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Internet Responsible Gaming Standards


Download a PDF of NCPG's Internet Responsible Gaming Standards here.
Download a PDF of NCPG's US Online Internet Responsible Gambling Regulation Comparison here
The standards contain specific recommendations in the areas of policy, staff training, informed decision-making, assisting players, self-exclusion, advertising and promortion, game and site features, and working with research.
Gambling has benefits but also has well documented negative consequences.  Internet gambling is no exception.  It is clear that some who gamble online will develop problems and that these problems are serious. The most ethical and cost-effective response to  gambling addiction issues raised by internet gambling is a comprehensive public health strategy that includes prevention, education, treatment, enforcement and research services.  Responsible gaming standards are an important aspect of this approach.  The National Council on Problem Gambling has developed these standards to help guide discussions among all stakeholders on internet gambling, including operators, regulators, advocates and the public.     
NCPG reviewed current internet responsible gaming codes and regulations from around the world (see Appendix A) to guide the development of this standard.  The final recommendations in this document flow from our 40 years of experience in problem gambling issues, existing international codes (in particular the Responsible Gambling Council’s draft internet gambling standards), empirical evidence and feedback from experts in the field including operators, regulators, researchers, clinicians and advocates.  We have also considered Federal laws governing the online purchase of age-controlled products like alcohol and tobacco.  The NCPG standard is a work in progress as internet gambling-related legislation, regulation and technology continue to evolve rapidly.  The graphical and interactive structure of the internet provides an opportunity to create informed consumers with access to a variety of information designed to encourage safe choices and discourage unsafe behavior, including through setting personal limits and self-excluding.  These programs can be improved by requiring operators to make de-identified play data (e.g., demographic, session, game and transaction data) publicly available.  Analyzing actual player behavior leads to better understanding of gambling and problem gambling.  
It is strongly recommended that operators and regulators consult with experts in the problem gambling field during the development and implementation of internet gambling.  Problem gambling, like other diseases of addiction, will likely never be eliminated, but we must make better efforts to mitigate the damage.  A portion of all gambling revenue must be dedicated to reduce the social costs of gambling addiction.  
Download a PDF of NCPG's Internet Responsible Gaming Standards here.
About NCPG: The National Council on Problem Gambling is the national advocate for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families.  NCPG was founded in 1972 and is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is neutral on legalized gambling.  NCPG and its 37 state affiliate chapters work together to provide the majority of services for problem gamblers and their families.        
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