Jennifer Davis-Walton

Candidate forĀ Individuals Seat 2017-2020

What is your interest in serving on the Board? What skills can you bring to the Board?

It would be an honor to serve alongside others who share a common passion and goal in the advocacy and awareness of problem gambling. My experience in treatment, recruitment and fundraising would be beneficial to my position on the Board. I am a team player and have excellent written and communication skills.

What is your vision for NCPG, and what goals do you have for the organization?

I would like to see more people in the general public aware of the services of NCPG and problem gambling, in general. Even after being in the field almost ten years, I find people question the legitimacy of problem gambling. For our organization, one of my goals is to help develop [an affiliate] council in WV. This will lend another vehicle to drive advocacy and public awareness initiatives.

What relevant leadership and/or committee roles have you held in NCPG, state Affiliate or related organizations?

I am currently on the Helpline and Prevention Committees. I am part of the youth subcommittee and the planning committee for the helpline symposium at the upcoming conference.

What ideas and experience do you have that can help NCPG grow its membership and fundraising?

Because we are continually growing our counseling network, I have experience with recruitment of qualified candidates. We encourage our network clinicians to become members of NCPG as well. I have also served on many community committees in fundraising efforts, including (but not limited to) ones for treatment centers, athletic teams and school groups. Many of these recruitment and fundraising activities can be adjusted/expanded to reach larger groups of people.

Do you have any personal or professional conflicts that would prevent you from engaging fully in advocacy or fundraising? If so, please describe them.

Not applicable

How long have you been a member of NCPG and what led you to join initially?

I have been an NCPG member since 2011. It was important for me to join the national group of leaders in the field. I have been able to learn and expand my knowledge from the best.

Biographical Statement

After many years working in the mental health/addictions field, I received training to become part of a counseling network for The Problem Gamblers Help Network of WV. I then moved from the counseling network to in-house and was on the front line answering the helpline calls and coordinating treatment services for the gamblers and their loved ones. After working as a clinical coordinator for seven years, I accepted the position as Program Director. I have now been in this position for almost two years.

Nominated by: Sheila Moran