Treatment facilities

Algamus Recovery Services

1616 N. Litchfield Road Goodyear, AZ 85395

Ph: 1-866-GAMBLER

Residential, IOP, OP

Center of Recovery (CORE)

635 Stoner Avenue Shreveport, LA 71101


Program Type: Residential, IOP

Project Turnabout/Vanguard

660 18th Street P.O. Box 116 Granite Falls, MN 56241


Program Type: Residential

Union of Pan Asian Communities

3288 El Cajon Blvd, Suite 13 San Diego CA 92104

619-521-5720 ext 313

Program Type:  IOP

Williamsville Wellness

10515 Cabaniss Lane Hanover, VA 23069

877-559-Well (9355)

Program Type: Residential, IOP

NOTICE: The listing contains treatment centers who have voluntarily applied to be listed on the NCPG website. The directory is not a complete listing, of all problem gambling treatment centers, but solely a listing of those treatment centers that have been approved for a listing on the NCPG website. An Annual listing fee of $300 is assessed to each facility listed in the directory. Inclusion on this web site of any entity, product, service or information does NOT constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the NCPG. NCPG is not responsible for the contents of any "off-site" web pages or programs accessed through this site. NCPG does not endorse entities, products or services provided by any such sites or programs. In addition, NCPG does not necessarily endorse or oppose the views expressed by any other entity or website, whether or not linked to this NCPG site. Listing information is compiled by NCPG from information believed reliable and provided by applicants and NCPG state affiliates, but neither the accuracy nor completeness of such information is guaranteed in any way and anyone using the same does so at their own risk. This list is compiled and maintained at the sole discretion of the NCPG, which reserves the right to deny inclusion based on its proprietary criteria.

DISCLAIMER: Listing in the treatment directory must be renewed an on annual basis. Facilities that have not renewed their listing will be removed from the directory. It is the responsibility of the treatment center to provide the NCPG with any changes that may affect their directory listing. In the event that the facility ceases to exist, the NCPG must be notified immediately.