• WCPG Phase 3 Training – Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

    09.27.19Grace Maliska

    January 23, 2020 – January 24, 2020 all-day
    Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling Office
    1585 Allouez Avenue Green Bay
    WI 54311
    Alta Valenta
    (920) 437-8888

    Topic: Phase III
    15 CEUs!

    This program is designed for those participates who are or plan to be working with problem gamblers and their families in a variety of clinical settings. This information is designed for participates to incorporate into their clinical practice. Participants will learn about the effects of gambling on the individual, family and community and use the information to help those who fall into your own professional scope of practice.

    Following completion of the 60 hour training and education program, participants will be prepared to work with family and significant others, special populations, present salient patient education topics to clients and families, prepare court reports, assist with complete asset protection plans and use an array of clinical strategies focusing on impulse control and self-regulation interventions in the treatment of gambling problems, etc.


    1. Older adults and adolescents and problem gambling
    2. Multicultural issues and problem gambling

    a. Hispanics
    b. African Americans
    c. Asians

    3. Women and problem gambling
    4. Generational Factors and Gambling Issues
    5. Military Experience and Gambling Risk Factors
    6. Levels of care
    7. Treatment design
    8. Spirituality and problem gambling

    How this program will be presented:
    1. Lecture
    2. Power Point
    3. Group discussion
    4. Interactive exercises