Kevin Bost

Candidate for Individuals Seat 2017-2020

What is your interest in serving on the Board? What skills can you bring to the Board?

I am very active in  problem gambling​ advocate work in the state of Kansas. I would be a valuable asset ​to the Board as I have a varied and extensive background with the industry — working in the casino industry, being a long​-​time recovering compulsive gambler, ​ developing ​strong ties and involvement with local and surrounding area Gamblers Anonymous (GA) groups, and participating on a state taskforce for problem gambling awareness.

I ​have experience in public speaking on behalf of the taskforce, GA, and about my own personal experience.

What is your vision for NCPG, and what goals do you have for the organization?

My vision is to be an advocate for the NCPG, to help increase membership, and to raise more awareness about the NCPG to the recovery communities. I know from my personal experiences and in working with other recovering compulsive gamblers as well as working with those in the problem gambling awareness industry, there are many who are not aware that NCPG exists. One of my goals is to
help increase overall membership.

What relevant leadership and/or committee roles have you held in NCPG, state Affiliate or related organizations?

I have served for three years on the North east Kansas Problem Gambling task force. I was co-chair this year and led in the development of increased social media awareness. In addition, I have participated in local and state interviews and public awareness activities, including television interviews and visits to the state capital on behalf of problem gambling awareness.

I have also served as a member on the Kansas Coalition for Problem Gambling, and served on the Midwest Problem Gambling Conference planning committee.

What ideas and experience do you have that can help NCPG grow its membership and fundraising?

I would like to see more awareness ​within the recovery community ​ — not only within professional circles, but also within state-supervised organizations and local, grass-roots awareness efforts​. I also think it would be beneficial to get more information into places ​such as Project Turnabout/Vanguard in Minnesota, so that people who have been in long​-term recovery would be willing to become ambassadors and fundraisers for NCPG.

Do you have any personal or professional conflicts that would prevent you from engaging fully in advocacy or fundraising? If so, please describe them.

No. I am very open about my personal experiences, and I have no ties that would prohibit me from being fully engaged in advocacy, fundraising, and awareness activities​.

How long have you been a member of NCPG and what led you to join initially?

I have been a full-time member​ of NCPG​ for ​two​ years. I thought it was another way ​that I could be involved​ in raising awareness about this illness. The NCPG also provides me with an opportunity to be supportive of those ​who are ​working to help spread awareness.

Biographical Statement

I am 47 yrs old​ and​ I​ currently​ ​reside in Overland Park, Kansas. I am in long​-time recovery from compulsive gambling​, and that experience has greatly shaped my views and my passion for advocacy. I have had this illness ​personally impact ​many people in my life​ — one of whom was my mother, who never recovered from her problem gambling illness. She passed away two years ago, largely due to the impact of her problem gambling. This is a personal issue to me, and one I take very serious​ly​. I do understand that not everyone is a compulsive gambler, and that there are those ​who can ​gamble ​​responsibly.

I understand that gambling is big business, and it is a business that is tied to many​ people ​on a political level. I feel that I would be a great asset to NCPG​, as one who has personally dealt with the ramifications of this illness personally and as a family member. I would be a diligent, willing, and dedicated person to helping NCPG in a several areas​, and I would enjoy and be honored to be part of this group ​on the Board level.

Nominated by: self