NCPG Membership FAQ’s

Joining & Renewing

Click here to view the types of membership we offer. Then submit an application online, by fax or by mail. From the membership page, you can click on the highlighted membership you’d like to join and that will take you to a secure section of our site to fill out the application online.

Membership in a State Affiliate Council is not required to join the National Council.

Your membership can start at any time and will run twelve months from the date we receive your application.

We will send you a notice by email about three months before the due date for renewal.

Members are very important to NCPG and we count on your support to help us implement our important work.

Also, one of the criteria for anyone who wants to become or remain eligible to be nominated for a seat on the Board of Directors is that they must maintain an active, paid-up membership for a minimum of 12 months in the 36 months before the date of nomination.  If your membership lapses, the one-year ‘clock’ starts over again when the membership is renewed.

And, last but not at all least, your membership entitles you to significant discounts, such as on the registration fee to our annual national conference and the ICGC Counselor certification exam.  Keep your membership current in order to take advantage of these discounts and the rest of your benefits!

Please allow up to (2) weeks for processing your application.  If you do not receive your certificate in about that time, please contact

Joint Membership

A Joint Individual Member is someone who is a member of their state’s Affiliate council as well as a member of the National Council on Problem Gambling, and receives membership benefits from both organizations at significant savings.  In order to join as an Affiliate Member, your state must have an Affiliate Council with a membership program. To check, view our state map.  The states in bold have Affiliates and contact information is provided on the same page.  Please contact the Affiliate to ask about their membership program.

If your state has an Affiliate, please contact them and ask how to become a member of their council first.  Then they will assist you with the next step of becoming a Joint Member; usually you will make one payment to the Affiliate Council but complete two applications – one for Affiliate membership and one for National membership – or a joint membership form.

Then we will be happy to welcome you as an Individual Member of the National Council!  Membership in an Affiliate Council is not required to join the National Council.

Check with your state Affiliate Council regarding membership renewal policies for the Affiliate.  For the National Council, your membership will run twelve months from the date we receive your application and payment from the Affiliate Council.  Thereafter, your renewal will be due at the same time each year and your membership term will be for the same twelve-month period, even if we receive payment before or after the actual due date. This system helps members maintain your eligibility for seats on our Board because your membership has a three-month grace period before it lapses.

Since your Joint Membership is through your state Affiliate Council, you must renew through them and in turn, they will process your renewal dues for the National Council.  Memberships that have lapsed for more than three months will have a new start date and the one-year ‘clock’ for eligibility will start over as well.

Membership Dues Increase Effective January 1, 2023

For organizations – yes, it applies to all levels. 

For individuals, it does not apply to Honored Senior, Student, and the new Military Community levels. 

The increased financial support and engagement from members will allow NCPG to expand its initiatives and services to meet the imperative need for an effective voice on problem gambling issues amid the rapidly expanding sports betting and online gambling environment. 

NCPG is the only nonprofit in the US focused on providing advocacy, awareness and assistance nationally on problem gambling and responsible gambling. It provides a crucial voice on PG and RG in national government, and in state government via its affiliates. 

NCPG has previously changed dues amounts approximately every 5 years. 

Lifetime members who have already completed their dues payment at that level will not be affected. 

For the most part, anyone can participate in NCPG programs. However, members receive substantial discounts or even free registration for many of our events. They are also the first to be considered for volunteer opportunities, such as committee membership, webinar presenter, or conference speaker. Only the ‘Ask an Expert’ webinars and networking events are limited to members only.