• From Gambling to Gambling Disorder – A Clinical Perspective – Session 1

    09.12.22Vicki Linton

    October 6, 2022 – October 7, 2022 all-day
    Glendale, WI
    7003 North Port Washington Road
    Alta Valenta

    Hosted by Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

    Following completion of Sessions 1 and 2 thirty-hour training and education program, counselors will be ready to assess, screen, and evaluate for gambling problems among their caseloads and among those who present for care. They will be ready to intervene in a crisis, assist in preparation of restitution plans, refer clients for appropriate levels of care, and begin the treatment planning process, etc. Following completion of the “From Gambling to Gambling Disorder – A Clinical Perspective”, counselors will be prepared to work with family, significant others, and special populations. They will be able to present salient patient education topics to clients and families, prepare court reports, assist with complete asset protection plans, and use an array of clinical strategies focusing on impulse control and self-regulation interventions in the treatment of gambling disorders, etc.

    The training for clinical professionals is a total of 60 hours of gambling-specific training and education sessions. Participants who successfully complete the entire 60 hours are then encouraged to begin the International Certification process.

    Session 1 OBJECTIVES: -Ability to identify, discuss and incorporate current definitions of gambling, problem gambling, gambling disorder and related terminology into clinical process activities. -Discuss and incorporate data and concepts of the historical and current prevalence and impacts of gambling, problem gambling and gambling disorder into clinical activities. -Identify, explain, discuss and integrate state and federal definitions and regulations of gambling including ongoing changes and modifications that impact gambling that is legal vs illegal including Wisconsin specific details. -Develop knowledge and ability to use problem gambling and gambling disorder screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment clinical tools, skills and techniques to work with individuals/family members/others whose lives are negatively impacted by gambling/problem gambling/gambling disorder. *Session 1 is a prerequisite for Session 2.

    CEs available: 15