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Sports Gambling Ringleader Admits Guilt In Kansas City

(Casino Gambling Web)-

A Kansas City man that was thought to be the mastermind behind an illegal sports betting operation, admitted his guilt in a US Circuit District Court in Missouri on Wednesday. The admission will likely land the convicted man in jail.

Gerlarmo Cammisano, son of William Cammisano, pleaded guilty to one charge of conducting an illegal gambling business. Cammisano's name may seem familiar to residents in Missouri, as his father "Willie the Rat" was a crime figure in Kansas City's past.

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors dropped six other charges against Cammisano. Although charges were dropped, Cammisano still faces up to five years in prison. His sentencing date has not yet been set.

The case in Kansas City has drawn national attention after gamblers were retained in jail for refusing to testify in the case. Attorneys had argued that the bettors could not be kept in jail because they had not committed a crime.

Cammisano had been in the bettors position before back in the '90's, when he refused to testify in a gambling investigation not related to the current case. Part of the plea deal for this case, however, relieves Cammisano from having to testify against any of the other defendants.

The gambling operation was run through toll-free numbers and Internet websites that were based in Costa Rica. Cammisano was the leader of a group that paid out and received payments from gamblers for bets that were placed on the telephone and online.

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