Celebrating Joanna Franklin

Joanna FranklinAs you may know, Joanna Franklin unexpectedly passed away on October 5, 2013 from heart failure. Joanna was a friend and colleague to all of us at NCPG, and I believe few have had a more lasting impact on our field.  She was mentor to me from the very first day in October 1998 when I started at NCPG.  Joanna trained thousands and thousands of counselors and helped set high standards for the profession through her work on certification.  In 1979 Joanna was the first clinician hired by the first state-funded gambling treatment program, and she received NCPG’s Goldman Lifetime Award in 1994.  Joanna served on the NCPG Board of Directors for over 20 years, representing the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling, which she founded.  A very brief bio is below.  She was an incredible teacher, a passionate advocate and truly one of the most caring, generous and selfless people I’ve ever known.

– Keith Whyte, Executive Director of NCPG

Biography of Joanna Franklin, MS, NCGC II

Joanna Franklin received her BS and MS degrees from Johns Hopkins University. She was the past president of the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling and treated  gamblers and their families since 1979.  She designed and delivered clinical training programs in 45 states, 10 Canadian provinces, among 31 tribes and in 9 other countries. She consulted and trained for the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, the Navy, and the Army. She designed and implemented responsible gaming training for state lotteries, race tracks and casinos internationally. She authored two book chapters for Harvard publications on family therapy and teen gambling, and published journal articles on problem gambling treatment.