• Family of New York Man Raise Awareness about Problem Gambling

    11.08.16Keith Whyte

    Call for More Treatment Support and Greater Understanding of Gambling Addiction

    As Suffolk County, NY prepares to open a 1000-slot machine parlor in the coming months, local resident Kim Meyer and her five children are struggling to survive the devastating toll gambling addiction has taken on their lives.

    Kim lives in a small town in Suffolk County, in the home where she and her high school sweetheart Scott built a full and happy life together over the last 27 years. They co-funded a business, Scott coached the kids’ sports teams, and both were involved in their community, schools and church.

    To learn more about the Meyer’s story and common-sense suggestions click here: meyer-release

    Kim’s daughters created this video to raise awareness and let their dad know how much they love and support him.