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Help people affected by gambling addiction – support NCPG’s National Problem Gambling Helpline today.

We are working on a goal of 48 gifts of $12 or more to support the 48 hours of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – these are difficult days for many people. Every year, there is a marked increase in calls in December – help answer the call!

It’s easy to make your tax-deductible gift online or download a donation form here (pdf) – return it by mail or fax (address and fax are on the form).

Just $12 provides one full hour of access to our National Problem Gambling Helpline via call, text and chat.  Give $12 for the 12 days of Christmas, the 12 steps to recovery, or your own personal ’12.’

THANK YOU to everyone who has given to our Helpline Fund this holiday season – visit our Celebrate and Inspire page for the full list of donors.

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Our National Problem Gambling Helpline is like a 9-1-1 service. Anytime, anywhere in the U.S., people can call to get help in their own area. And now we’re providing innovative help services by text and chat as well!

National Problem Gambling Helpline
Call or Text 1-800-522-4700


We receive hundreds of thousands of calls every year, with an uptick in the number of calls near the Super Bowl and the NCAA March Madness playoffs as well as the winter holidays. Your donation will help make sure those calls get answered.

These services cost about $102,000 in 2015, or $8,773 per month,  $288 per day, and $12 per hour. 100% of your donation will be used to support the Helpline work.  There is no Federal funding for problem gambling services and we are thankful that we can rely on friends like you to support our national programs.

Please make NCPG part of your giving this year. Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter the size, will help make sure that every call to the National Problem Gambling Helpline is answered.

You can answer the call by donating just $12 to cover one hour of helpline service!

Thank you!

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NCPG acknowledges contributions on our website, including gifts made in honor of or in memoriam for a loved one or mentor.  Please see the ‘Celebrate and Inspire’ page for donor acknowledgements.  NCPG’s Board of Directors, staff and stakeholders extend our heartfelt thanks for your support.


How to Give

It’s easy to give online at

You can fax your gift with credit card payment by downloading the NCPG donation form (pdf) and sending it to 202.547.9206.

Or mail your check along with the NCPG donation form to:

National Council on Problem Gambling
730 11th Street, NW
Suite 601
Washington, DC  20001
Federal Tax I.D. #51-0141872

NCPG is the most objective voice on problem gambling and responsible gaming issues, with over 40 years of a history of impartiality and independence.

In conjunction with our state Affiliate chapters, we are in constant communication with important stakeholders from government agencies, gaming companies, treatment facilities and counselors, research groups and recovery communities.

We also serve as an important source of information for stakeholders of every kind, including journalists and legislators from across the country who contact us every day with questions both basic and complex.

Thank you for supporting this important work and making a difference in the fight against gambling addiction.