• Media Advisory on High Jackpots & Helplines

    01.13.16Keith Whyte

    Coverage of High Jackpots Should Include Problem Gambling Helpline

    The National Council on Problem Gambling urges the media to consider the side effects of excessive gambling during their coverage of the record Powerball jackpot.  As the Powerball jackpot approaches $1.5 billion, Keith Whyte, Executive Director, National Council on Problem Gambling states, “High lottery jackpots and the accompanying massive media coverage are a great opportunity to provide responsible gaming messages designed to help reduce harm and provide referrals to the National Problem Gambling Helpline (800.522.4700).”  Simple responsible gaming tips for those who choose to gamble include:

    • Set and stick to a limit of time and money
    • Think of it as entertainment, not an investment
    • Don’t gamble to escape feelings of anxiety, stress or depression.
    • Know where to get help for a gambling problem.

    If you or someone you know has a problem with gambling the National Problem Gambling Helpline (800.522.4700) is the national toll free and confidential single point of access for problem gambling help via phone, text and chat.  The Helpline Network is the national “911” safety net for problem gamblers and their loved ones and received 276,000 calls last year.

    Click on this link for the full media advisory including a helpline graphic: Media Avisory on High Jackpots and Helplines