• NCPG Releases Groundbreaking Public Opinion Survey

    10.12.16Keith Whyte

    NCPG releases a groundbreaking report on public opinion about problem gambling.  The data was compiled from 6 national surveys commissioned by NCPG from 2008 to 2015.  The answers to these questions paint a picture of an American public that frequently misunderstands the nature of gambling addiction, seeing it as a symptom of moral weakness rather than a medical condition. In addition, addictions, including gambling addiction, are frequently stigmatized. The surveys also found considerable skepticism about the effectiveness of treatment and a misunderstanding of recovery. Finally, the public drastically overestimates the prevalence of problem gambling, suggesting that the concept of a gambling addiction is poorly understood and/or trivialized.

    It is well-documented that many more people suffer from a gambling disorder than seek help in dealing with the problem. We believe that the misconceptions documented by these surveys are a major reason that those with a gambling disorder do not seek the help they often desperately need. Download a complete copy of the report: ncpg-publicopinionreport-july-2016