Brad Longcake

Candidate for Affiliates Seat 2017-2020

What is your interest in serving on the Board? What skills can you bring to the Board?

I am always looking for new and creative ways to help others, being on the board would allow me to share my ideas and utilize all the other resources that NCPG has to offer. The skills that I would bring to the board include new energy, creative ways of solving problems, and a willingness to try new and out of the box ideas.

What is your vision for NCPG, and what goals do you have for the organization?

To increase awareness of the services that are provided and to help individuals understand how to maximize them. Increase local awareness at the state level. To help find new revenue sources to increase the services that are provided

What relevant leadership and/or committee roles have you held in NCPG, state Affiliate or related organizations?

I am currently the Executive Director for the MT council on problem gambling

What ideas and experience do you have that can help NCPG grow its membership and fundraising?

I thinking working with different organizations that have similar interests that we can partner with and utilize their existing processes helps reduce our costs and can increase our exposure in these new markets. Example, here in MT I am working with the Lottery and utilizing there software group to incorporate our messages into all of the lottery terminals that sell tickets. This increased our message to all most 1000 new locations

Do you have any personal or professional conflicts that would prevent you from engaging fully in advocacy or fundraising? If so, please describe them.


How long have you been a member of NCPG and what led you to join initially?

I have been with the organization for a year. I took over as the Executive director for the Montana Council on Problem gambling at that time and have been actively participating

Biographical Statement

I grew up in a small town in MT. I received my bachelor degree in Biotechnology and began working for a fortune 500 pharmaceutical company for the next 13 years. I then had an opportunity to come back to MT and be the operations manager for a couple of local pharmacies in town. After accomplishing my goals there, I started my own consulting company and continue to work at making it successful

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