rollins


Ad Hoc Committees Mission Chair Members Staff
Awards Administers the NCPG Awards Chip Polston* Teresa Edwards, Don Feeney, George Ladd, Jeff Marotta, Ryan Martin Lissa Cobetto
Communications Advises on NCPG website and communications issues Stacy Shaw Bea Aikens, Juan Baez, Kym Gerlock, Elizabeth Glavish, Bre Hager, Krystle Kelly, Todd Maki, Chip Polston*, Barbara Rollins, Krystal Smith Christina Wingate
Conference Advisory Advise on conference planning, including promotion, fundraising and other areas Derek Longmeier & Keith Whyte TBA Barbara Rollins
Conference Program Oversee development of conference program Derek Longmeier* & Keith Whyte Other NCPG committees already formed for each topic track will serve as the program committee. Lissa Cobetto
Conference Steering Coordinate day-to-day conference planning Derek Longmeier & Keith Whyte Lissa Cobetto
Education Oversee NCPG CEU process Denise Quirk Jeff Beck, Denise Delph, Josh Ercole, Wiley Harwell*, Carolyn Hawley, Nancy Murray, Terri Orsino-Rebosio, Renee Siegel Christina Wingate
Federal Affairs Advise NCPG on Federal legislative and policy issues Mark Farrell Jerry Bauerkemper, Jeff Beck, Susan Edgar, Mark Farrell*, Will Green, Chuck Maurer,  Bill Pascrell, Brianne Tolson, Chelsea Turner, Donna Zaharevitz Keith Whyte
Helpline Advise on issues related to the NCPG Helpline Network Robyn Filler Barbara Barr, Jeff Beck, Kathy Bishop, Cheri Cuny, Patty Deutsch, Mary Drexler, Helen Ghebre, Rose Gruber*, Matt McCreary, Jodie Nealley, Charles Sygowski, Donna Zaharevitz Sushmita Upadhaya
Membership Increase and maintain membership Elizabeth Lanza Jody Bechtold, Michael Burke, Kathryn Elliott-Hudson, Don Feeney, Nan Horner*, Jenny McIver, Janet Jacobs, Connie Jones Barbara Rollins
Military Advise on issues related to gambling in the military Heather Chapman & Dave Yeager Dave Brode, Charles Darsan, Mitch Demmick, Mark Farrell*, Al Gesregan, Carolyn Hawley, Ty Lostutter, Tom Moore, Bobbe McGinley, Lori Rugle, Jim Soward, Joe Westermeyer, Dave Yeager Keith Whyte
Prevention Advocate for the inclusion of prevention services as part of the full continuum of care Jim Kooler & Susan McLaughlin Sheryl Anderson, Juan Baez, Jeff Beck, Amanda Burke, Michael Buzzelli, Michael Chevalier, Jaime Costello, Jennifer Davis-Walton, Kathy Donner, Julie Hynes*, Tamika Harvey, Roxann Jones, Derek Longmeier, Ty Lostutter, Debbie Maiorano, Shemane Marsh, Judy McCormick, Amanda Poggenburg, Carl Robertson, Laura Rostolsky, Perry Savino, Tiffany Tran, Adelaide Wilson, Amanda Winters Sushmita Upadhaya
Recovery Advise on recovery issues Jeff Beck Sandra Adell, Bea Aikens, Gloria Block, Steve Block, Kevin Bost, Chuck Bovis, Eric Davis, Ted Hartwell, Shirley Hoak, Yael Landa, Marc Lefkowitz, Jim Leingang, Debbie Maiorano, Tom Moore, Jodie Nealley, Roger Olsen*, Michael Rosen, Perry Savino, Renee Siegel, Ronnie Wahkinney, Arnie Wexler, Adelaide Wilson, Wes Wood Keith Whyte
Research Advise on Fellowship program and awards David Ledgerwood Luke Clark, Don Feeney, Tim Fong, Jeff Marotta, Ryan Martin, Guillaume Pagnier, Rory Reid, Alyssa Wilson, Ken Winters, Richard Wood Keith Whyte
Standards, Policy, Regulation Interest Group Advise NCPG on responsible gaming issues Kevin Mullally Cory Aronovitz, Brett Abarbanel, Tammi Barlow, Jeff Beck, Bo Bernhard, Dave Frankhouser, Maureen Greeley*, Nan Horner,  Allegra Lapetina, Dave Malone, Patrick Moore, Timothy Rolwood, Stacy Shaw, Chelsea Turner Keith Whyte
Stewardship Assist the Board with building and maintaining a culture focused on achieving NCPG’s Mission Marlene Warner* Mark Farrell, Maureen Greeley, Rose Gruber, Wiley Harwell Barbara Rollins
Treatment Lori Rugle TBA Sushmita Upadhaya

*Board Liaison where committee chair is not a Board member.

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