Judge Mark G. Farrell

Candidate for Individuals Seat 2017-2020

What is your interest in serving on the Board? What skills can you bring to the Board?

To continue and further a long-term professional and personal commitment to assist NCPG to increase National, regional and local awareness of the suffering and devastation connected with Gambling abuse and addiction and thereby facilitate meaningful policy shifts in the governmental, healthcare, criminal justice and societal arenas, to name just a few.

What is your vision for NCPG, and what goals do you have for the organization?

An increase in role and prominence of NCPG as the National voice and advocate for awareness of, and therapeutic intervention in the field of problem gambling so as to  encourage and foster meaningful prevention, treatment and advocacy programming  on behalf of those prone to or suffering from this addiction.

What relevant leadership and/or committee roles have you held in NCPG, state Affiliate or related organizations?

I have served as a member of the NCPG Board of Directors for the past three years, Secretary for two years. As part of that service have participated in Board meetings, retreats and planning sessions as well as work on the federal affairs and military committees along with targeted lobbying efforts and philanthropy. I have also been a Presenter at National meetings as both a Keynote Speaker and moderator of Breakout sessions.

Previously, I served as a Board Member of the New York Council on Problem Gambling. I also initiated and presided over the first Gambling Treatment Therapeutic Court in the world [in Amherst, NY].

What ideas and experience do you have that can help NCPG grow its membership and fundraising?

Increased advocacy and and networking with providers, affiliates, policy makers and government and industry representatives to expand both our message base and our policy influence. Expanded cooperation with other gambling advocacy organizations as well as academic institutions and not for profit funding sources.

Do you have any personal or professional conflicts that would prevent you from engaging fully in advocacy or fundraising? If so, please describe them.


How long have you been a member of NCPG and what led you to join initially?

Approximately 15 years. I joined as a result of recognizing the important support role of NCPG after implementing the first Gambling Treatment Court in the US in 2001.

Biographical Statement

BA and JD from the University at Buffalo [SUNY]. 45 years a lawyer and 20 years service as Presiding Judge of Drug Treatment, Domestic Violence, Veterans and Gambling Treatment Courts in Amherst NY. A Distinguished Alumni of the University at Buffalo, President of the New York State Magistrates Association, New York State Magistrate of the Year 2009. Receipient of the Outstanding Service to the Profession Award from NCPG in 2006, Prinicipal Investigator on a Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Grant to study Therapeutic Intervention in Problem Solving Courts. Faculty Member Schools of Law and Social work, University at Buffalo.

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