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BACC Requirements

Applicants are often in need of experienced and knowledgeable clinical consultants and the IGCCB assists with matching the best consultant with each request received. BACCs oversee the hundreds of NCGC applicants processed yearly.

Our BACCs have been counseling gamblers and their families for some time and work primarily in the role of mentor or consultant to our applicants. Each applicant is required to have a Board Approved Clinical Consultant. BACCs are in place to help with the pathological gamblers and family members that each applicant may have on their caseload. 

The International Gambling Counselor Certification Board lists the following requirements for Board Approved Clinical Consultants or BACC’s:             

  1. Graduate Degree or equivalent, subject to IGCCB approval.
  2. NCGC Certification: Is currently certified and maintains certification as a NCGC-II (Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor, level II) for an approved length of time.
  3. Knowledge and Experience of Clinical Supervision: Demonstrated experience of at least three years as a clinical supervisor in a clinical setting with completion of a course, class, in-service education, or seminar on “how to do clinical supervision” of at least 6 hours in duration.
  4. Experience in Gambling Treatment: Have a minimum of 2,000 documented clinical hours (in addition to the original NCGC-II requirements) in providing gambling treatment as consideration of applicant’s overall experience. In support of these hours, a description is needed of work with gamblers and their families indicating depth of experience and substance of clinical work with clients, such that expertise in clinical care and supervision is demonstrated and the applicant is ready to offer the benefits of this experience and knowledge to counselors new to the gambling treatment field.
  5. Demonstrated Expertise: Have demonstrated expertise in the area of pathological gambling. Such evidence should include, but need not be limited to: employment in a gambling treatment program/individual practice along with; published papers, original clinical research, or articles on gambling specific clinical subject matter, presented at state, national or international conference on the treatment of pathological gamblers and their families. Such evidence must be submitted to and be approved by the Board.
  6. Recommendations: Obtain at least two letters of recommendation. One of these letters must be from an IGCCB Board Approved Clinical Consultant or BACC.
  7. IGCCB reserves the right to require an oral interview to further assess an applicant's qualifications.

If you believe you are eligible, please forward the above mentioned items to the NCPG office ATTN: Certification Board. Please only send in as evidence of gambling treatment expertise gambling treatment material. Once reviewed a letter indicating your status will be forwarded. Please allow 4-6 weeks for review.