• From Gambling to Gambling Disorder – A Clinical Perspective – Session 3

    09.13.22Vicki Linton

    January 12, 2023 – January 13, 2023 all-day
    Glendale WI
    7003 North Port Washington Road
    Alta Valenta
    (920) 437-8888

    Hosted by Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

    Session 3 OBJECTIVES:

    -Identify, discuss and explain multiple categories of humanness issues and factors that can have impacts on and be components of working with gambling, problem gambling and gambling disorder.

    -Identify, discuss, explain and compare/contrast the involvement of humanness issues and factors on individuals involved with gambling, problem gambling and gambling disorder.

    -Explain, discuss and offer examples of the changes in and impacts of the internet on gamblers and the world of gambling.

    -Compare and contrast different definitions of gambling in various US States, other countries, multiple individuals/websites/organizations and then support attendees to decide on how they will define the term gambling for themselves and for integration into their clinical work with gambling/problem gambling/ gambling disorder. *Must provide proof of Session 1 and 2 completion.

    CEs available 15