• NCPG Resolution on Legalization of Sports Betting

    02.27.17Keith Whyte

    The NCPG Board of Directors today adopted a resolution on the legalization of sports betting.  Recognizing NCPG’s neutrality on legalized gambling, the resolution calls on leagues, regulators, legislators and the media to make sure gambling addiction is addressed in any discussion of the expansion of sports betting. NCPG Executive Director Keith Whyte noted: “Right now companies who operate legal sports books and states who regulate them have the opportunity to demonstrate they have in place comprehensive and innovative responsible gaming programs tailored to sports bettors.  Leagues and teams should have prevention and education programs in place to protect the health of athletes and staff as well as the integrity of the game. And the media, who currently widely promote betting lines on a variety of professional and amateur sporting events, effectively giving free advertising space to promote gambling, should consider promoting the Problem Gambling Helpline as well.”  In addition, proponents of legalization should have concrete plans and funding in place to mitigate the negative impacts of increased betting on sports, including possible increases in gambling addiction.  A complete copy of the resolution is available here: NCPG Resolution on the Legalization of Sports Gambling Feb 2017