Critical Issues in Gambling Treatment and Recovery: Pain, Trauma, and Destigmatizing Gambling Addiction

Neva Pryor; George Mladenetz, ICGC-1; Daniel Trolaro; Ken Litwak, ICGC-I

To those who struggle with addiction, the drug of choice often is a SOLUTION to a DEEPER problem.  Some of these issues could include unresolved PTSD from childhood, developmental, or military trauma.  This workshop will allow participants to gain insight into how adverse early experiences and other traumas can be connected to later life onset of gambling problems.  Additionally, the participants will develop a greater understanding into the powerful nature of inadvertent stigma, examine the barriers for recovery and treatment, and gain an understanding into “Language of Recovery” terms that can help to ‘Knock Out’ stigma.  Further, recognizing deep rooted pain resulting from trauma, whether diagnosed or not, and how abuse and neglect if unresolved will continue to manifest itself in the solution of addiction, will be explored.  Lastly, this workshop will discuss the “Dis” Ease of addiction, fear, and the importance of vulnerability to the recovery process.