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Thank you for supporting NCPG  in the fight to provide help and hope to problem gamblers and their families, and to help us help you and all our friends and colleagues in the problem gambling field.  

Acknowledgements are below for donors as well as gifts made in honor of or in memoriam for a loved one or mentor.  NCPG’s Board of Directors, staff and stakeholders extend our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Many thanks to everyone who has given to the 2013 Year-end Appeal.
Together we are creating support for NCPG's programs to help all those affected by problem gambling.
Jerry Bauerkemper
Jody Bechtold
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Cathey Budd
CARE Treatment Center
Daniel Corbin
Mary Drexler
Don Feeney and Diane Carter
Pat Fowler
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Lanie's Hope
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Renee Siegel - in memory of Joanna Franklin
Charles Maurer, PhD, ABPP - in memory of Joanna Franklin
Laura Letson  - in memory of Joanna Franklin
Cheryl Moss - in memory of Rena M. Nora, M.D.
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Why you should give
Take a cup of kindness and make it a gallon with NCPG!

If you’re humming ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ you’re not alone. Let’s skip to the chorus because we’re running out of time! Give a cup of kindness - in the form of a tax deductible contribution to NCPG before midnight on December 31 will be matched by the NCPG Board of Directors, making your gift count double!  
Then our hardworking staff and volunteers will turn your gift into gallons of help and hope for millions of people across our nation who are affected by problem gambling – including employers, loved ones and the children of problem gamblers.   Your support today can help bring insight, knowledge and a plan of action to those who are looking for a way out of gambling addiction.
Please support the National Council on Problem Gambling this holiday season. Your gift of $10, $27 for 27 National Conferences or $41 for 41 years of service will help provide support for the National Problem Gambling Helpline, the National Conference and our public awareness and advocacy programs.  Make your gift by midnight on December 31 – you’ll be eligible for a tax deduction and your gift will be matched one-to-one by NCPG’s Board of Directors up to the first $2,000 – your gift will count for twice as much! No gift is too small and all gifts are welcome – together we can make a big difference.  

NCPG’s programs include:
National Problem Gambling Helpline Network (800.522.4700): Local problem gambling help is just one call away anywhere in the US.  The Helpline received over 313,000 calls in 2012, all of which were instantly routed (like 911) to the appropriate state or regional call center.  The Helpline is the only such service in America for gamblers and is the only access to help in many states.  In 2014 we will work on extending access via text and online chat.
National Conference on Problem Gambling: The oldest and largest annual conference in the world dedicated to problem gambling issues.  Over 500 regulators, legislators, counselors, researchers, industry executives and recovering gamblers attended in Seattle 2013. Attendees can earn up to 30 hours of CEU’s while increasing the breadth and depth of their knowledge on many different facets of problem gambling and responsible gaming. Join us in Orlando, Florida for our 2014 Conference from July 9 – 12!
National Problem Gambling Awareness Month (NPGAM): Our annual nationwide campaign in March educates healthcare providers about problem gambling and promotes public awareness of responsible gambling practices. Last year our radio, print and TV public service announcements reached a combined audience of over 100 million.    Due to popular demand, this has been expanded to the entire month of March 2014.
Holiday Lottery Campaign: encourages adults to consider the age of the recipient in gifting lottery products because research indicates that playing the lottery at a young age can increase the potential for problem gambling later in life. We partner with lottery organizations (38 so far in 2013) by providing resources such as press release samples and advertising materials, to be used in their own campaigns.
The year in numbers - it's a quick way to encapsulate complicated stories for this digital age.  But there is so much more than the numbers - the real story is about the people behind them and their path to recovery from gambling addiction.  You can help write that story and provide more hope and help by supporting NCPG with your tax-deductible contribution during this holiday season. Here are a few important numbers about the work that you and NCPG have accomplished together in the last year.
1          Nationwide helpline number (800-422-5700) for 28 years
27          Call centers around the country that are staffed 24/7 to help people in crisis
12,000     Increase in calls over the last year
313,000     Calls received (1 call every 96 seconds) in the last year
We know that, behind the numbers, each problem gambler is part of a wider circle of family and community. Research shows each problem gambler affects up to 20 loved ones and colleagues - millions more numbers that are actually people.
NCPG's National Problem Gambling Helpline answers calls for help 24/7, 365 days a year.  These calls are confidential, so we don't share any details, but we know that there are mothers, fathers, grandparents and children who call because they or someone they know is in trouble.  Maybe they spent their rent money on gambling.  Maybe they have neglected the other areas of their lives by spending too much time gambling.  They may have jeopardized their job through gambling. And so they call our Helpline.

The NCPG Helpline Network instantly routes these calls to the appropriate center, where immediate crisis help is available.  Up to 20% of problem gamblers attempt suicide, so this important resource must be maintained.  The call centers also provide information and referrals - contacts and counselors in the caller's local area where they can get further help from a real live human - who is so much more than a number.  Next year we will continue exploring how to provide the helpline service in ways that today's lifestyles demand, including texting and online chat - help that no one can overhear but that can nevertheless save a life or a career
Please help NCPG continue to provide the National Problem Gambling Helpline for everyone who reaches out for it - in the way that helps them most. Make your tax-deductible contribution today to our Year-End Appeal to support Helpline Network services and all of NCPG's programs. 

P.S. Be a person who affects the numbers - make your tax-deductible gift by December 31!


Help NCPG Make Sure Congress Doesn’t Ignore Gambling Addiction

You have a unique opportunity to see our National Advocacy work front and center.

Click here to see the webcast of Congress's House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade hearing entitled “The State of Online Gaming” from December 10, 2013. The hearing dealt with H.R. 2666 and the general topic of online gaming.  Six experts were invited to testify.

Keith Whyte, NCPG Executive Director met with legislators and staff previously to insert language into the bill 1) recognizing our Internet Responsible Gambling Standards and 2) ?designating SAMHSA as the lead Federal health agency on gambling addiction.

Noted problem gambling researcher Dr. Rachel Volberg, a former President of NCPG’s Board of Directors, was one of the experts providing testimony.  She and Keith were available afterward to brief the assembled media about the need for dedicated Federal funding for comprehensive problem gambling services.  

National Advocacy is an important part of NCPG’s mission, but you may not have heard as much about it as other programs - like our National Conference on Problem Gambling and Problem Gambling Awareness Month. NCPG is the only national advocate for problem gamblers and their families

NCPG plays a vital role in providing a strong voice during discussions of responsible gaming and problem gambling on Capitol Hill.  We’ve built a lot of momentum in Congress in the last three years and it is all due to people and organizations like you and Dr. Volberg who support NCPG with your time, talent and treasure.

Please help Keith and NCPG continue this important work by contributing to our Year-End Appeal.  Your tax-deductible contribution will make a big difference in our fight to keep our ‘seat at the table’ in Congressional discussions so that problem gamblers and their families receive the support they need.

How to give
Your gift of $10, $27 for 27 conferences or $41 for 41 years of service will sustain our efforts to increase public awareness of pathological gambling, ensure the widespread availability of treatment for problem gamblers and their families, and encourage research and programs for prevention and education.  
No gift is too small and all gifts are welcome – together we can help reduce the negative outcomes for people who get caught up in this devastating disorder.  NCPG’s programs include:
National Problem Gambling Helpline Network 
Holiday Lottery Campaign
Risk Education for Athletes Program (REAP)
National Problem Gambling Awareness Week
National Conference on Problem Gambling
National communications, including website, newsletter, point of contact for media
National directory of counselors and treatment facilities that offer gambling-specific treatment
NCPG is the most objective voice on problem gambling and responsible gaming issues, with a 41-year history of impartiality and independence.  In conjunction with our 36 state Affiliate chapters, we are in constant communication with important stakeholders from government agencies, gaming companies, treatment facilities and counselors, research groups and recovery communities.  We also serve as an important source of information for journalists and legislators from across the country, who can and do call us every day with questions both basic and complex.
It’s easy to give online at
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Year-End Appeal
National Council on Problem Gambling
730 11th Street, NW
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*NCPG respects the right of people in recovery to protect their identity; names and details used here may have been changed.
Thank you!