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2/19/2008    Gambling by College and Professional Athletes , Coaches , And Referees is not that uncommon.

( (press release) - USA)- And over the years, I have spoken to many college and professional athletes who had a gambling problem. An NCAA study a few years ago said,...
12/6/2010    Bill For Online Gambling Being Pushed In The USA

(Culture Clash Daily)- It's been estimated that 1.1% of American adults in 1997 were considered to have a gambling problem that was classed as pathological. ...
10/23/2007    City needs gambling -- and rules to keep out organized crime

The other problem, argues the crime commission, is that the pending bill would award an irrevocable gambling license to Chicago. The state's other gaming ...
5/6/2009    Congressman Pushes To Let Americans Gamble Online

(InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA)- Opponents argue that children and adults would be at risk of compulsive gambling, fraud, and identity theft if allowed to gamble online. ...
2/10/2010    Gambling Binge Eating Are Illnesses Psychiatrists Say (blog)- On the other hand, compulsive gambling is a disorder much like drug addiction. Those are a couple of conclusions in a draft copy of an influential guide ...
12/3/2007    Going for Broke

Hoffer reports that problem-gambling expert Christine Reilly "told me that the brain's pathways that get lit up in anticipation of a monetary win are the ...
3/20/2010    Granny Barbara Wells stole half a million from her boss to blow on pokies

(Herald Sun)- "Problem gambling is a hidden illness," Mr Lucas said. "It's not like drugs and alcohol where you can see the effects of an addiction. ...
2/19/2010    House nixes automatic increases for problem gambling

(Bangor Daily News)- “We don't have problem gamblers that have taken advantage of this,” said Rep. Linda Valentino, D-Saco. “So why are we increasing it from $50000 to $250000? ...
2/19/2010    Nevada Casino Profits Plunge in 2009

(ABC News)- The annual "Gaming Abstract" released Friday by the state Gaming Control Board tracks casinos statewide that gross $1 million or more in gambling revenue. ...
11/7/2007    Religious groups promote culture of gambling

James Odato's Oct. 26 article on the adolescent gambling epidemic informs us that the New York Council on Problem Gambling reports that one out of every...
6/15/2010    Search for treatment sends gambling addicts in circles

( One of the promises that was supposed to minimize the damage widespread gambling could cause for problem gamblers is that treatment for problem gambling ...
9/17/2008    Take Action: House Bill Could Gut Gambling Regulations

(CitizenLink - Colorado Springs,CO,USA)- According to estimates, Bernal said, problem gamblers between ages 18-25 lose about $30000 a year. Unleashing Internet gambling would only make the problem ...
11/26/2007    The Addict's Veto

Town Hall - Washington,DC,USA: The prevalence of problem gambling among all past-year gamblers (excluding lottery ticket buyers) was 1.3 percent. Does that mean "gambling online is...
8/22/2007    You Can't Afford Mom, Pop's Gambling Problem

He began to realize she might be spending too much time and money at the casinos, that perhaps his 76-year-old mother has a gambling problem. ...
3/26/2008    ‘Hidden Disease’ of Gambling Extends to Women in Workplace

(HR Magazine - Alexandria,VA,USA)- It also can impact productivity, according to Isabelle Duguay, director of problem gambling services for Chicago-based Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA). ...
3/25/2009    “March Madness” is here again…but it’s “March Sadness” for problem gamblers

(Stamford Plus Magazine - Stamford,CT,USA)- For problem gamblers, work is often just another place for gambling all year round. When you cover the NCAA tournament, please consider calling CCPG for ...
6/15/2011    1 in 30 has a gambling problem in Maryland

10/5/2010    11 Arrests in Alabama Bingo Investigation

(New York Times)- One legislator is said to have complained of not “feeling the love” after having supported the gambling legislation. In a lengthy quoted passage, ...
10/1/2009    2 Missouri casinos fined for underage gamblers

(Forbes)- "They (casino companies) are going to have to make the effort to make sure underage gamblers don't get on." McNary said the problem has gotten worse since ...
8/29/2008    2 Plead Guilty in Operation of Gambling Ring in Bronx

(New York Times - United States)- By JOHN ELIGON Two men with reputed ties to organized crime pleaded guilty on Tuesday to participating in an illegal gambling ring run out of a wholesale ...
9/17/2010    2 state lawmakers target parents who leave kids in cars at gambling establishments

( ... one of the clinical characteristics is losing track of time,” said Kevin Whyte, the executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling. ... (more)
1/6/2012    2012 Annual Conference Call For Presentations Deadline is Near

26th National Conference on Problem Gambling
4/1/2009    23rd Annual Conference Registration is NOW OPEN!!

For more information regarding hotel reservations or conference information, please visit the Conference section of our website where you may view our Brochure as well as Register for our Conference!!
2/12/2008    24-hour gambling plan decried

(Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA)- Speaking to the representatives of Twin River and Newport Grand, Costantino said the gambling industry needs to do more to treat problem gambling....
4/2/2010    24th National Conference on Problem Gambling- Registration OPEN

Registration for the 24th National Conference on Problem Gambling, June 9-12, 2010 in Portland, OR, is now open at: (more)
4/14/2012    26th National Conference on Problem Gambling Registration is Live!

Registration is now live! (more)
6/24/2008    3 more sentenced in Washington Co. gambling ring

(Fort Mills Times - Fort Mill,SC,USA)-PITTSBURGH — Three more western Pennsylvania men have been sentenced to probation for conspiring to run an illegal gambling ring and launder money in...
10/28/2010    400,000 U.S. College Students Gamble Online Every Week

( blog)- Despite US Congress introducing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006 to effectively prohibit online gaming in the country, ...
1/11/2011    60 Minutes "Playing the Odds"

If you're casino bound, remember, the house always has the upper hand, but there are ways to increase your odds of winning. And ways to avoid becoming a "problem gambler."
2/9/2011    60 Minutes on CNBC Tackles Internet Gambling

(Poker News Daily)- Lanni revealed what it would take for internet gambling to become expressly legalized and regulated in the United States: “When an enlightened President ... (more)
12/3/2008    60 Minutes Online Gambling Story Depicts Need for Regulation

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Many were worried that it would lead the public to view online gambling as an evil that should be banned, but the story did not bend that way. ...
11/12/2010    70 per cent of Quebecers gamble: study

( Most Quebecers gamble and tens of thousands are at risk of having a pathological gambling problem, according to a study released Wednesday by a team of....
12/19/2007    888 Launch Gambling Responsibility Web Site

( - USA)-GamCare is the UK's leading authority on problem gambling and the group have launched their own social responsibility web site ...
6/8/2013    A changing view of problem gambling

(Juneau County Star-Times)-Problem gambling has often been described as a “hidden addiction.” It doesn't have the outward signs that are observed with other addictions like alcohol or drugs. It also hasn't received the same attention as those addictive behaviors. With the recent.......
11/19/2010    A decision between career and home

(ESPN)- One of the odd things about this case is the state clinging to this legal fiction that the state of Washington is anti-gambling. The US Supreme Court will ... (more)
3/5/2010    A Device to Prevent Problem Gambling

(Casino Advisor)- The one major concern that is an impediment in the legalization of online gambling is problem gambling. Many legislators are still unwilling to openly ... (more)
3/26/2010    A different kind of March Madness for problem gamblers

(Las Vegas Sun)- “Why don't they at least publish a phone number for people to call if they have gambling problem if they're going to publish those lines?” he said. ...
6/29/2010    A hard habit to break

(Malaysia Star)- When he studied the phenomenon, he realised that the root of the problem was gambling, and decided to focus on gambling.” According to Goh, there are many ...
6/17/2011    A long walk to end a gambling problem

Join the last leg of Michael's walk on June 1, 2011 at the National Conference on Problem Gamlbing! More info: (more)
8/22/2011    A Radical New Definition of Addiction Creates a Big Storm

A sweeping new definition of addiction stakes out controversial positions that many, including the powerful psychiatric lobby, are likely to argue with.
10/30/2007    A spin of the roulette wheel: gambling today

Hoffmann was careful to point out that gambling usually does not negatively affect families unless the activity evolves into "problem gambling. " (more)
8/13/2008    A.C. casinos' gaming revenues in July off 6.6%

(Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA)- Nine of the gambling halls registered revenue decreases, as high as 22.8 percent at the Atlantic City Hilton and as low as 3.8 percent at Caesars. ...
10/8/2010    ACTION ITEM: NCPG's Website Down

NCPG's website ( will be down on October 8, 2010 between the hours of 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM CST  for approximately 10-30 mins for website maintenance. We apologize for any inconveniences. 


National Council on Problem Gambling

8/21/2008    Addiction Or Poor Choice?

(Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA)- Carol O'Hare executive director for the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling and a recovered gambling addict, said pathological (compulsive) gamblers who ...
5/4/2011    Adults bet thousands on youth football

Gambling, criminal influences surround popular South Florida youth football league
9/11/2010    Adviser Charged in $11 Million Fraud

(Wall Street Journal)- "Victims who thought they were investing in the health care industry were instead paying off Venetis' gambling debts and bankrolling her world travel," US ...
10/28/2009    Advocacy Page Update

10/28: The Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act (CPG) continues to gain support. In the House, H.R. 2906 added it’s 17th co-sponsor, Rep. McNerney (D-CA)..... (more)
10/22/2010    Advocate for problem gamblers pushes for federal legislation

( The legislation authorizes federal health agencies to address problem gambling and appropriates $71 million in grants. US Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, ...
7/1/2013    Agency donates to gambling problem helpline

(San Francisco Chronicle) -FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming has donated $2,500 to a telephone assistance line for people who think they may have a problem with gambling. The Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling offers the helpline, which ...
5/29/2012    Agency: Gambling Addiction Plagues Thousands in Valley

1/2/2009    Alabama gov forms task force to probe gambling

(Forbes - NY,USA)- Bob Riley created a task force to investigate gambling operations statewide and picked a veteran antigambling prosecutor to lead it. ...
1/22/2010    Alabama Govenor Speaks on David Barber Gambling resignation

( The embarrassing resignation of the head of the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling in Alabama continued to attract headlines today as ... (more)
7/30/2010    Alabama Governor Riley Accused Of Corruption In Gambling Lawsuit

(Casino Gambling Web)- ... of his Task Force on Illegal Gambling. The suit alleges corruption within the Alabama government. Filed in a Birmingham US District Court on Thursday, ... (more)
12/19/2008    Alabama legislators look at gambling tax

(Forbes - NY,USA)- 3, especially taxes on the growing number of gambling halls featuring electronic bingo. "It's a serious problem that we don't get any state revenue from ...
7/13/2010    Alabama Online Gamblers Take A Night Off For Jimmy Buffett Concert

(Casino Gambling Web)- Online gamblers were included in the crowd, with thousands of bettors taking a break from their computers to listen to the music. The land-based gambling ... (more)
3/1/2010    ALABAMA VOICES: Weigh human costs

(Montgomery Advertiser)- A University of Nebraska study by John Jejkal in 2000 concluded that problem gambling is as much a risk factor for domestic violence as alcohol abuse. ...
3/15/2010    Allen Iverson Should Accept This Crisis as a Gift

Huffington Post (blog)- March 7-13, 2010 is National Problem Gambling Awareness week. The purpose of this campaign is to educate the general public about issues dealing with ... (more)
8/29/2011    America’s Gambling Addiction

1/1/2014    An anti-gambling warrior digs in against NY casino expansion

( The Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems says gambling is becoming too accessible with the legalization of state-licensed video ... See all stories on this topic »
1/16/2009    Analyst: Colorado gambling vote to help Ameristar

(Forbes - NY,USA)- AP , 01.14.09, 11:52 AM EST A vote in Colorado to loosen some gambling restrictions in Black Hawk should benefit Ameristar Casinos Inc. in the latter half ...
12/24/2008    Anderson man jailed for gambling with stolen coins

(San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA)- A Northern California man is in jail for gambling with stolen collector's coins in at least two casinos. Shasta County sheriff's deputies arrested ...
5/18/2010    Andy Rooney and the Gambling Business

(CBS News)- According to an American Gaming Association report, revenue from casino gambling fell by almost two billion dollars last year. ...
9/25/2013    Anti-casino campaign kicks into high gear

(Newsday)- The Institute for American Values, a Manhattan nonprofit that opposes gambling, issued a report several days ago claiming that casinos rely on problem ..
8/8/2007    Anti-casino governor touts industry's Responsible Gaming Week

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Gov. Ernie Fletcher's opposition to legalized casino gambling in Kentucky has been no secret - his re-election campaign has even printed bumper stickers underlining in red his resistance to the idea. (more)
12/19/2008    Anti-gambling coalition warns ‘perfect storm’ gathering for gambling expansion

(Florida Baptist Witness - Jacksonville,FL,USA)- He noted the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling reported in 2002 that the Sunshine State has a higher percentage of problem and pathological gamblers, ...
10/3/2008    Anti-gambling rules need strengthening, says report

(Reuters - USA)- WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A report released Thursday on the NBA's officiating program found no evidence of illegal gambling by any referee other than by Tim ...
7/16/2008    Anti-slots groups vow not to accept gambling contributions

(Annapolis Capital - Annapolis,MD,USA)- By LIAM FARRELL, Staff Writer Two high-profile anti-slot machine groups have pledged not to accept contributions from gambling interests and are urging...
12/19/2008    Anurag Dikshit Smiles While Paying $300 Million Fine: 3 Stories from Wednesday's NY Post

( - Boston,MA,USA)- A billionaire computer expert sported a bizarre grin as he pleaded guilty yesterday to running an illegal online gambling parlor - and agreed to forfeit ...
10/13/2010    AP Interview: Ex-Alabama governor not surprised by new gambling charges, recalls past problems

( John Patterson, whose father was gunned down while trying to clean up illegal gambling in Phenix City in 1954, says he's not surprised to see 11 people, ...
3/17/2011    Appreciation: G. Alan Marlatt Brought Compassion to Addiction Treatment

(The Healthland)-Many people claim to be pioneers in addiction treatment, but few have left a more important legacy than G. Alan Marlatt, professor of psychology at University of Washington, who died of melanoma on March 14, at age 69...........
3/26/2010    Are You Investing Or Gambling?

(San Francisco Chronicle)- ... fact acting on gambling impulses. And yet discovering of what drives us to take certain actions can create change within us as the underlying motivators ...
8/27/2007    Area business briefs: E-mail help for gambling problems

The expanded service of the state's help line was announced Thursday by the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling. Sue Self, help line manager at Life ...
8/24/2009    Arkansas’ Lone Gambling Counselor Waiting For Phone To Ring

(The Morning News)- Until an Arkansas program is in place, Passailaigue has said the hotline number of the National Council on Problem Gambling in Washington will be posted ...
8/20/2013    As gaming facilities spread, so do efforts to help problem gamblers Read more: http://www.lowellsu

(The Sun)- "Leominster is a small city with a big-league gambling problem," he warned the ... Gaming Commission's new director of research and problem gambling, Mark ...
1/1/2014    As online gambling climbs in New Jersey, experts say it may increase addiction rates

( Research shows that increased access to opportunities to gamble increases the rate of problem gamblers, said Donald Weinbaum, executive director
2/19/2008    ATP: Galimberti bets included wagers on own matches

(ESPN - USA)- The four Italian players are the only ones to receive suspensions and fines under the ATP's regulations against gambling. "I have no idea," Galimberti said...
1/11/2008    Audit faults Lottery for handling of gambler helpline

(Daily Mail - Charleston - Charleston,WV,USA)- But auditors note that the Help Network is confidential and deals with all forms of gambling. The findings echo complaints by Mia Moran-Cooper,...
9/7/2007    Audit: Georgia gambling helpline is underfunded

Keith White, a Georgia native who is the executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, says it's not enough money to do what should be ...
10/30/2008    Australia Helping Problem Gambling With New Laws

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- The Australian government is getting more involved in helping problem gamblers through new laws they are introducing in the NSW parliament today. ...
10/26/2007    Author Amy Blackmarr talks about struggles with gambling addiction

"The need for a study to look at the impact of new types of gambling on problem gambling prevalence rates is sorely overdue," said Rachel Volberg, ...
10/19/2013    B.C.’s problem gamblers double, report says

(Victoria Times Colonist)- An explosion of electronic and Internet gambling has doubled the number of problem gamblers in B.C. and needs to be addressed with more treatment and ...
8/20/2007    Back home, Donaghy says he's 'very sorry'

The 13-year NBA veteran, who resigned last month after his name surfaced in an FBI probe, has blamed a severe gambling problem and depression for his ...
4/8/2010    Balser: No to slot machines

(Newton TAB)- To me, this debate is about gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is a serious disorder with profound consequences. Compulsive gamblers will gamble until ...
7/16/2008    Baltimore Orioles scout Alan Marr fired as part of sports betting probe

(Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA)- MLB was asked for assistance in the gambling inquiry about six months ago by the New York Police Department, a person with knowledge of the investigation...
7/16/2010    Bank of America Online Glitch Causes Panic Among Gamblers

(allvoices)- On June 1st, a new US law went into effect called The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (or UIGEA). The UIGEA is the Internet gambling provision ...
8/20/2007    Bank vault looters driven by lottery fever

Fearful of the threat to its power and legitimacy, the central government in Beijing has campaigned against illegal gambling, shutting thousands of ... (more)
11/20/2009    Bankrupt Magna in Dispute Over Pimlico Track Gambling Rights

(Bloomberg)- Magna Entertainment Corp., the bankrupt horse-track owner, is locked in a dispute over gambling rights at its Pimlico Race Course, ...
12/31/2010    Barber Shop Gambling Bust Displays Need For Regulations In US

(Casino Gambling Web)- Law enforcement officials across the US have been busy for the past several years seeking out and raiding illegal gambling operations. ... (more)
4/16/2008    Barney Frank, Ron Paul Work to Block Online Gambling Prohibitions

( - Miami,FL,USA)- Part of the problem is that the UIGEA allows for some forms of Internet gambling such as horse racing. Likewise, there is some debate as to whether online...
4/12/2010    Barneys Bill - Difficulties in enforcement of the UIGEA on the agenda

( 4/11/10 - The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, an advocacy group pressing for the legalisation and licensing of online gambling in the United ... (more)
10/15/2012    BCLC hosts first annual New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference
January 28-30, 2013

Get early Bird rates until October 30, 2012! More info at
4/22/2013    Be aware of problems with gambling

(Gloversville Leader-Herald)- Our nation has embraced gambling. A recent national study estimated that nearly 70 percent of Americans ages 14 to 19 gambled in the past year. Adults and teens gamble to have fun and win money. There are many people who will not be able to control ...
9/25/2010    Best to Avoid Gambling Altogether, Says Expert

(Christian Post)- “The problem of gambling is more serious than the drug and alcohol problem combined, because it affects many areas of the gambler's life, family life and ...
4/19/2010    Bet at your peril

(Herald Sun)- THE AFL has backed confessed gambling addict Brendan Fevola's claims he did not bet on AFL football, but warned it was as vigilant as ever. ...
3/15/2014    Bet on it: If you can’t control your gambling, you have a problem

( - March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, but with an ever-growing Mega Millions jackpot reaching $353 million, more people are ...
10/8/2010    Betfair IPO Shows How Big A Business Online Gambling Really Is

(Casino Gambling Web)-The estimated $2.3 billion from the Betfair IPO is evidence enough that the world already has a gambling problem, and there is nothing the US government can ... (more)
9/14/2007    Betting Their Lives

"Youth are always risk takers," says Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling. "But what may be happening is that people ...
10/5/2010    Biddeford Holds Public Forum On Proposed Racino

(WMTW Portland)- "Who is going to pay for the counseling for those people who become addicted to gambling?" he said. "We know there are going to be some people right out of ..
1/29/2008    BIG BUCKS Super Bowl dreams lure gambling addicts

(Central Maine Morning Sentinel - Augusta,ME,USA)- Lee Thompson, president of the Maine Council on Problem Gambling, doesn't know how many Maine dollars will be wagered on Super Bowl Sunday....
1/19/2011    Big Mac Ingredients Not Important To Gamblers At US Casinos

(Casino Gambling Web)- While thousands of viewers scurried to the Internet to check the answer to the question, gamblers in casinos around the US continued with business as usual. ... (more)
8/5/2008    Bill HR 6663 Would Clarify Online Gambling Laws in the US

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- The current language of the UIGEA states that banks must stop allowing transactions to illegal Internet gambling sites. However, it does not define what ...
1/4/2010    Bill Johnson: Let voters decide on gambling

(Montgomery Advertiser)- In addressing gambling addictions, it is interesting to note that The National Council on Problem Gambling cites 86 percent of Americans have gambled in ...
1/27/2012    Bill would allow gambling on homestead land

5/14/2009    Bill would legalize online gambling

(eSchool News (subscription) - Bethesda,MD,USA)- Problem gambling among college students reportedly is more than double that of the general population, with an estimated 3 percent to 4 percent of college...
2/12/2008    Billboard designs sought for problem gambling awareness

(Huntington Herald Dispatch - Huntington,WV,USA)- HUNTINGTON -- West Virginia middle and high school students are invited to submit designs for a billboard contest recognizing National Problem Gambling...
5/4/2011    Blow whistle on addiction

11/8/2010    Border Agents Seize Gambling Winnings From US Citizen

(Casino Gambling Web)- Although the cash is temporarily lost, there is a strong chance that the man, who later admitted that he won the money gambling legally in the casino, ... (more)
4/29/2013    Branstad vetoes problem gambling law

(Sioux City Journal)- Terry Branstad believes that problem gamblers, who voluntarily excluded themselves from gaming establishments for life, shouldn't get a chance to return to the casino in five years. On Friday, Branstad vetoed Senate File 204, which allowed people who ...
9/18/2007    Britains Gambling Addiction Rising To Record Numbers

If the numbers are to be believed, then that means that nearly 800000 people have a gambling problem. The numbers are also up in people who are seeking help ... (more)
6/19/2012    Bucks to launch compulsive gambling program for seniors

5/24/2010    Budget gaps lead states to gambling

(BP News)- Voters in the state had rejected gambling repeatedly in the past, the newspaper said. "Prior to the Great Depression, the US had a near-total ban on ...
5/15/2010    Butler says Foxwoods not pushing for lower gambling age

( A day earlier, Butler told The Hartford Courant the state should consider lowering its legal gambling age from 21 to perhaps 18 and allowing alcohol sales ...
11/4/2010    California Gamblers Get Help

(Signal-Blog)- The UCLA Gambling Studies Program is now partnering with the Dept of Alcohol and Drug Program's Office of Problem Gambling. They are offering a program ...
6/2/2010    California Moves To Regulate Online Poker As UIGEA Takes Effect

(Casino Gambling Web)- California has led the way into the gambling revolution taking place in the US over the past decade. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a driving force ... (more)
8/10/2010    California Rep. Becomes Seventieth Online Gambling Bill Co-Sponsor

(Casino Gambling Web)- The past couple of weeks have been good for online gamblers in the US. First, Rep. Frank held a hearing on HR 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, ... (more)
1/23/2013    Calls for help with problem gambling rising

(Calls for help with problem gambling rising)- Superior Telegram A poor economy often results in more problem gambling, but Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling executive director Rose Gruber says increased accessibility to gambling also contributes. “No matter where you go you can gamble,” she said. “You can ...
1/14/2014    Calls to gambling hotline decline

(WHBY)- Rose Gruber of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling says the number of calls to their hotline was down about 500, or 3.7 percent. She says ...
3/5/2012    Campaign aims to raise awareness of problem gambling

11/12/2009    Can you count on having Cada's poker success? Don't bet on it

(Detroit Free Press)- “Among male students, it's up to 22% admitting it's a problem.” According to the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling, the first sign of trouble is when ...
6/6/2008    Canadian firm to pay $9.1 million in NY Internet gambling case

(The Canadian Press - NEW YORK)- NEW YORK — A Canadian company has agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve charges that it facilitated illegal Internet gambling by processing payments for US...
9/14/2009    Capitol Hill Briefing on Gambling Addiction: H.R. 2906 UPDATE

2/12/2011    Casino Control? Or Responsibility in Gaming? NJ is at a crossroads...... (press release)- Yet each year, many of them are fined for allowing minors, self-excluded problem gamblers and other prohibited persons to enter the floors and gamble. ... (more)
2/12/2008    Casino critics worry about compulsive gambling

(Chambersburg Public Opinion - Chambersburg,PA,USA)- Anyone who wants to participate can get an application form by visiting the Gaming Control Board Web site's compulsive gambling page,...
11/4/2009    Casino gambling brings extensive social problems

(Toledo Blade)- The report stated that "These costs derive from a number of social and personal problems that correlate with problem gambling, including crime, ...
7/8/2008    Casino Gambling In Limbo

(WOKV - Jacksonville,FL,USA)- Attorney Barry Richard, who represents the Seminole Tribe, says only the federal government can stop the gambling right now. "Besides the fact that there's...
2/10/2012    Casino gambling revenue shows uptick nationally

12/15/2007    Casino gambling: the saga continues...

(The Republican - - Springfield,MA,USA)-Problem gambling and the overall personal effects of gambling, as Lanza suggests, are difficult to evaluate. According to Lanza's article, the National ...
12/27/2007    Casino Growth in Asia Brings Worries About Gambling Addiction

(Voice of America - USA)-In addition, many people in Asia may be too ashamed to reveal they have a gambling problem. Tse says it is hard to make exact predictions, but it is very...
10/23/2013    Casino opponents smash slot machine to protest potential gambling expansion

(Image above: Former New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia smashing slot machines in the 1930s. LaGuardia was against gambling and saw it as a way to hurt poor and working class New Yorkers.)

(Legislative Gazette)- "Around every problem gambler there are 17 people around the problem gambler and he or she is pulling on them for money all the time and creating loss of ...

2/3/2011    Casino Proximity a Factor in Addictive Compulsive Gambling

(Personal Finance Bulletin)- Nationally 1% of the population or 3 million US Adults meet the criteria for pathological gambler. An additional 2 to 3% are problem gamblers meeting one or . (more)
10/19/2013    Casino supporters fail to sway a skeptical audience

(Elmira Star-Gazette)- Critics spent their time refuting the predicted financial boost to the economy and warning that adding casinos would take advantage of problem gamblers.
10/1/2010    Casinos and Common Sense

(Southeast Missourian)- Those of us who have money only face a 90% chance!Only 90%! Problem and pathological gamblers comprise a sharply disproportionate share of gambling losses, ...
6/24/2008    Casinos and their community

( - KS,USA)- He watched gambling explode into a $1.2 billion industry across the delta. He knows about the three companies bidding for a Sumner County casino....
10/2/2007    Casinos back programs to treat teens

Studies have shown that the younger someone starts gambling, the easier it is to get addicted, said Rick Pyper, director of the Arizona Office of Problem ...
10/14/2008    Casinos blundered on Prop. A

(Kansas City Star - MO,USA)- There was a big problem however. At the time there were no such districts in Missouri, although a state law did anticipate them. Anti-gambling critics’ ...
3/16/2010    Casinos given poor grade in new poll results

( Policymakers should find such public-opinion data valuable, said Marvin Steinberg, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling. ...
11/8/2011    Casinos in Georgia worth the risk?

3/26/2013    Catch-22: Problem Gambling Funds Tied to Casino Profits

(WGBH NEWS) - Joan lived alone in a suburb of Boston and didn't tell her family about her gambling. But soon she ran out of money. “I would take cash advances on my credit cards,” she said. “I didn't pay my rent or my bills. And then when it became a problem where I ...
10/3/2008    Charitable gambling industry down on its luck -- wants state to reduce taxes

(Farmington Independent - Farmington,MN,USA)- A year after a statewide smoking ban went into effect, charitable gambling operations in Minnesota aren’t feeling so lucky. “The wonderful world of gambling ...
1/24/2009    Charitable gambling organizations hit hard

(Coon Rapids Herald - Coon Rapids,MN,USA)- ... humanitarian, community arts and programs that help problem gamblers. Minnesota Gambling Board Executive Director Tom Barrett said the smoking ban and ...
3/19/2010    Chelsea's Abramovich Wins Gambling Slur Damages

(New York Times)- ... of London club Chelsea, won a public apology and substantial libel damages Thursday over false newspaper claims that he had a serious gambling problem. ...
3/12/2010    Children gambling? The earlier it starts, the more serious the problems in later life

(Access Washington)- In a prevalence study conducted by the Washington Council on Problem Gambling in 1998, 8.4 percent of youth were found at risk for developing a gambling ... (more)
5/20/2011    Children who gamble point finger at betting behavior of parents

9/17/2008    Chinatown worries about its problem gamblers

(Philadelphia Metro - Philadelphia,PA,USA)- Research this year from UCLA shows that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders were five times more likely to be problem gamblers than whites. ...
12/30/2009    Christmas and gamblers

(Richmond Register)- There have been few, if any, moves by states to monitor problem gambling by lottery customers. Legalized casinos, which have several games of skill and ...
3/22/2011    Church: Superior Diocese vicar general stole funds to fuel gambling addiction

12/24/2008    City that was 'wide open' in a past era weighs gambling as path to Ike recovery

(Houston Chronicle - United States)- The only problem is that the city charter has a provision prohibiting a vote on casino gambling until the Legislature makes it legal. ...
12/15/2007    Close pal of gov indicted

(Chicago Sun Times, IL)-Christopher G. Kelly, once the governor's go-to guy on state gaming issues, gained a ton of experience with gambling -- firsthand. He wagered millions of dollars with bookies and at Vegas casinos, federal prosecutors say. But paying his gambling debts legally? Not so good, the feds say.....
2/1/2013    Coalition on Problem Gambling to hold workshop on gambling-related suicides Read more here: http://

( The Kansas Coalition on Problem Gambling will hold a workshop on gambling-related suicides on Feb. 6 at the American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter, 1900 E. Douglas, in Wichita. The workshop, to be held from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., will include a ...
4/7/2008    College campuses rife with student gambling

(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA)- Males reporting weekly gambling and at least one symptom of problem gambling dropped from 20.4 percent in 2006 to 5.9 percent in 2007....
10/3/2008    College Student Gambling; It's Not Just a Game

(PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA)- The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) is pleased to announce the release of its latest prevalence study, Gambling and Problem Gambling ...
8/27/2010    Colleges Find Concerns In Student Grade Betting

( Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, said he is concerned about Ultrinsic's impact on students who already are at ... (more)
10/23/2007    Colleges Helping Problem Gambling Students Through Various Programs

Gambling is like a drug, once a person becomes involved or tries it once, the chances are good that it could become a problem, and now colleges around the ... (more)
10/5/2009    Colleges Often Turn a Blind Eye to Student Gambling Problems

(New York Times)- ... is a problem and is happening.” Ms. Wanner directs Keeping The Score, a three-year-old gambling prevention program at 13 state universities in Missouri. ...
3/25/2009    Colorado Casino Gambling Down Even With Bad Economy

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- There is a strong sentiment around the country that economic hard times brings more problem gambling. Experts will claim that people try and get financial ... (more)
1/24/2009    Colorado casino-gambling revenue down 12% in 2008

( - Charlotte,NC,USA)- Gambling revenue is calculated by the division as adjusted gross proceeds (AGP), which is the amount wagered by bettors less payouts by casinos. ...
5/1/2012    Combat veterans fall prey to gambling addictions at an alarming rate.

The two soldiers have never met, but the similarities between them go deeper than their parallel career-to-crime trajectories.
8/29/2008    Combating the Hidden Addiction

(Pacific Citizen - Los Angeles,CA,USA)- Eugene Lee, program associate for the National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse, is currently working on a problem gambling ...
9/18/2012    Come out and support the Washington, D.C. screening of “Paulina”

The story focuses on Paulina, a 17 year old girl living in the Cambodian gambling community who struggles with her father and the realities of addiction. We invite you to join us in highlighting this important topic. (more)
4/21/2010    Comments on Proposed DSM-5 Gambling Criteria by NCPG

NCPG comments on proposed DSM-5 Gambling Criteria
6/16/2008    Commission approves keno to electronic gambling at racetracks

(Arkansas Democrat Gazette - AR,USA)- AP The Arkansas Racing Commission on Thursday approved the addition of keno to the electronic gambling games that can be run at Southland Gaming and Racing...
5/30/2013    Commission hires problem gambling expert

(Boston Herald)- The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has picked the head of the Iowa Office of Problem Gambling as the new director of research and problem gambling, commission officials announced yesterday. Mark Vander Linden, executive officer at the Iowa ...
6/17/2009    Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act Introduced in Congress

First-Ever Federal Support for Programs to Prevent and Treat Problem Gambling!!!
5/26/2010    Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act of 2010

3/10/2008    Compulsive gambler chases $20M longshot suit against casinos...

(Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck - Bismarck,ND,USA)- She claims they had a duty to notice her compulsive gambling problem and cut her off. Experts say her case will be difficult to prove. She says gambling...
3/31/2008    Compulsive gamblers don't learn from mistakes

(Washington Post - United States)- This suggests that compulsive gamblers have differences in an area of the brain called the prefrontal region, which is involved in problem-solving....
11/12/2009    Compulsive gamblers’ treatment funds halved

(Boston Herald)- “If the state can't take care of problem gamblers now, why would I think we could take care of them in the future?” Scanlan asked. ...
12/27/2007    Compulsive Gambling Certification Training offered

(Evening Observer - Dunkirk,NY,USA)-This course also is available to those seeking credentialing in the gambling treatment field. With problem gambling becoming more prevalent due to the...
5/13/2013    Compulsive gambling funds off pace of new casinos

(Anchorage Daily News)-Keith Whyte, executive director, of the National Council on Problem Gambling, said prevention and education programs have succeeded in reducing problem ...
5/7/2013    Compulsive gambling funds off pace of new casinos

(Auburn Citizen)- Once an Ohio lawyer, Leksan lost his job and marriage because of gambling, specifically blackjack. He had been gambling for years, he said, but did not become a problem gambler until he became hooked on riverboat casinos in nearby Indiana. "I think the ...
5/5/2011    Compulsive gambling programs slashed in budget

Legislators cut compulsive gambling funds in half as they study bringing casinos to Florida.
10/2/2007    Compulsive Gambling, Government

The only thing state government might do about gambling now is to bestow more money on the social service groups that minister to problem gamblers. ...
2/12/2011    Concern for addicted gamblers

(WZZM)- "It can create an opportunity for people to become problem gamblers," says Noah Menery. As a Counselor with Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, ...
2/3/2009    Concerns remain as racino turns 5

(Schenectady Gazette - Schenectady,NY,USA)- SARATOGA SPRINGS — The problem gambling hot line used to get about two dozen calls a year from Saratoga County residents. Then the Saratoga harness track ...
7/5/2012    Conference Details and Reminders

4/12/2013    Conference Registration Now Open!

brochure and lots of additional information, including online registration, is available on......... (more)
3/1/2013    Conference Thursday to focus on problem gambling

(Morning Sentinel)- She said the state's two casinos -- Hollywood Casino in Bangor and Oxford Casino in Oxford -- are supportive of the effort to prevent problem gambling. Under the law governing the casinos, some of the money the operations pay in taxes goes to SAMHS to ..
9/18/2010    Confessions of a gambling addict

(Missoula Independent)- I found a study that contends 50 percent of casino profits come from us addicts, and that in the 1990s gambling interests hired Republican pollster Frank ... (more)
12/21/2010    Congress Set to Fail Online Poker Players

( As yet another congressional session is set to end without an online gambling legalization bill passed, it appears that professional Internet gamblers will ...
8/14/2007    Congressmen State Their Case for Legalizing Internet Gambling

... UIGEA and to implement a sound policy that not only legalizes Internet gambling, but does so with safeguards to protect problem and underage gamblers, ... (more)
1/31/2014    Conn. lawmaker calls for gambling parlor crackdown

(Businessweek) - Mary Drexler, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, said the gambling parlors are becoming a problem in the state.
9/30/2013    Conn. lawmakers pitch expansion of video gambling

(Waterbury Republican American)- Mary Drexler, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, said the council is worried about the potential to expose minors to gambling.
9/16/2013    Conn. lawmakers push expansion of video gambling

(Wall Street Journal)- Some Connecticut lawmakers are calling for an expansion of video gambling in ... Mary Drexler of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling says it is ...
6/1/2009    Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling opposes Rell’s keno proposal

(Norwich Bulletin - Norwich,CT,USA)- Most problem gamblers are found in the group of heavy recreational gamblers. This results in exacerbating a problem for those already suffering from this ...
12/20/2011    Connecticut Lottery: Gambling is Not Child’s Play

Connecticut Lottery Corp. reminds us to make sure not to encourage youth gambling and practice responsible gift-giving. (more)
12/13/2010    Conservatives Warn Against Online Gambling Bill

(Christian Post)- John Kindt, University of Illinois Business Professor and author of the US International Gambling Report Series, also maintains that allowing online gaming ...
1/22/2014    Contribute to gambling research and get a rewarded!

Do you gamble, or did you once gamble? If so, please take this survey on gambling and feelings. Get rewarded for contributing to research that will improve treatments for Gambling Disorder.

Click here to take survey

4/18/2013    Controls are needed to prevent a generation of problem gamblers Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes

(Brisbane Times)- Some people argue that we don't face a real gambling problem and this is simply another moral panic. The statistics don't back that up. Turnover from online betting, of which sports betting is a major component, has risen from $2.4 billion in 2007 to .......
2/18/2011    Coolican: Severing lifeline for gambling addicts would be a shame

(Las Vegas Sun)- Oregon spends $6 million per year on problem gambling. Iowa spends 2 1/2 times per capita what we do. Iowa. What's particularly absurd about this state of affairs is that spending money on these treatment programs likely saves us money in the long run.....
9/20/2013    Coroner's figures link suicides to problem gambling

(ABC Local)- A Melbourne woman who lost her sister to a gambling addiction in Ballarat last year hopes a recent coronial report into problem gambling will ignite discussion ...
12/19/2007    Could indictment sink gambling plan?

(Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA)- Rod Blagojevich's gambling point man now accused of placing millions of dollars in illegal bets and breaking the law to cover it up, state lawmakers face ...
9/12/2011    Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey Recognizes World Suicide Prevention Day

3/3/2008    Council on Problem Gambling to hold conference in Green Bay

(Green Bay Press Gazette - Green Bay,WI,USA)- By Jonathan Gracer Women and older residents are among the targets of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling's 10th annual statewide conference next... (more)
1/19/2011    Councilwoman pushes stricter Internet cafe rules

(Daytona Beach News-Journal)- By ANDREW GANT, Staff writer A neighboring county's outright ban on "gambling-like establishments" has Volusia County officials weighing their own ...
6/11/2013    Counselling services for gamblers bolstered

(ABC Local)- Financial counselling services for problem gamblers in the central and far west regions have been bolstered with additional funding from the federal government. 50 new specialist counsellors across Australia have been announced as part of the $22 ...
2/19/2013    Counselors for gambling addictions voice concern about funding for problem

( -Sam Brownback's 2014 budget appears to entirely eliminate funds to treat problem gambling, Stephenie Roberts, a Kansas certified gambling counselor and member of the South Central Problem Gambling Task Force, told commissioners during a meeting in ...
1/29/2008    Counselors offer gambling program

(Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA)- Perspectives Counseling Services LLC, 380 E. Fort Lowell Road, Suite 122, has opened an intensive outpatient program for problem gambling....
3/18/2013    Counselors zero in on problem gambling among elderly

(Appleton Post Crescent)- “The problem they have is that it's often engrained in their social life, so they don't want to give it up,” said Pat Jirovetz, a psychotherapist from Oshkosh. Jirovetz was among 16 presenters at the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling's 14th annual ...
8/10/2011    County bets on problem gambling program

8/17/2007    County to offer treatment to help addicted gamblers

The Santa Ysabel band, which opened a small casino overlooking Lake Henshaw this spring, agreed to give the county $300000 a year for the problem-gambling ... (more)
5/9/2011    Couples who Lie about Money are Committing Financial Infidelity

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, PhD, author of Financial Infidelity (Making Money Sexy), warns couples that gambling can turn into financial infidelity where couples "cheat' on one another by lying about spending. Many couples have ended up in financial ruin before a partner finds out. Dr. Bonnie urges couples to engage in Smart Heart Dialogue, and heed the warning signs of this bio-chemical craving for connection. "Gambling addiction is a self medicating, stress busting and thrill seeking high, just like all other addictions," warns Weil. (more)
5/13/2008    Crackdown on electronic bingo begins

(San Diego Union Tribune - United States)- The unannounced move this week by the Bureau of Gambling Control could have broad reverberations. At the state Capitol, it could avert a high-stakes legal...
5/7/2013    Credit Cards and Gambling Addiction (press release)- DIR. of New Jersey's Council On Compulsive Gambling and himself a recovered problem gambler. "Now you have Internet gambling and you wake up in the middle of the night and in your birthday suit, you can blow a lot of money. I know one guy who lost ...
9/13/2013    Critics say NY ballot measure puts rosy spin on casinos; promises lower taxes, more jobs

(The Republic)- ... eyebrows among good-government advocates and those opposed to gambling. ... or the rise in problem gambling that can shatter families and increase crime.
1/31/2011    Critics: Game exposes kids to gambling

( Angry Iowans are complaining about children being exposed to the Iowa Lottery's new TouchPlay gambling machines, even if kids aren't being caught illegally ...
3/4/2011    Crossing the Line with Sports Gambling

11/24/2013    Cuomo Signs Cymbrowitz Bill To Curb Gambling Addiction At Casinos

(Sheepshead Bites)- Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn), Chairman of the Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, commended Governor Cuomo for signing into law ..
10/1/2010    D’Amico, Howitt land on different sides of casino gambling issue

( According to the National Gambling Impact Study commissioned by Congress, we would likely double the number of problem gamblers here - 140000 new victims. ...
7/10/2010    Dade County Restaurant Raided For Illegal Gambling Activity

(Casino Gambling Web)- The gambling raids around the US continued on Tuesday when a restaurant in Dade County, Tennessee, was raided and the owner arrested on charges of running ... (more)
1/15/2008    Dangerous addictions

(The Sydney Morning Herald)...Now, the Star City Casino at Pyrmont is seeking approval from City of Sydney Council to develop the largest such outdoor area in the state, at a cost of $3.9 million, and install 130 poker machines there.
1/11/2008    Dave Zweifel: We should have kept the gambling door closed

(The Capital Times - Madison,WI,USA)- That these higher-stakes scratch-off cards might lead to yet more problem gambling, especially among those who can least afford it, has not been lost on...
4/19/2010    David Stern Told SI Legalized gambling on the NBA May be a huge opportunity (press release)- It is time for college and professional sports to outline and execute a real program to help players who might have a gambling problem or gambling addiction ...
2/26/2008    Dealing With A Gambling Problem

(EVLiving - USA)- (NAPSI) - People with a gambling problem can find help regardless of how long they have been gambling or how many financial or legal problems their...
8/16/2010    Debate Begins Over Student Grade Gambling Website

(Casino Gambling Web)- To the officials, it appears as though the site is only for gambling purposes, but the operators of the site disagree. "It gives them (students) something ... (more)
2/11/2014    Declaring Bankruptcy: Is it Right for You?

(KOLO)- At the Reno Problem Gambling Center, Mark Johnson recalls the time his gambling addiction destroy his finances. "I had so many credit cards in my ...
8/29/2013    Delaware casinos' online gambling will be run through Facebook

(The News Journal)- New Jersey is close behind Delaware in implementing its online gambling law, ... A link to the state's Council on Problem Gambling will also appear on the portal ...
5/4/2010    Delaware Loses Sports Gambling Appeal In US Supreme Court

(Casino Gambling Web)- Sports leagues are growing weary of the gambling expansion that is taking place in the US. For years, the NFL has refuted the idea that betting drives their ... (more)
12/6/2010    Detectives shut down alleged Clearwater gambling operation

( 3 around 5 pm at Rio Arcade at 19042 US 19 N. Clearwater detectives began investigating the business after receiving complaints of illegal gambling activity ...
1/7/2008    Dice Game Goes Sour, Man Arrested For Illegal Gambling

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Underground gambling happens all across the United States. People play house card games. Dice is also popular on the streets. the problem with this form of... (more)
5/20/2013    Digital gambling could turn teens into problem gamblers, says study

(The Australian)- Researcher Daniel King said not all teens who played would become problem gamblers but early exposure could accelerate the risk. "For a vulnerable segment of the youth population there's a risk that these could accelerate their gambling career or at ...
2/26/2008    DiMasi says he didn't golf with Trump to avoid appearance problem

(Boston Globe - United States)- Patrick has cast casino gambling it as a way to capture some of the estimated $1.1 billion in annual gaming revenues lost to neighboring Connecticut and... (more)
8/21/2008    DiMasi: No dice on casinos

(Boston Herald - United States)- While acknowledging the appeal of expanded gambling as the state grapples with a major budget mess, DiMasi repeated his long-standing opposition to opening ...
4/8/2013    Distorted Thinking in Gambling Addiction: What Are the Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms?

Science Daily (press release)- The tests showed that problem gamblers had increased impulsivity, similar to people with alcohol and drug addictions, but there was less evidence of compulsivity. Levels of dopamine -- a neurotransmitter involved in signalling between nerve cells and ... (more)
9/4/2010    Do benefits outweigh the social costs of casinos?

(Christian Science Monitor)- Problem gamblers probably cause even more financial devastation than alcoholics, Mr. Whyte suspects. As gambling has become more pervasive in the US, ...
9/25/2008    Does Sex Education Save Youth from Gambling?

(Online Casino Reports - USA)- "The Prevalence of Problem Gambling Among US Adolescents and Young Adults: Results From a National Survey," which was released in 2007, randomly surveyed ...
6/25/2013    Does Tennis Have a Gambling Problem?

(Sports On Earth)- If you don't follow tennis, you probably missed it. If you do follow the sport, you still probably missed it. Two weeks ago, the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, published an unsettling report in which a veteran sports corruption investigator claimed ...
4/2/2010    Does your teen have a gambling problem?

Many parents go to great lengths to protect their teens from destructive behavior. They talk to them about the consequences of smoking, drinking and taking drugs. They warn them about pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. But how many parents talk to their children about the dangers of gambling?
3/26/2008    Don't fold on Internet gambling ban

(Christian Science Monitor - Boston,MA,USA)- And the privacy of Internet gambling provides a particular problem for this vulnerable group. Last November, the National Association of Attorneys General ...
3/25/2009    Don't Go Mad With Gambling In March

(Nebraska - Lincoln,NE,USA)- For other people and their families, gambling becomes a serious problem and many forms of gambling are illegal, such as sports betting. ...
6/16/2008    Don't let gambling become a life crisis

(The Desert Sun - Palm Springs,CA,USA)- The 22nd National Conference on Problem Gambling will be held June 26-28 in Long Beach, the first time it will be held in California....
12/11/2013    Don’t take a chance on holiday gifts for kids

The National Council on Problem Gambling and McGill University team up with lotteries around the world to discourage giving lottery products to underage children (more)
3/11/2014    Drug addiction, gambling habits often at core of embezzlement cases Read more here: http://www.sunh

6/6/2008    Drug found helpful in problem gamblers

(Reuters - USA)- NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a study of pathological gamblers, the urge to gamble and gambling-related behaviors diminished among those who took...
8/27/2007    Drunk driver sentenced to five years in prison

Lynn Albrecht has no memory of spending six hours at the Mohawk Raceway Casino, gambling and drinking, then driving away about 3 am on June 2, 2005. ...
6/8/2011    Due to budget cuts, gambling addicts lost help they needed

8/22/2007    Duffer case shows damage problem gambling can cause

Pathological gambling is a treatable mental illness and addictive disorder. Pathological and problem gambling first was recognized by the American ...
11/4/2009    Eastern CT towns top list of problem gamblers

(Hartford Courant)- A new report says Norwich and New London have a higher percentage of problem gamblers who called the state Helpline than would be expected based on their ...
4/7/2008    eCOGRA, GamCare: Responsibility Is No Gamble

(Online Casino Reports - USA)- The registered charity helps anyone, any individual gambler, to overcome a gambling problem. It is easily accessible and widely available for support... (more)
3/17/2009    Economic Crisis Not Causing Problem Gambling

(Online Casino Advisory - Vancouver,Canada)- The chairman of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, Jeff Beck, said the flux of people enrolled as problem gamblers nationwide in the US has remained ... (more)
10/30/2008    Economy deals bad hand to Indiana casinos

(Indianapolis Star - United States)- "The problem today is there is no shortage of gambling," Hicks said. Gamblers may also be less likely to risk large amounts of money on slot machines or ...
8/27/2007    Editorial: Gambling addicts

If Grandpa is gambling away his pension, a son can't sign him up. The problem has to be severe enough that you have to sign up yourself. ...
9/21/2010    Edmonton Students May Soon Suffer After Anti-Gambling Edict

(Casino Gambling Web)- All across the world, casino gambling is being used as a source of revenue for education systems. In the US, lottery and casino gambling revenue goes .. (more)
5/14/2009    Elgin man sentenced to 4 years on gambling conviction

(Chicago Tribune - United States)- An Elgin man who already has served three prison stints for gambling convictions was sentenced Tuesday to a 4-year prison term for running high-stakes ...
4/21/2011    Embezzler sent to prison

Woman stole $400K in 6 years (more)
3/19/2010    Employee accused of stealing $111,000

(Dubuque Telegraph Herald)- She said people who need assistance with problem gambling can sign up for the self exclusion program available at both casinos. ...
8/26/2010    Entertainment or addiction? Gambling a growing problem

(Wallowa County Chieftain (subscription)- Legal gambling revenue in the US (the amount gamblers lost) grew to $100 billion last year, not including sports, poker or Internet gambling. ...
12/6/2010    EU Could Have A Problem With New US Online Gambling Regulations

(Casino Gambling Web)- The legislation that Reid is backing would allow US states to regulate and tax Internet gambling, but would prevent foreign companies from offering their ... (more)
11/15/2008    Even in Macao, a Gambling Mecca, Signs of a Slowdown

(New York Times - United States)- By BETTINA WASSENER HONG KONG — Macao, the former Portuguese colony on the coast of southern China, has all it takes to compete with the gambling capitals ...
3/26/2013    Ex-AFL player joins problem gambling fight

(Yahoo!7 News)- Former AFL player Daniel Ward says gambling was like a drug that consumed his whole life as he urged other problem gamblers to seek help. The former addict and Melbourne Demons player says he would go to bed swearing he wouldn't gamble, only to ...
3/25/2009    Ex-bowling official: ‘I had a gambling problem’

(Utica Observer Dispatch - Utica,NY,USA)- Donahue replied, “I had a gambling problem, I don't know what else to say.” Donahue knew what he was doing was wrong, Dwyer said, yet he just kept gambling ...
8/22/2011    Ex-financial adviser in E. Hanover gets 6 years for taking $1.9M

8/10/2010    Ex-firefighter linked to firehouse betting ring

(San Francisco Chronicle)- State Department of Justice agents surveilled the suspects and determined that Cooper, Kristovich and Kirkpatrick acted as "bagmen" for the gambling ... (more)
9/11/2007    Ex-judge gets 5 years for probation violation

Mirretti's first problem with gambling came when he lost his graduation money in a poker game at age 16. A psychiatrist diagnosed him in 1994 as a ...
12/11/2008    Ex-judge joins problem-gambling panel

(Kansas City Star - MO,USA)- The Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling said Monday that Deborah A. Neal will be its first voting member from the “recovery community” of problem ...
5/20/2011    Ex-Lawyer Sentenced for Stealing from Orphans

4/11/2011    Ex-Ohio St, NFL player gets $1M bond in theft case .

4/12/2011    Ex-San Diego star charged in scheme

1/10/2011    Exchange bandit battles gambling demons

( According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 3.2 per cent of adults in Canada are affected by "moderate to severe problem gambling. ...
6/25/2010    Exclusion plan bad deal for s

(The Province)- One day, Melamed says, she called the BCLC's problem gambling line to warn them that Shannon was headed to the River Rock Casino. ...
12/11/2007    Expansion of gambling expands social problems

(Gary Post Tribune - Gary,IN,USA)-In the United States, the National Institute of Mental Health has a $1.8 million grant to study "prevalence of problem gambling across the 14 to 21 age ...
1/8/2009    Experts Excited About Number Of Problem Gambling Calls In Wisconsin

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- That someone in 2008 was the Wisconsin Problem Gambling Helpline. The Helpline received a record number of calls in 2008, leaving many to be proud that ...
12/24/2008    Experts say problem gambling on the rise

(KRMG - Tulsa,OK,USA)- Wiley Hawell is the executive director of the Norman-based Oklahoma Association for Problem and Compulsive Gambling. He says problem gambling can begin with ...
2/19/2009    Experts say problem gambling rises

(Cherokee Phoenix - Tahlequah,OK,USA)- (AP) – As the number of casinos in Oklahoma has increased, experts say the number of pathological or problem gamblers also is on the rise. ...
3/25/2010    Experts warn of rise in problem gambling

( ?Restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop gambling. For more information, call the Problem and Compulsive Gambling Hotline 24 hours a day at ...
5/21/2008    Experts: Young people are wagering their futures

(West Central Tribune - Willmar,MN,USA)- One study found that 14 percent of college students are considered as having or being at risk for problem gambling behaviors, said Russell.... (more)
10/7/2013    Exposing the links between gambling and suicide

(SBS)- Problem gamblers often have substance-abuse problems and other mental-health issues, but debt has been identified as the factor most likely to push them over ..
4/17/2013    Facial Recognition Technology Suggested to Deter Problem Gamblers

New Zealand politicians have suggested that casinos, clubs and pubs employ facial recognition technology to keep problem gamblers out...... (more)
6/25/2013    Facial recognition technology to nab casino's banned gamblers

(New Zealand Herald)- SkyCity government relations manager Gordon Jon Thompson said the casino company was "committed to trialling new technologies to assist us to better detect barred problem gamblers from entering our venue". A special law will be written allowing SkyCity ... (more)
4/30/2010    Failed Online Gambling Payment Processor Denied Bail, Remains Imprisoned

(USA Online Gambling News)- Earlier in April, Daniel Tzvetkoff was arrested in the United States for processing online gambling payments – a process that is technically illegal under ... (more)
3/20/2011    Families, friends and employers ripped off to finance gambling habits

7/8/2008    Family Guidance to offer counseling in St. Joe for compulsive gambling

(St. Joseph News-Press - St. Joseph,MO,USA)- “That’s why when it slides into compulsive gambling, it’s really difficult to recognize at first.” That uncertainty can make treatment for gambling...
9/28/2010    Fantasy Sports Gambling On The Rise, Employers Losing Time

(USA Online Gambling News)- Under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, fantasy sports make one of the very few forms of completely legal USA online gambling. ... (more)
10/14/2008    Fatal crash highlights lure of casinos for seniors

(Baltimore Sun - United States)- There are 1 million Californians who have a serious gambling problem, a state-sponsored study estimated two years ago. Another state study found that the ...
5/13/2008    FBI asked to investigate Dann's office

(Dayton Daily News - Dayton,OH,USA)- Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Dispatch that the investigation's focus is Dann's dealings with gambling interests, not the ongoing...
2/9/2011    FBI clears U.S. attorney in Nevada; ex-husband admitted stealing millions from bank

(Las Vegas Review - Journal)- "Mr. Marich had a horrible, horrible gambling problem that got out of control," Freeman said. "He has nothing to show for it. ...
12/14/2012    FBI Investigates MPD Officers In Gambling Case; Arrests Expected

2/4/2008    FCCG Urges State to Step to the Plate to Fund Gambling Addiction Treatment

(PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA)- Our concern over the referendum is based on a disturbing fact - slot machines are the number one primary gambling problem identified by callers to the...
10/15/2013    Fears That New Illinois Gambling Cafes May Create Female Addicts

(Casino.Org News)- But some gambling experts fear that that very atmosphere could create or attract female problem gamblers, as they might be looking for a comfortable, safe place ... (more)
1/7/2008    Federal judge rejects injunction on gambling compact in Florida

( - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA)- By John Holland | South Florida Sun-Sentinel January 5, 2008 The federal government can validate a Seminole Indian gambling compact on Monday as planned...
8/29/2008    Federal probe examining confiscated gambling funds

(Citizens Voice - Wilkes-Barre,PA,USA)- BY DAVE JANOSKI WILKES-BARRE — The FBI is investigating the Luzerne County court system’s handling of confiscated gambling proceeds from illegal poker ...
3/5/2012    Few using Ks. 'problem gambler' fund

8/7/2009    Fighting Problem Gambling

North American Press Syndicate (NAPSI)-A bill in Washington could help countless Americans work to break what can be a costly and destructive addiction-an addiction to gambling. Problem ...
1/7/2008    Fla. AG Loses Lawsuit to Halt Gambling

(Forbes - NY,USA)- By BRENDAN FARRINGTON 01.04.08, 6:20 PM ET Attorney General Bill McCollum lost his effort to halt a gambling agreement between Gov....
7/16/2008    Flagrant foul: Stern should step down

(Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA)- Plus, investigators determined that they were made from a number Donaghy used primarily for his gambling-related calls, and they ceased at the time Donaghy...
4/2/2013    Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling Feature’s State and National Experts at its 25th Anniversary

PR Web (press release)- We have convened some of the state and nation's experts to lead us through the evolution of problem gambling in the State, including pathways to the future. Conference attendees will learn about the latest research in the field, prevention and ...
2/26/2009    Florida gambling help line sees jump in blackjack addiction

( - St. Petersburg,FL,USA)- For two recent six-month periods, the figures showed that slot machines are most commonly cited as a gambling problem, with card games catching up. ...
4/16/2009    Florida House, Senate divided on gambling plan

(Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA)- He said he is "not a big fan of gambling in general" and didn't like the new poker limits, which would create a $50 betting limit, up from $5. ...
10/30/2013    Florida Should Not Gamble Its Future

(The Ledger)- The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling reports that 35 percent of callers to its toll-free, anonymous problem-gambling help line say they committed an ...
8/7/2009    FMC Offers Workshop on the Treatment of Problem Gambling

Northern Arizona Today For more information on problem gambling or to register for the workshop, call 602 568-4328 or visit ...
7/6/2011    For Seemayer, Gambling Addiction Could Have Gotten Worse

A compulsive gambling addiction can lead to even more destructive choices than embezzling $30,000, says a local expert. (more)
7/20/2010    For the first time in Israel - blocking Internet gambling websites

Global Voices Online (blog)- At the end of 2009 another gambling affair was revealed. In this case the roulette was aired directly on the Internet cafe in Israel and abroad and watched ...
3/21/2011    Former addict: New casino poses threat for problem gamblers

8/30/2007    Former Buckeye, NFL player talks about the evils of gambling

"My No. 1 hope is that people will listen to the story and be aware of gambling and addictions,"
11/19/2010    Former D.C. boxer, gym director charged with $500K+ fraud

(WTOP)- ... approximately $506000 in public funding since 2004 and using it for personal expenses and gambling, according to a US Department of Justice release. ...
9/8/2011    Former Department of Revenue auditor sentenced to prison

10/26/2013    Former footballer Tony Kelly on his gambling addiction

(BBC Sport)- The group works with sportsmen and women to help them overcome addictions and says 70% of its referrals now relate to problem gambling. The charity's Chief ...
12/7/2011    Former NBA Player Antoine Walker Gets Five Years Probation in Casino Case

6/1/2009    Former Tulalip Casino supervisor charged in thefts from gamblers

(Seattle Times - United States)- The Rewards Club program at the casino offers incentives to gamblers such as cash rewards, merchandise and other prizes based on the amount of money they ...
3/11/2008    Foxwoods announces initiatives to address problem gambling

(Indian Country Today - Canastota,NY,USA)- With the national Problem Gambling Awareness Week taking place March 9 - 15, Foxwoods Resort Casino has launched two initiatives to help address the problem...
10/30/2008    FRC to Host News Conference Urging 'No' Vote on Slot Machine Gambling

(MarketWatch - USA)- What: News Conference featuring Maryland Church Leaders discussing their campaign urging Marylanders to vote "No" on legalized slot machine gambling. ...
5/15/2013    Free addiction prevention program available for high school health classes

(Cape Gazette)- The Delaware Council on Gambling Problems has developed a powerful addiction prevention program that is now available free of charge to public and private high school health teachers in Delaware. This prevention program has a two-pronged approach: a ...
2/6/2013    Free counseling services for problem gamblers and their loved ones in Portland (blog)- In collaboration with Lewis and Clark's Graduate School of Education and Counseling and the State of Oregon, a new gambling treatment center has just opened. Located a mile south of downtown Portland, Lewis and Clark Problem Gambling Services has ...
3/17/2012    Free Online Resource Educates Universities and Students About College Gambling During NCAA Tournamen

9/18/2007    Funding Added for Problem Gambling Program

The national center was established in 1996 to support peer-reviewed, scientific research into different areas of problem gambling. ...
3/26/2014    Funding For Gambling Addiction Falls Short As Gambling Expands

This report provides the most comprehensive collection of information ever gathered about problem gambling funding in the US.

1/22/2014    GAA promises support for players fighting gambling addiction

The Score - Duffy wrote: “Problem gambling is a growing concern in contemporary Ireland, one which, inevitably, affects a significant number of GAA players.
9/21/2009    Gambler wants casino to return his losses

(The Detroit News)- Lawyers for MotorCity said compulsive gamblers get help from the state already via a $2 million compulsive gaming prevention fund to assist problem gamblers ...
9/4/2007    Gambler, casino sue each other

Noffsinger stressed that the law is not fully settled in cases involving problem gambling. "If she had just gone in (to Caesars) on her own, that would be ...
6/28/2013    Gamblers Anonymous Group Helps Members

( I don't see why you just can't quit," said Julie Hynes, a program director of problem gambling prevention at Lane County Public Health in Oregon. "Now we're telling people, 'Oh, it's just a machine, I don't see why you can't quit.' Unfortunately, the ...
4/23/2008    Gamblers blow 40k a day

(Southland Times - Invercargill,New Zealand)_ Invercargill people lost about $40000 a day gambling on pokie machines and the problem was escalating, experts said. A Problem Gambling Foundation of New...
5/29/2008    Gamblers live life on the edge

(Kankakee Daily Journal - Kankakee,IL,USA)- "When it comes to gambling, we have known many problem gamblers who could abstain for long stretches, but caught off guard and under the right set of...
3/26/2008    Gamblers offered a chance at recovery

(Marshalltown Times Republican - Marshalltown,IA,USA)- Allen Hospital’s Gambling Treatment Program offers a free, confidential, initial screening session for problem gamblers, family members and concerned ...
10/18/2011    Gamblers' symptoms similar to those of a drug addict

10/18/2011    Gambling - addiction or choice (Part 4)

7/12/2011    Gambling addict doesn't like how ALC rolls

9/20/2011    Gambling addict guilty of fraud

6/6/2008    Gambling addict is still fighting the demons

( - Des Moines,IA,USA)- The best Iowa survey says slightly fewer than 71 percent of problem gamblers can expect to be gambling-free six months after they finish addiction treatment...
3/18/2008    Gambling addict sues casinos for $20 million

(AZ - AZ,USA)- "Hers is not a rare case, believe me," said Wexler, who says he had a gambling problem. "This is the most powerful addiction you can have without putting...
10/28/2012    Gambling addict suing government, AGLC

St. Albert resident Gisele Jubinville files nearly $2-million lawsuit (more)
11/8/2011    Gambling Addict Trying To Start Over

Omaha Woman Says It's Tough To Find Job (more)
4/5/2013    Gambling Addiction

(New York Times)- If more casinos led to more problem gambling, this simply wouldn't be the case. That said, even one problem gambler is too many. This is why our industry spends millions of dollars to promote responsible play; teach people the odds; and offer those ...
7/22/2009    Gambling Addiction

(KAMR - Amarillo,TX,USA)- The Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling and the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling lists the following warning signs that a teen may be struggling ...
1/8/2009    Gambling Addiction Causes $4 Million To Be Stolen By Attorney

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Michael Rumore pleaded guilty on Friday to stealing over $4 million to fuel his gambling habit. His game of choice was slots, but after a while the losses ... (more)
3/3/2008    Gambling addiction discussed on campus

(Pioneer Online - Oklahoma City,OK,USA)- One sign to look for to see if a person has a pathological gambling problem is if a person is always short of money. If a person has to borrow money to pay...
10/2/2007    Gambling addiction led to crime, Suffolk man says

The National Council on Problem Gambling reports that 4 million to 8 million adults in the United States are problem gamblers, and another 2 million meet ...
12/19/2007    Gambling addiction not hard to hide

(Asheville Citizen-Times - NC,USA)-Gary Gray, executive director of the North Carolina affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, said a person would have to gamble several times ...
4/19/2011    Gambling addiction on rise in state

(Register-Herald)- That's the normal, at the first stage of gambling addiction. At the very end stage, oftentimes you commit suicide. It's the highest suicide rate of any ... (more)
9/17/2008    Gambling addiction specialist honored for years of helping others

(South Coast Today - New Bedford,MA,USA)- A licensed alcohol and drug counselor who was among the first in the commonwealth to become certified as a problem gambling specialist, Mr. Talbot also ...
9/9/2013    Gambling Addiction Treatment Group Offers Weekend Program

(Williamson Daily News)- CHARLESTON — The Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia is hosting a free weekend workshop for problem gamblers and their loved ones.
8/21/2008    Gambling addiction treatment provider closes

(Quad City Times - Davenport,IA,USA)- Eastern Iowa Center for Problem Gambling shut down offices in Davenport, Clinton, Washington and Cedar Rapids and laid off its nine employees. ...
1/5/2014    Gambling addiction: Its powerful grip on some

(WTOP)- These recent high-profile incidents raise questions about problem gambling and its powerful grip on some people. Much like a drug addiction, ...
3/15/2012    Gambling addictions expert warns of dangers of Internet gambling, especially on youth

Cunningham-Williams advocates public-health approach to raise awareness (more)
9/25/2008    Gambling addictions keep climbing

(Lahontan Valley News - Fallon,NV,USA)- According to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, 86 percent of the state’s residents have gambled at least once, 68 percent have done so in the last ...
2/4/2011    Gambling addictions taking financial, personal tolls

(Herald Times Reporter)- "It's certainly significant that helpline call activity remains brisk," said Rose Gruber, executive director of the Council on Problem Gambling. ... (more)
2/7/2014    Gambling addicts may need to seek professional help

(The Rome Observer)- The signs and symptoms of gambling addiction can often be missed by its victims and their families, and they may need professional help to recognize ...
5/13/2008    Gambling and religion

(Online Gambling Paper - Atlanta,GA,USA)- It's a fact that religion in general is one of the most fierce opponent of gambling. It was only a matter of time before religious groups began attacking...
3/19/2010    Gambling Awareness Week Wraps up in the US

( Even though it is not yet legal to gamble online in the US, the issue of problem gambling is a very real one. Most online casino players use offshore ... (more)
4/27/2009    Gambling Behavioral Addiction Expert Michael D. Osborne Explains the Mindset behind the Craiglist Ki

( (press release) - USA)- Michael D. Osborne is the Executive Director of Harbour Pointe, a residential treatment program that treats compulsive gambling. Harbour Pointe was founded ...
4/16/2009    Gambling bill expected in fall

(Boston Herald - United States)- Deval Patrick, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray have agreed in principle on gambling legislation that is expected to emerge ...
6/21/2013    Gambling can spiral out of control

(Reading Eagle)- The gambling problem started innocently enough, but led to serious debt, a life as a drug dealer, a failed marriage and suicide notes, he told a crowd Wednesday at Easy Does It Inc., a nonprofit addiction recovery center in Bern Township. The event was ...
1/7/2008    Gambling change worries tribes

(HeraldNet - Everett,WA,USA)- They're not as lucrative as Class III, slot-style machines, but many tribes use them to supplement their businesses and offer different styles of gambling....
2/17/2011    Gambling Commission Spins Problem Gambling Survey To Look Negative

(Casino Gambling Web)-The survey also classified "problem gamblers" as those who chase their losses. In the UK, they have a lower problem gambling rate than in the US, and that may have to deal with the regulations that are in place. In the US, online gambling is still ... (more)
9/30/2013    Gambling consultant: New regs to strike balance

( Williamson also said regulations should include ways to curb problem gambling, including check cashing or credit card limits and prohibiting "near-miss" ...
3/31/2008    Gambling Control Division Enforces No Gambling on Credit

(KULR-TV - Billings,MT,USA)- Study after study shows that 3-to-4% of people who gamble have that problem and make up a disproportionate share of the money spent on gambling."
3/5/2012    Gambling disorders also can impact physical health

9/21/2009    Gambling Expert Says Online Casino Ban Won't Help Problem Gambling

(Online Casino News & Bonuses)- Many people who oppose online casino gambling say that online casinos feed the addictions of problem gamblers. They say that people who have issues with ... (more)
4/8/2009    Gambling hearing draws hundreds

(Cape Gazette - Lewes,DE,USA)- Jack Markell has proposed expanding gambling in Delaware, an idea that has prompted hundreds of demonstrators to gather around the state to support and to ...
2/3/2009    Gambling help left on table in Oklahoma

( - Oklahoma City,OK,USA)- not one,” said Wiley Harwell, executive director of the Oklahoma Association for Problem and Compulsive Gambling. The statewide advocacy organization ...
2/3/2011    Gambling helpline bracing for deluge of calls after Super Bowl

(Gainesville Sun)- “It can be the worst day for problem gamblers and the last hope for digging out of their gambling debt," said Uberto Mondolfi, a recovering compulsive ...
8/14/2007    Gambling helpline gets text-wise

The service was launched this month and will compliment the organisation's phone and online support, allowing those affected by problem gambling a more ... (more)
5/5/2008    Gambling Helpline In New Zealand To Close In October

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- They help problem gamblers in many different areas. They have online services, and also offer gambling debt services to help people with debt that gambling... (more)
9/8/2010    Gambling in Arkansas: Affection or addiction?

(Today's THV)- The national council on problem gambling's help-line has a new way to for you to address concerns with addiction -- right here in arkansas. ...
12/19/2007    Gambling Industry Targets Kids

(CitizenLink - Colorado Springs,CO,USA)-"What we see in young people under 18 is that the risk for developing a problem with gambling is roughly three times of the adult population," said Alissa ...
9/17/2008    Gambling initiative would raise money for education

(UM Maneater - Columbia,MO,USA)- Pointing to a study conducted by the Missouri Gaming Commission, Charton said that a repeal of the loss limits would not be conducive to "problem gambling" ...
7/16/2008    Gambling interests spend big on lobbyists

(South Coast Today - New Bedford,MA,USA)- By DAVID KIBBE BOSTON — Gambling interests spent at least $2 million on lobbyist salaries in an attempt to sway the Legislature in the past 18 months,...
1/16/2008    Gambling interests turn high-rollers on Beacon Hill

(Boston Herald - United States) Meanwhile, major casino companies also played the lobbying game, with Las Vegas-based Harrah’s Entertainment spending $60000 and Penn National Gaming ...
9/18/2007    Gambling Invasion? No Thanks

How widespread is the problem? The same article provides statistical information compiled by the National Council on Problem Gambling. ...
8/21/2008    Gambling invites unwanted problems

(Anchorage Daily News (subscription) - Anchorage,AK,USA)- Studies show that 2.5 million Americans are pathological gamblers, and another 3 million are problem gamblers with higher rates of suicide, depression, ...
5/13/2008    Gambling Is Never Enough

(New York Times - United States)- Problem gambling doubles within 10 miles of a gambling facility, according to study published in 2004 that included a nationwide survey of 2631 adults....
4/27/2009    Gambling lands local man in prison

(Taunton Daily Gazette - MA, USA)- “Problem gambling,” according to the Washington DC-based National Council on Problem Gambling, affects four to six million US adults and is marked by an ...
10/14/2008    Gambling machines seized, 50 arrested along Tarrant County's Jacksboro Highway

(Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA)- The gambling operations were being conducted in freestanding metal buildings near one another, Mr. Grisham said. "We've been working on this problem on and ...
1/24/2009    Gambling not downtown’s answer

(Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA)- They like the thousands of jobs promised by promoters, not to mention the additional convention draw of a major gambling facility. ...
12/14/2010    Gambling nun accused of embezzling $850,000

(Reuters India)- NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Catholic nun with a reputation for gambling trips to Atlantic City was accused of embezzling more than $850000 from a college where ...
3/31/2008    Gambling on Credit Against the Law

(Creditor Web - Broken Arrow,OK,USA)- The casino had to pay fines, return the money to this particular gambler, and make a donation to the Montana Council on Problem Gambling. ...
1/24/2011    Gambling on gaming at home

(Ottawa Citizen)- Nina Littman-Sharp, manager of the problem gambling service at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, said the Virgin Gaming service should send ...
8/17/2007    Gambling on our youth

It is no small coincidence that problem gambling among youth today is growing. According to statistics provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, ... (more)
10/23/2008    Gambling on politics

(The Salinas Californian - Salinas,CA,USA)- "The whole problem with lawyers is they are control freaks. Unfortunately, most politicians are lawyers so when they enter politics they do the exact same ...
1/2/2008    Gambling on the Holidays

(TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA)- Feelings of inadequacy can fuel drug addiction, alcoholism and can exacerbate a gambling problem. is reaching out to addicts and families ...
8/10/2011    Gambling on the rise: Is America becoming addicted?

6/16/2008    Gambling on TV

(Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA)- Albert Brooks ends a three-decade absence from television with a guest role on "Weeds." By LYNN SMITH, Los Angeles Times After more than 30 years, actor,...
5/1/2008    Gambling Operators Not Contributing To Problem Trust

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Casino operators are supposed to contribute to problem gambling funds. It is these operators that help problem gamblers get into trouble in the first place... (more)
9/16/2010    Gambling Payment Processor Released, Possibly Turned Informant

(USA Online Gambling News)- Unfortunately, USA online gambling payment processors still have to contend with the trial and troubles of moving money into and out of the different online ... (more)
6/8/2011    Gambling priest expected to plead guilty

5/26/2011    Gambling Problem Exposed as Access Grows


2/7/2011    Gambling problems becoming more serious

(Ashland Current)- In 2009, callers to the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling's hotline had an average debt of $36000. In 2010, callers sank deeper, to an average of almost ... (more)
3/28/2011    Gambling Problems More Common Than Alcohol Dependence

1/4/2010    Gambling Proliferation Attacked by Therapist Without Evidence

(Online Casino Advisory)- A California family therapist says increased exposure to gambling availability is causing more problem gambling, but his only evidence is anecdotal, ... (more)
4/23/2008    Gambling raid hits 5 businesses

(Jamaica Plain Gazette - Jamaica Plain,MA,USA)- But overall, Michalosky said, illegal gambling is not as widespread a problem as it once was. “Years ago, it was huge,” she said. “When the [state] lottery...
2/12/2009    Gambling revenues come at high price

(Reading Eagle - Reading,PA,USA)- To problem gamblers, proximity is peril, the studies say. The more accessible the opportunity, the more likely they will wager away disposable income, ...
4/16/2009    Gambling rhetoric heats up, even if legislation doesn't

( - Longview,TX,USA)- By W. Gardner Selby Outside a Capitol hearing on casinos and other gambling not allowed in Texas, an advocate for legalizing slot machines at horse and dog ...
5/15/2010    Gambling Ring Ends In Club Owner's Arrest In Dayton, Ohio

(Casino Gambling Web)- Combs could be fined $250000 from the gambling charges. "As casino gambling has become increasingly available throughout the US, authorities have cracked ... (more)
10/14/2008    Gambling salon rules changing

(San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA)- Eased rules sought by Nevada casinos who want more high-end action in private gambling salons, where hundreds of thousands of dollars can change hands on a ...
7/1/2009    Gambling Study Looks At The Good & The Bad

(Hartford Courant - United States)- Lori Rugle, director of Problem Gambling Services for the state, told me that she hopes the report gets people talking to each other, "so we can figure out ...
5/5/2008    Gambling supporters visit Mahoning Valley

(Tribune Chronicle - Warren,OH,USA)- Lertzman said 1 percent of the dollars collected would be earmarked for problem gambling. The group must collect an estimated 405000 signatures from...
11/20/2007    Gambling troubles often start in teenage years

And the problem is much more prevalent among males. That increased propensity can lead to alarming levels of problem gambling among teens and young adults...
1/31/2012    Gambling turning into a big problem for Wisconsinites

6/22/2010    Gambling turns Vietnamese women to crime

(The Age)- 'We are aware from time to time that people claim in court that they have a gambling problem associated with Crown,' he said. 'Often in that situation ...
9/21/2010    Gambling website offers cash to make the grade

(The Stanford Daily)- The grade-gambling service offers up to $2000 on graduation day to a student who wagers $20 at the beginning of freshman year that he or she will finish ...
7/24/2008    Gambling with addiction

(Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA)- "They need to increase funding by an exponential amount," said Jeremy Geller, president of the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling, which is attempting to...
11/26/2007    Gambling with tax policy not in state's best interest

Edmond Sun - OK,USA: This argument may be plausible for private gambling, but not for state-run gambling. Suppose Oklahoma outlawed the sale of bread at grocery stores and ...
12/3/2008    Gambling's growth prompts casino dealer school in Everett

(HeraldNet - Everett,WA,USA)- Four or five students finish training at his school every month; they are finding jobs without any problem. Historically, gambling businesses tend to be ...
11/21/2011    Gambling's social costs outweigh perceived benefits

1/31/2011    Gambling: It's not just fun

(Toronto Sun)- “Would you go to your boss and tell him you've got a gambling problem?” he asked. Many people, inside and outside the game, do have problems. ...
4/1/2009    Gambling: Losing and Winning with NCAA

(The Pendulum - Elon,NC,USA)- More than 41 percent of college students report participating in some form of gambling each year, according to the Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness ...
12/7/2007    Gaming Board moves to sell 10th casino license

The license is a valuable component in negotiations with lawmakers who are eying gambling expansion as a way to address state budget problems, although the ... (more)
10/7/2013    Gaming commission hears of efforts to combat problem gaming

(Milford Daily News)- The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is working on problem gambling issues as the process to bring resort casinos and a slot parlor to the state continues.
2/21/2013    Gaming Commission speaks . . . about problem gambling

Albany Times Union (blog)- In its first press release, the newly minted New York State Gaming Commission has announced a partnership to assist with problem gambling. In union with the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and the New York Council on Problem ...
5/10/2013    Gaming commission to pay UMass Amherst $3.64M for study

(Boston Herald)- Volberg has studied gambling and problem gambling for more than 25 years and is the author of the 2001 book, “When the Chips are Down — Problem Gambling in America,” campus officials said. The state Expanded Gaming Act requires that the ...
8/8/2012    GamTalk: Stories of Hope

5/1/2008    Gas Station In Florida Raided By Police For Illegal Gambling

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Many business owners are offering slot type gambling to help raise revenue. The only problem is that in most areas of the country, this type of activity is... (more)
11/13/2007    Gateway to a gambling problem?

According to a 1998 Nova Scotia study, about 16 percent of video gambling players were so-called problem gamblers, which meant that they spent too much time ...
7/7/2010    Gathering threads: thanks for the real magic in our real lives

Psychology Today (blog)- And when we threatened to run out of books at the National Conference on Problem Gambling, both Eva and Barbara Berlin, at U. of Nevada Press (for Going ...
3/20/2010    Get real about gambling risks with children

(The Olympian)- “They don't associate lottery tickets or Texas Hold 'em with gambling,” said Linda Graves, problem gambling program manager for the state Department of ... (more)
12/20/2011    Gifts of Lottery Tickets Not Recommended for Kids

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) (more)
12/22/2009    Giving lottery tickets as a gift? Only for 18 and older, experts say

(Minneapolis Star Tribune)- Better heads prevail at the Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance and the Minnesota State Lottery. They want to remind parents, well-intentioned uncles and ...
7/23/2010    Google Cover Up Launches Online Gambling Debates

(Casino Gambling Web)- The law places the burden of stopping gambling on financial institutions, and Frank believes it is the base of the law that is the problem. Rep. ... (more)
5/22/2008    Governor sends letter opposing casino proposal in Iowa

(Chicago Tribune - United States)- Nebraska doesn't allow casino gambling, but Iowa does. The rub is that an American Indian tribe has received permission from the National Indian Gaming...
4/19/2010    Graft Probe Heats Up Bingo Issue in Alabama

(New York Times)- Both sides insist that the others are acting at the whim of sinister forces: either the Mississippi and American Indian gambling interests who are eager to ...
4/19/2013    Grant awarded to GCASA

(The Daily News Online)- Genesee Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse was awarded the 2013 Preventing Underage Gambling Lottery Assessment grant by the New York Council on Problem Gambling. The grant award was established to help assess if local lottery retailers ...
5/11/2010    Group pinpoints problem gambling signs

(Timmins Daily Press)- In order to help prevent residents of Timmins from falling victim to the problem gambling the Responsible Gambling Council will be presenting a display at ...
11/28/2007    Group to push for gambling courts in Connecticut

Treatment, rather than jail time, urged for chronic gamblers.... (more)
4/1/2010    Groups aid problem gamblers

3/18/2010    Groups aid problem gamblers

( BY FRED MANN More than 60 counselors around the state are certified to treat problem gamblers, including seven in Wichita. Gambling started as fun, ...
8/3/2010    Harrah's proudly supports Responsible Gaming Education week

Harrah’s takes great pride in being the first gaming company to develop and implement responsible gaming programs. The company established the first task force to study problem gambling issues and subsequently implemented the industry’s first responsible gaming initiatives.
12/11/2010    Harry Reid Pushing to Legalize Online Gambling

(The New American)- said in favor of legalized Internet gambling. “We are talking about a decision by adults to do what they want with their own money. ...
1/2/2008    Have gamblers hit the jackpot?

(Janesville Gazette - Janesville,WI,USA)- From 1996 to 2006, the number of calls for help at the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling in Green Bay increased 168 percent. During those same 10 years,...
10/15/2010    HBOS played leading role in £11.5bn loans to US gambling industry

(The Guardian)- The frequency of HBOS's dealings with US gambling reveals how it entered the financial crisis with large bets placed on Las Vegas, the centre of the ...
3/22/2010    Help available for problem gamblers

(West Yellowstone News)- The week just ending has been National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. A primary focus of this effort is to promote the fact that treatment works and is ... See all stories on this topic
8/4/2010    Help for gamblers precedes casino

Maryhaven, the largest drug- and alcohol-treatment center in central Ohio, will use a grant to address addicts' troubles before the grand opening planned for Hollywood Casino Columbus.
12/2/2009    Help For Problem Gamblers Hits The Internet

(USA Online Gambling News)- Whether their poison is online gambling or scratch tickets, problem gamblers are all over the nation. Though less than 5% of all gamblers are pathological, ... (more)
3/18/2008    Help for Those with a Gambling Problem

(WIBW - Topeka,KS,USA)- Four state agencies along with the Kansas Coalition on problem gambling announced Thursday a new alliance that will help Kansans get help if they need it....
10/5/2009    Help line to assist problem gamblers

(Log Cabin Democrat)- To help combat and prevent problem gambling, the department is establishing a gambling help line. Ferguson said he hopes to have the line established early ...
12/12/2013    Help NCPG Make Sure Congress Doesn’t Ignore Gambling Addiction

Today you have a unique opportunity to see our National Advocacy work front and center.

3/5/2014    Help teens understand gambling risks

(Gloversville Leader-Herald)- Adults are not the only ones who are susceptible; in reality, adolescents are two to four times more likely to develop a problem with gambling than ...
11/7/2007    Helping hand

The National Council on Problem Gambling considers people whose behavior compromises, disrupts or damages personal, family or vocational pursuits to be...
3/15/2010    Helping seniors fight gambling addiction

( The Florida Council of Compulsive Gambling organized a two-day seminar to address problem gambling among older adults. BY JULIE LEVIN The Sunshine State has ...
4/7/2008    Herkimer County woman recalls the perils of gambling addiction

(WKTV - Utica,NY,USA)- The New York State Lottery is aware that, for some, gambling goes beyond the recreation for which it was intended and becomes a bigger problem....
11/22/2011    Heroin addiction drug proposed for problem gamblers

3/22/2010    High Rollers Represent Highest Portion of Problem Gamblers

( According to a new study, there may be a positive correlation between a player's household income and their risk of developing a gambling problem. ... (more)
2/11/2009    High-stakes gambling machines causing serious addiction

(Times Online - UK)- Almost two thirds of people admitted to the National Problem Gambling Clinic are suffering from habits exacerbated by games terminals found in all of ...
1/13/2011    High-tech program will keep addicts out of casinos

12/11/2010    Holiday Campaign 2010

“Research reveals that kids frequently gamble, often with their parent’s knowledge, in spite of the age and restrictions on lottery play,” explained Keith Whyte, executive director, National Council on Problem Gambling............
11/20/2009    Hollywood Casino fined $24K for underage gambling

(Philadelphia Inquirer)- Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse has been fined $24000 for allowing underage gambling on three occasions this past summer. ...
6/29/2010    Hong Kong police smash football gambling ring

(AFP)- HONG KONG — Hong Kong police said Monday they have smashed a record 170 million Hong Kong dollar (22 million US dollar) gambling ring that took illegal ...
7/8/2010    Hong Kong police smash gambling ring

(Sydney Morning Herald)- Hong Kong and mainland police have smashed a large cross-border illegal football gambling syndicate, seizing betting slips worth more than one billion US ...
2/11/2009    Hooked on games of chance

Cleveland Jewish News - Cleveland,OH,USA Still, says Teitelbaum, problem and compulsive gamblers exhibit three common behaviors, though problem gamblers may exhibit them only sporadically or in ...
1/11/2008    House committee listens to testimony on gambling expansion

(Bloomington Pantagraph - IL, USA)-Last year, despite months of wrangling, lawmakers couldn’t solve the complicated problem of coming to a compromise on gambling expansion in order to raise ...
11/21/2011    House Hearing on Internet Gaming Adjourns Without Official Progress on Barton's Online Poker Bill

Topic of Problem Gambling Heavily Discussed on Capitol Hill (more)
3/11/2008    House of cards

(Altoona Mirror - Altoona,PA,USA)- Anne turned to Larry Hanelly, a certified problem gambling counselor with Altoona Regional Health System. According to Hanelly, the first thing he does with...
4/15/2008    House puts off a vote on 24-hour gambling

(Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA)- Another would dedicate any unclaimed Lottery ticket winnings to problem gambling treatment. Last year, the Lottery had $3979177 in unclaimed prizes...
12/3/2008    How gambling addicts save themselves

(Allentown Morning Call - Allentown,PA,USA)- ... of compulsive and problem gambling. Once on the list, a person is not permitted to wager at any of the states 11 casinos. 'It's a tool for the problem ...
2/19/2013    How Gambling Startups Can (and Should) Help Fix Problem Gambling

BostInno (blog)- Problem gambling is defined by some researchers as gambling that causes harm to the gambler or someone else, in spite of a desire to stop. Between 2% and 4% of Americans struggle with this condition. Problem gambling can progress to a recognized ...
12/7/2007    How I lost $250,000 to gambling

Lyndsey Baigent emptied her savings, drew against her mortgage and stole money from her father to feed a gambling addiction that cost her $250000 over five ... (more)
7/1/2009    How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters

(CBS News - New York,NY,USA)- At least that's what seems to be happening in the biggest scandal in the history of online gambling. As 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft first reported ...
2/25/2013    How to Make Gambling Less Addictive

(Torontoist)-When we asked her what casinos could do to mitigate problem gambling or help keep addicts from betting beyond their means, she laughed. “Why should they? They're in the business of making money, not helping people. Do fast food places have dietitians ...
10/20/2011    How will some of the N B A players spend their time now that there is a lockout !!


( Observers expect the mark up debate to centre on precautions against underage and problem gambling and the exclusion of organised crime; states' jealously ... (more)
9/14/2007    If your spouse is a problem gambler, make big changes

Without your knowing it, he or she may have become a problem gambler. A problem gambler is preoccupied with gambling. He bets increasingly large amounts, ...
9/11/2007    IGREA Gets 36th Cosponsor on Eve of Casino Gambling Web Trip to DC

CGW reps will be meeting with Safe and Secure Internet, The National Council on Problem Gambling and others as they go out to deliver their packets to every ... (more)
12/28/2010    Illinois Casinos Hoping Smoking Ban Bills Pass In 2011

(Casino Gambling Web)- The first is casino gambling expansion, and the second is enacting smoking bans for all indoor facilities in their states. Illinois legislators have been ... (more)
3/5/2014    Illinois Lottery Promotes '18 Plus Always' Message during National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

( CHICAGO, March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In honor of National Problem Gambling Awareness Month (March), the Illinois Lottery is reminding ...
9/24/2010    Impeachment hearings end for federal judge

(Los Angeles Times)- The fate of District Judge G. Thomas Porteous — who ran up gambling debts, accepted gifts and filed for bankruptcy under a false name — will likely be . (more)
3/6/2009    Impulsive Kindergartners May Turn to Gambling

(U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA)- "In adulthood, problem gambling is considered an impulse disorder," she added. Teachers can often see a potential problem in children who are easily ...
11/21/2012    Impulsivity in First Grade Predicts Problem Gambling in Late Teen Years for Urban Boys

4/1/2013    In many embezzlements, a gambling problem blamed

(La Crosse Tribune)- "Most people can put $30 in their pocket, go to a casino and walk away when it's gone," said Jerry Bauerkemper, executive director of the Nebraska Council on Problem Gambling. "This population, because of an addiction (to gambling), won't walk away.
5/21/2008    In the end, Medford case proves a study in years of absolute...

(Asheville Citizen-Times - NC,USA)- Couple that with a serious gambling problem and the need for a steady cash flow, and hello Hot Dog King slush fund. One Medford supporter told me Bobby...
10/20/2010    In USA, 400,000 College Students Gamble Online Every Week

(Online Speaking at The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) on Thursday, former University of Connecticut student Joe Turbessi will be talking about his ... (more)
4/15/2010    Initial Advance For Gambling Proposal In House

(WBUR)- One approved change Tuesday is the creation of a voluntary self-exclusion list for problem gamblers who do not want to be targeted by casino marketing. ...
10/23/2007    Internet Gambling Act Should Be Scrapped

As with alcohol and drugs, prohibition of online gambling is one of the most ineffective ways of addressing a public health problem. ... (more)
6/3/2010    Internet Gambling Ban Goes Into Effect

(CitizenLink)- The law will work to block thousands of international gambling operations from preying on US citizens and make it easier for the Department of Justice (DOJ) ...
1/2/2008    Internet Gambling Ban: Why You Should Oppose It

(FOX News - USA)- Part of the problem is the mentality that comes with this kind of legislation. The gambling ban seems to have been supported by two similar approaches to...
12/3/2009    Internet Gambling Discussed in House Financial Services Committee

(Poker News Daily)- On Thursday morning, the subject of internet gambling took center stage in an informative hearing in the House Financial Services Committee, Chaired by Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA). Seven witnesses participated.


4/12/2010    Internet Gambling Hearing Scheduled for April 16th

PocketFives (press release)- Witnesses included representatives of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, WiredSafety, National Council on Problem Gambling, Dowling Advisory Group, ... (more)
5/4/2010    Internet Gambling Law Leaves Players, Affiliates Confused

(USA Online Gambling News)- Though the online gambling industry is already reeling from the efforts of the United States Department of Justice, players have yet to truly be impacted in ... (more)
7/21/2010    Internet Gambling Regulation Bill Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday

( HR2267 would look to amend title 31, United States Code, to provide for the licensing of Internet gambling activities by the Secretary of the Treasury, ... (more)
12/2/2009    Internet Gambling to be Discussed in House Financial Services Committee

(Poker News Daily)- Although an official list of witnesses has not yet been announced at press time, Poker News Daily can confirm that National Council on Problem Gambling ... (more)
7/30/2010    Internet gaming in the US: If it were legal, what would be the effects?

(Christian Science Monitor-blog)- Estimates of tax revenues vary as do predictions of increased problem gambling and other social costs. Some say online gaming would be a net positive, ...
5/19/2011    Internet Is Playing a Part in Spread of Problem Gambling

Experts say more research needed to understand, battle this complex disorder (more)
10/28/2010    IOC Looking To Crack Down On Illegal Online Gambling

(Casino Gambling Web)- Soccer has been plagued by match fixing in Europe, while in the US, gambling scandals have taken place in professional baseball and basketball. ... (more)
4/25/2013    Iowa To Weaken Gambling Self-Exclusion Program

( If the five-year option is chosen the first time, expires, and a problem arises again, another five-year or life option is available. After a second five-year ban, a gambler's only recourse would be a lifetime ban — assuming that he or she wanted to .. (more)
4/15/2008    Iowa Trains Agents to Cheat at Casino Gambling

(Online Casino Advisory - Vancouver,Canada)- The need for the new facility has been created by the expansion boom of casino gambling in Iowa. The DCI now has more agents monitoring gambling than...
6/25/2010    iPhone 4 Problems Not Affecting Online Gamblers In Europe

(Casino Gambling Web)- Many countries have relaxed their Internet gambling laws, and that has led to millions of gamblers using mobile devices to do their gaming. The US has not ... (more)
3/3/2008    Is gambling your problem?

( - Rockville,MD,USA)- Other things to pay attention to with someone you might suspect that has a gambling problem might include lying. This is a huge one....
2/4/2008    Is Your College Kid Gambling? More Of Them Are

(NewsChannel 9 WSYR - Syracuse,NY,USA)- Studies have shown that one in every five Central New York teens has a gambling problem. And it leads to depression. ”Some people are depressed of their...
1/29/2008    It's a dangerous fallacy

(Philadelphia Daily News - Philadelphia,PA,USA)- The incidence of problem gambling doubles in areas within 50 miles of casinos. And, according to a former senior economist on the president's Council of...
3/17/2010    It’s March Madness and the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling Reminds Fans they don’t have to

PR Web (press release)- The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) encourages sports fans to be attentive to family, friends and colleagues who may be experiencing ... (more)
3/26/2010    Jim McDermott Introduces Internet Gambling Tax Legislation HR 4976

(Poker News Daily)- ... Act. The bill outlines a complete licensing and regulatory framework for internet gambling outfits to solicit customers from the United States. ... (more)
11/1/2013    Join NCPG for #Giving Tuesday!

12/18/2010    Judge Questions Online Gambling Prosecutions At Dikshit Hearing

(Casino Gambling Web)- The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was created back in 2006, but that legislation only further clouded the existing Wire Act law that was on the ... (more)
3/24/2010    Judge rejects $3.5-billion gambling class action

(National Post)- A senior official at the lottery corporation indicated that it is a leader within North America in its problem gambling initiatives. ...
12/11/2008    Judge who fell from grace will help others

(Kansas City Star - MO,USA)- A disgraced former Municipal Court judge in Kansas City who was toppled in a gambling scandal has been named to a state oversight panel for problem gambling ...
10/28/2010    Judge: Restrictions on lobbyist fair in Ala case

(Gadsden Times)- Coker was among 11 people accused of conspiring to buy and sell votes in the Legislature on a pro-gambling bill. All have pleaded innocent. ...
3/5/2010    Kan. alliance aims to raise awareness of gambling addictions with new TV spot

( -It's part of the state's observance of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. The alliance will show off its first television public service announcement ...
10/3/2008    Kan. gov cautious about changing gambling law

(Forbes - NY,USA)- The Lottery would own the new gambling but have contracts with track owners to manage it. Ruffin's company also owns Wichita Greyhound Park, which closed ...
11/24/2008    Kan. share of gambling revenue less than expected

(Forbes - NY,USA)- By CARL MANNING , 11.19.08, 02:47 PM EST Kansas legislators writing the next state budget have a lot less gambling revenue than once thought. ...
12/2/2009    Kansas Casino To Abolish Self Exclusion List

(USA Online Gambling News)- The Kansas Coalition on Problem Gambling has said that they will be trying to meet with Golden Eagle officials in the near future in order to try to keep ... (more)
7/21/2011    Kansas City holds summit on problem gambling

8/12/2010    Kansas City Man Pleads Guilty to Illegal Gambling Operation

(Kansas City infoZine)- Illegal gambling business that relied on a website with a computer server located in Costa Rica. Kansas City, MO - infoZine - Beth Phillips, United States ...
7/9/2009    Keith Whyte of the National Council on Problem Gambling Speaks Up

(Online Casino Advisory - Vancouver,Canada)- The first part in a series of discussion with Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, about the nature and treatments ... (more)
9/25/2008    Kentucky A Little Late Into Online Gambling Enforcement Game

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- The state of Kentucky has come up with a plan on how to stop the illegal online gambling that is taking place. The only problem with the plan is that it ...
12/3/2008    Kentucky judge seizes control of the Internet

( - Southborough,MA,USA)- The particular case stems from Kentucky's attempt to control gambling over the Internet. Local gambling, such as on the Kentucky Derby, is just fine -- I ...
1/1/2010    Kentucky Racetracks Will Not Receive Slot Gambling This Session

(Casino Gambling Web)- That relief, in the form of slot gambling, will not come in the upcoming session, according to House Speaker Greg Stumbo. The numbers in the House have not ... (more)
8/24/2013    Kids exposed to gambling more than ever

(Gloversville Leader-Herald)- According to the New York Council on Problem Gambling, about 140,000 adolescents in New York state report having problems due to their gambling.
12/12/2012    Kids who get gifts of scratch lottery tickets gamble earlier in life

3/3/2008    Kulongoski proclaims March 3-9 Problem Gambling Awareness Week

(Bend Weekly - Bend,OR,USA)- by Bend Weekly News Sources Recognizing that problem gambling is a significant public health issue that affects thousands of Oregonians of all ages and...
8/7/2009    LA Assoc. on Compulsive Gambling gets donation

KSLA-TV Plus it will literally provide a life-line for problem gamblers. The Louisiana Problem Gamblers helpline is 1-877-770-7867, and it is toll free. ...
5/5/2008    Labor group backs slots

(Baltimore Sun - United States)- Internal divisions have become apparent among slots foes over who should take the lead in the fight against gambling, but the roll out of the pro-slots ...
11/20/2007    Lack of freedom or increase in security?

Those signed up to the programme are also open to arrest if found in a gambling environment. Casinos currently check people displaying behavioral patterns...
10/12/2011    Las Vegas pastor pleads guilty to stealing $650,000 from church

5/12/2013    Latest wagering study shows decrease in gambling activity

10/14/2008    Laurel pastors take up cry against slots

(Business Gazette - Gaithersburg,MD,USA)- According to the National Counsel on Problem Gambling, 2 million Americans gamble pathologically and another 4 million to 6 million have a gambling problem. ...
5/22/2013    Lawmakers approve moving problem gambling program

(Lincoln Journal Star)- Lawmakers gave final approval on a voice vote to his bill (LB6) to take the State Committee on Problem Gambling out of DHHS and form a new council to get the job done. He said the problem gambling program had been swallowed by the massive DHHS ...
6/25/2010    Lawmakers consider ban on Internet sweepstakes games

(McDowell News)- “I understand the argument that it is your money and you should do what you want with it,” said Gillespie, adding that this is a form of gambling that takes ...
2/18/2011    Lawmakers consider cutting aid for problem gamblers

(Las Vegas Review-Journal)- By Benjamin Spillman CARSON CITY -- Nevada lawmakers squeezed by a historic budget crisis are considering proposals to cut funds used to cope with the devastation caused by problem gambling, a byproduct of the state's top industry. Republican Gov. ...
5/1/2008    Lawmakers negotiating gambling hours agreement

(Turn to - Providence,RI,USA)-Earlier this year, officials at Twin River estimated the extra gambling hours could raise an additional $11.8 million for the state....
2/4/2009    Lawmakers remind problem gamblers of treatment resources

(Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA)- The committee heard from Nanette Horner, director of the state Gaming Control Board's Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, and from acting Secretary ...
7/30/2009    Leagues seek injunction against Delaware betting plan

(Philadelphia Inquirer)- By Suzette Parmley The NFL, three other pro leagues, and the NCAA sought a temporary injunction yesterday to stop Delaware's sports-gambling plans, ...
11/2/2010    Legal Online Games Realizing Fears Of Anti-Gambling Lawmakers

(Casino Gambling Web)- Representative Barney Frank has been lobbying for changes to the online gambling laws in the US to prevent these types of tragedies. ... (more)
10/26/2013    Legislators Urged to Include Funding for Gambling Addiction Treatment in Any Gaming Expansion

(The Herald | COCONUT CREEK, Fla. — Funding for gambling addiction treatment needs to be included in any expansion of Florida's gaming activities, according a team of ...
8/31/2007    Legislators weigh education funding against legalized gambling

Dr. Marvin Steinberg, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, said he believes New Hampshire needs to deal with the thousands of ...
4/15/2013    Legislature votes to give problem gamblers shorter casino ban option

(Radio Iowa)- Under current law, problem gamblers may sign up for a lifetime ban, but some counselors say it may be easier to get a gambler to go for the shorter, five-year-long ban. Representative Dennis Cohoon, a Democrat from Burlington, supported the move.
3/11/2014    Letter: There’s help for problem gambling

( March has been designated National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. This month also marks the first anniversary of the opening of Horseshoe ...
11/13/2007    Level of gambling by youths called alarming

One in five of the state's students in grades 7-12 engaged in problem gambling ...
4/29/2013    Like all addicts, compulsive gamblers can’t stop alone

(The Register-Guard)- Over many years' work in drug and alcohol treatment, I've seen my share of men and women come in with both chemical dependency and gambling addictions. We don't treat compulsive gambling specifically at Serenity Lane, but we do understand the ...
1/24/2009    Limits on Video Gambling Unlikely

(Wheeling Intelligencer - Wheeling,WV,USA)- By the News-Register We were among critics of the plan several years ago to allow "limited" video gambling at thousands of establishments throughout West ...
9/1/2009    Link between problem gambling, economy unclear

(Quad City Times)- In Illinois, problem gamblers can voluntarily ban themselves from being able to enter casinos by enrolling in the state's self-exclusion program. ...
9/8/2010    Liz Karter's practice works exclusively with female problem gamblers

(Racing Post)- WHEN Liz Karter first began working with problem gamblers it was seen as an issue that affectedonly men. ...
9/25/2013    Local anti-gambling group warns about hazards of N.Y. casino expansion

(Buffalo News)- ALBANY – If the state succeeds in expanding casino operations across the state, then expect tens of thousands of new problem gamblers and a fraction of the ... (more)
1/13/2008    Local support for gambling troubles slim

(Chillicothe Gazette - Chillicothe,OH,USA) According to the National Council for Problem Gambling, a compulsive gambler is one who becomes increasingly preoccupied with gambling, has a need to bet ...
2/19/2008    Long Running Gambling Operation OTB To Shut Down in New York City

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- The OTB was a solution to a problem, Back in the late sixties, illegal bookies were corrupting New York City. A referendum was passed that called for the... (more)
12/24/2008    Losing Faith in Gambling's Allure

(BusinessWeek - USA)- But while gambling was once considered virtually recession-proof, state lotteries and casinos across the country are reporting sales declines as US ...
1/24/2008    Losing It

(Boston Globe - United States)- Bruce, a recovering gambling addict who was given anonymity, has an answer that may surprise you. I played everything. A little bit of blackjack....
12/1/2011    Lotteries Worldwide Encourage Adults to Give Responsibly

1/2/2009    Lottery falling on tough times too

(Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona Beach,FL,USA)- Two-thirds of the money going into (gambling) is coming from three categories: addicted, problem or at-risk gamblers." While addicted or problem gamblers ...
12/11/2013    Lottery plan would let gambling addicts decline winnings

(Tulsa World) - The Oklahoma Lottery Commission last week moved forward with plans to create a program to help problem gamblers. The program ...
3/11/2010    Lottery promotes awareness of problem gambling

(News & Observer)- The ad concludes by encouraging anyone who is playing too much to call the problem gambling help line at 877-718-5543. The ad is the only one the lottery is ...
3/14/2011    Lottery reminding public gambling can mean trouble

12/11/2008    Lottery sales up as economy down

(Bemidji Pioneer - Bemidji,MN,USA)- But Keith Whyte, National Council on Problem Gambling executive director, said it is possible people with low incomes view the lottery and gambling in ...
12/20/2013    Lottery tickets discouraged for underage children

(Columbia Daily Herald)- This, coupled with the growing concern about adolescent problem gambling, prompted the National Council on Problem Gambling, the International ...
12/8/2010    Louisiana judge removed from office over corruption

(BBC News)- His lawyer acknowledged that a serious gambling addiction prompted the crimes. This is only the eighth time in US history that Congress has removed a ...
3/4/2011    Louisiana Lottery Observes National Problem Gambling Awareness Week

11/20/2009    LV companies in denial about problem gambling

(Las Vegas Sun)- Although Las Vegas is the epicenter of the gaming industry, few local employee assistance programs directly address problem gambling, said Carol O'Hare, ...
1/8/2009    Lyndhurst lawyer allegedly uses $4M in stolen funds for gambling

(The Leader Newspapers - Lyndhurst,NJ,USA)- “He basically had a very, very serious gambling problem,” Alfano continued. According to the attorney, all of the money Rumore stole went to the casinos, ...
12/15/2007    Madigan gambling bill proposed

(Chicago Tribune - United States)-By David Mendell and Jeffrey Meitrodt | Tribune staff reporters December 11, 2007 House Speaker Michael Madigan unveiled a major gambling expansion on ...
1/14/2014    Maine Casinos Oppose Expanded Gambling in State

(Casino.Org News)- ... that people may oppose more gambling in their state, from moral objections to worries about problem gambling. But in Maine, gambling is finding an ... (more)
3/11/2013    Maine holds first conference on problem gambling

“Addiction is the one illness you have to convince somebody they have and then beg them to treat,” Densmore said.
10/5/2010    Mainstream Media Finally Tuning In To Online Gambling Issue In US

(Casino Gambling Web)- Over the past decade, dozens of online gaming news sites have been educating people in the US about the online gambling laws in the country. ... (more)
4/19/2010    Man Charged With Laundering $500 Million

(Courthouse News Service)- In announcing the arrest, the US Attorney's Office added: "In March 2009, Tzvetkoff stopped processing Internet gambling transactions after leading Internet ...
11/5/2007    Many Gamble On Dreams, But Few Get Help

"We see people who have destroyed their lives by playing the lottery exclusively," said Keith Whyte of the National Council on Problem Gambling.
3/11/2014    March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

(Madison County Courier)- Keith Whyte of NCPG stated that gambling is occasional and fun for most ... Problem gambling may often times start from smaller, more indirect bets; ...
3/22/2011    March Madness Gambling Brings Out Warnings From NCAA to Tournament Players

3/30/2011    March Madness May Pose Risks for Gambling Addicts

When a Bracket Pick Becomes More Than Just a Love for the Game (more)
8/17/2010    Markoff Suicide May Be Teaching Tool For Problem Gamblers

(Casino Gambling Web)- The National Council on Problem Gambling has offices set up all across the US and hotlines are available in states where gambling is prevalent. ... (more)
5/1/2010    Maryland Experiencing Similar Slot Gambling Problems As Kansas

(Casino Gambling Web)- It is a problem that new gambling director is well versed in dealing with. Steven Martino had been the head of the state of Kansas' lottery commission. ... (more)
5/22/2013    Maryland gambling exclusion expanded to lottery tickets

(Baltimore Sun)- Once signed up for the lottery exclusion list, a person is required to forfeit any lottery prize winnings — including from scratch-off tickets — to the Maryland Problem Gambling Fund. Individuals can apply for the program at the state's casinos or at ...
6/15/2013    Mass Gaming Commission hires Mark Vander Linden as director of research and problem gambling

( Vander Linden will oversee all the commission's research efforts on compulsive gambling, and serve as the head of the gaming commission's Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, according to Elaine Driscoll, communications director for the ...
5/13/2013    Mass. to study social and economic impacts of gambling

(The Providence Journal)- The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has hired a research team at UMass -Amherst to evaluate over several years the economic and social impacts of the introduction of casino gambling, specifically focused on problem gambling. The project's goals are ...
2/10/2010    Massachusetts Casino Gambling Issue Front And Center On Beacon Hill

(Casino Gambling Web)- Mohegan Sun, which is the driving force behind the push for expanded casino gambling, showed how problem gambling can be dealt with in an effective way. ... (more)
12/3/2010    McKinley Death Sheds Light on Growing Problem: The Secret Life of the Gambling Addict

PR Newswire (press release)- "Suicide as a result of gambling addiction is becoming all too common throughout the United States, as it is easily hidden from loved ones, colleagues, ...
11/8/2008    Md. voters give OK to 15,000 slots

(Baltimore Sun - United States)- Nybia Snowden, 30, a real estate agent from mid-town Baltimore, compared gambling to a drug and said she worried about the impact of problem gambling on ...
10/13/2010    Measure 75: Casino and State Lottery Collide

(Oregon Business News- press release)- The social cost of gambling are all of the costs born by society related to problems caused by compulsive gambling. How serious is this problem? ...
9/21/2007    Members Login Information

To learn how you can log into our Members Section through our website where you can view the latest newsletter, create and update your profile and membership. (more)
2/6/2013    Mental health risk increased in problem gamblers

( The researchers found that older problem gamblers were significantly more likely than their peers without a gambling problem to develop generalized anxiety disorder and/or any substance use disorder over an average follow-up period of 3 years.
6/16/2008    Mesquite football coach suspected of pawning school property acknowledges gambling addiction

(Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA)- Mr. Collins said Mr. Halpin told him that he entered treatment for a gambling problem two to three months ago. Mr. Halpin asked whether he could still be...
11/15/2010    Mets fire longtime clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels amid gambling probe

(Asbury Park Press)- AP • November 12, 2010 NEW YORK — The New York Mets fired their longtime clubhouse manager Friday amid a police investigation into illegal gambling. ...
10/30/2008    MGM Mirage Profit Falls as Gamblers Desert Vegas (Update1)

(Bloomberg - USA)- The Strip, where the company is the largest operator, may post its biggest annual gambling decline on record this year. The company also said it's ...
4/25/2011    Michigan casinos grapple with "problem" gamblers

11/14/2011    Mid-Atlantic Conference - Online Registration Closed

12/1/2011    Mid-Atlantic Conference provides training in Washington, DC.

7/28/2010    Midwest Conference On Problem Gambling Begins Today In Kansas City

(Casino Gambling Web)- Casino gambling is becoming one of the biggest industry's in the US, and with the increased gambling comes increased addiction. The Midwest Conference on ... (more)
12/31/2010    Milwaukee AFSCME Official Sentenced to Probation for Thefts

(National Legal and Policy Center)- Problem gambling has been the downfall of many union officials and employees in recent years. In the case of Paula Dorsey, at least, it also is the reason ...
5/14/2012    Milwaukee: A Fun and Affordable Destination

5/18/2012    Milwaukee: Big Cities, Small Prices

11/3/2010    Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Cisco Systems

(TMC Net)- By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor A Minnesota man with a need to fuel a gambling habit has pleaded guilty to scheming to cheat Cisco (News ...
11/15/2010    Mirapex Gambling Victim Waited Too Long to Act

(Lawyers and Settlements)- The plaintiff admitted that he first became aware of his gambling problem in 2002 and not later than 2003. Gazal also acknowledged that he became aware of a ...
8/5/2008    Mirapex Victim Awarded $8.2 Million in First Gambling Addiction Lawsuit

( - New York,NY,USA)- Charbonneau’s lawsuit not only claimed that Mirapex caused his gambling problem, but that the drug’s makers, Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim, knew about its ...
10/19/2010    Missouri a leader in dealing with problem gambling, officials say

(Southeast Missourian)- "He lost all trust from all of us." Eventually, her parents divorced, leaving Amy's mother with more than $120000 in her father's gambling debts to repay. ...
3/17/2009    Missouri House panel restores funds for problem-gambling program

(Kansas City Star - MO,USA)- By RICK ALM The Missouri House Budget Committee has restored funding to a free counseling program for problem gamblers that had been stripped from a ...
5/24/2010    Missouri man faces money-laundering charges in Maryland for online gambling funds

(Baltimore City Paper)- ... seizing tens of millions of dollars from bank accounts held by US companies alleged to have facilitated the global movement of illegal internet gambling ...
3/5/2014    Missouri to participate in National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

( (KTVI) – The Missouri Lottery and the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling is set to participate in the first ever March National Problem ...
11/24/2008    Mixed messages

Boston Globe - United States (Boston Globe - United States)- It alerts them to the signs and symptoms of problem gambling and tells them of resources for help, said Chien-Chi Huang of the state Council on Compulsive ...
9/24/2010    Mohegan Sun not retreating

(Norwich Bulletin)- “I'm pro-reality,” said Lori Rugle, Connecticut state government's director of problem gambling services. “We seek to promote informed choices about ...
8/27/2007    MONEY MANIA: Mega Millions ticket sales soar

Judy Herriff, executive director of the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling, said highly advertised jackpots give people false hope. ...
1/6/2011    Monica Yant Kinney: Doubling down on helping problem gamblers

(Philadelphia Inquirer)- Rendell pooh-poohed problem gambling the same day his health commissioner launched the well-intentioned, if horribly designed, problem-gambling website. ..
3/17/2009    Monica Yant Kinney: For gambling addict, N.J. list is a loser

(Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA)- Just as he should have, since casinos and politicians tout the list as a way to save problem gamblers from themselves. Gambling may be new to Pennsylvania, ...
8/29/2011    Morality over/under: Gambling on HS football

7/24/2008    More concern for problem gambling

(Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT,USA)- s Web site are: Gambler's Anonymous, which has a hot-line, (800) 266-1908; and the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, which offers help at (800)...
9/18/2007    More States Roll Dice on Casino Operations

States are playing their version of "keeping up with the Joneses" as they scramble for a bigger piece of the gambling pie. Kansas this year made the most ...
2/24/2010    More women struggle with gambling addiction

(Norwich Bulletin)- The problem gambling gap between men and women is closing rapidly, according to Marvin Steinberg, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem ...
11/8/2013    Most Kansas casino fund dollars don't treat problem gambling, report says

(Wichita Business Journal )- Two percent of revenue from Kansas' state-owned casinos, plus money from the Kansas Lottery and bingo, goes into a fund intended, in part, to help treat ...
1/13/2008    Mulvane gets warmer to idea of casino

( - KS,USA) At least one of the Mulvane casino proposals is likely to survive the endorsement wars in Sumner County. Four of the five Mulvane City Council members say they are leaning toward approving the $500 million resort proposed by Harrah's Entertainment-Sumner Gaming and Resorts, if the proposal meets state, county and city requirements.
9/28/2011    My gambling addiction started at age 10

3/6/2012    My Story-Rev. Roger Olsen

Rev. Olsen's 17-year GA anniversary was on Sunday, just in time for NPGAW. NCPG thanks him for allowing us to share his story. (more)
8/15/2007    N.B.A. Referee Pleads Guilty to Gambling Charges

"I think he has had a severe gambling problem for a while that went untreated," Lauro said of Donaghy. Donaghy's downfall and the resulting scandal that has ... (more)
11/8/2008    N.B.A. Referee Speaks as Gambling Cloud Passes

(New York Times - United States)- There was never any indication that Donaghy had become entangled with professional gamblers, or that he even had a gambling problem. ...
6/10/2009    N.J. push to legalize sports betting is futile

(The Star-Ledger - - Newark,NJ,USA)- Wexler says he not an "abolitionist," but warns sports betting and internet gambling will create a new generation of problem gamblers. ...
5/22/2013    Nathan Hindmarsh face of new campaign to help problem gamblers

(Courier Mail)- "Unfortunately, this attitude makes it hard for problem gamblers to ask their club or pub to ban them from gambling at the venue, or to seek support from family or counselling services. "Only 15 per cent of problem gamblers seek professional help ...
9/1/2009    National Council on Problem Gambling Comments on Menendez Bill

(Poker News Daily)- National Council on Problem Gambling Executive Director Keith Whyte told Poker News Daily, “We think, overall, it's responsible that if you're going to have ... (more)
12/2/2009    National Council on Problem Gambling Head Discusses Internet Research

(Poker News Daily)- At the helm of the National Council on Problem Gambling is Keith Whyte, who sat down with Poker News Daily to discuss the internet side of problem gambling ...
2/27/2013    National Council on Problem Gambling Urges Individuals with Gambling Problems to Reach Out for Help

3/28/2013    National Council on Problem Gambling: Watch Out for Signs of Problem Gambling During March Madness

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is now in full swing, but for some gamblers March Madness describes more than just a sporting event, it describes their life. This time of year is particularly difficult for recovering gambling addicts. Brackets are filled out and often times, whether legal or illegal, money is wagered on these brackets, bets are placed on favorite teams and players, and those wagering are eager to see if they placed a smart bet. (more)
9/25/2008    National Harbor to Host Anti-Gambling Conference

(Washington Post - United States)- Martin Luther King Jr. and an acclaimed chronicler of the civil rights movement, will headline a two-day anti-gambling conference at National Harbor on ...
9/21/2009    National Priorities for Problem Gambling Research: Future Directions

2/7/2012    National Problem Gambling Awareness

March 4-10, 2012 (more)
2/26/2009    National Problem Gambling Awareness week is March 1-7

(WOWT - Omaha,NE,USA)- However, for some people, a switch is flipped that begins a downward spiral into problem gambling. "Problem gambling is progressive," said Iowa Dept. of ...
2/19/2009    National Problem Gambling Awareness Week to Occur March 1-7

(Poker News Daily - Las Vegas,NV,USA)- By Dan Cypra for POKER NEWS DAILY | Posted on February 18, 2009 From March 1st through 7th, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) will host its ... (more)
12/7/2007    NCAA Condemns Gambling While Fixing Their Own Bet

The NCAA has long taken a harsh anti-gambling stance. They have a well-orchestrated "Don't Bet on It" campaign including a website ( ... (more)
5/25/2007    NCAA pools raise concern about student gambling

When Chen Zhang paid $5 to enter his fraternity's March Madness pool, he wasn't sure what to expect. After all, it was only $5, and he "just had to do it."
4/4/2011    NCAA tourney not helping problem gamblers

3/19/2012    NCAA, California Work To Combat Problem Gambling

12/10/2010    NCPG

NCPG's office will be closed Friday, December 24th and Friday, December 31st in observance of Christmas and the New Year. 


1/9/2011    NCPG 25th Annual Conference Call for Papers

February 16, 2011

Visit for more info.

3/1/2011    NCPG Adds New Director of Development and Membership

7/12/2012    NCPG Announces New Board Officers

6/1/2011    NCPG Announces New Board President

5/1/2011    NCPG Closed for Holiday

In observance of Memorial Day, our office will be closed Monday, May 30, 2011 and will reopen on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
5/14/2010    NCPG Discussion Forum: New Topic Conference Hotel

We're counting down the final 30 days before the conference! If you haven't reserved your hotel room yet, you need to hurry! (more)
2/11/2013    NCPG Encourages the Public to Participate in National Problem Gambling Awareness Week: March 3-9, 20

March 3 – 9, 2013 marks the nation’s 11th Annual National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. The theme this year is Problem Gambling: A New Understanding of a Community Concern..... 

12/7/2007    NCPG enhances problem gambling helplines

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has partnered the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to enhance its problem gambling helplines... (more)
2/20/2010    NCPG Information Item: CPG To Be Introduced in US Senate on March 8

The Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act will be introduced in the Senate by Senators Brownback (R-KS) and Merkley (D-OR) on Monday, March 8, in conjunction with NPGAW. This is the companion bill to HR 2906 in the House. For the first time ever there will be legislation in both chambers of Congress to provide funds for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

7/2/2012    NCPG Office Hours July 4, 2012

The NCPG office will be closed Wednesday July 4, 2012 in observance of Independence day.

5/24/2013    NCPG Press Release: Strikes For Responsible Gaming!

“Strikes for Responsible Gaming” was the theme as attendees at the LaFleur’s Lottery Symposium came together to bowl on Tuesday, April 30. Participants at the charitable event enjoyed an evening of food, fun and bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes in Washington, DC, with proceeds benefiting the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). The event was hosted by TLF Publications and sponsored by Diamond Game, the Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and Virginia Lotteries......
2/27/2014    NCPG Promotes March 2014 as National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

The prevalence of gambling today is woven into everyday life - from weekly poker nights, to Internet games, to bingo parlors, to Sunday football, even the phrase “I bet you…” that is commonly used in our language. Gambling is occasional and fun for most adults, but for 6 to 8 million Americans it negatively affects finances, work, and family.

1/31/2013    NCPG Super Bowl Press Release

Don't Let Betting on the Super Bowl Take Control: The National Council on Problem Gambling Offers Help and Hope to Gambling Addicts

The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers take the field on Sunday, but the Lombardi Trophy is not the only thing on the line. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year for gamblers. For some, betting on the game is a desperate effort to get ahead or get even...

10/17/2011    NCPG Testifies Oct 25, 2011

NCPG Testifies at Oct 25, 2011 House Energy & Commerce, Commerce Manufacturing & Trade (CMT) Subcommittee hearing on Internet Gambling!
12/17/2013    NCPG Urges Responsibility as Lottery Fever Heats Up Read more:

( Keith Whyte, Executive Director, National Council on Problem Gambling states, “High lottery jackpots and holiday promotions are an opportunity to ...
2/19/2010    NCPG's Blog Announcement

NCPG has a blog where you can share thoughts, ideas, and discuss various topics..... (more)
11/16/2012    NCPG's Letter to Veteran Affairs

Click here to view NCPG's Letter to the Department of Veteran Affairs about gambling in the military

10/26/2011    NCPG, Executive Director, Keith Whyte testifies on Internet Gambling

8/8/2012    NCRG Gambling and Health Series

4/7/2008    NCRG Spending Millions On Research

(IGaming (press release) - USA)- These donations marked a five-fold increase in the amounts both contributed last year, indicating how seriously they take the issue of problem gambling....
1/28/2013    Nebraska Officials Urge Problem Gamblers to Seek Help

(1011now)-Scot Adams, the state's behavioral services director, says problem gamblers may bet more than they can afford, lie about money and time spent gambling, and chase their losses. The state also offers a website to help residents who may have a gambling ...
6/7/2010    Nevada Gaming Control Board Member Says Internet Gambling 'Illegal'

( Sayre was determined to point out that online gambling is 'illegal' in the USA mentioning the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Two poker events in ... (more)
8/13/2008    Nevada reports decline in June gambling revenue

( - USA)_ NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Gambling revenue dipped 1.1 percent for the state of Nevada in the month of June as revenue collected by the largest casinos ...
2/22/2011    Nevada Seeks to Cut Funds for Treating Gambling Addiction

(New York Times)- And for 35 years, gambling was his life: he worked in the industry and made his own bets on sports and horses. But when he was laid off in 2006, he made his way to the Las Vegas Problem Gambling Center, and it has now been years since he placed a bet. ...
7/7/2011    Nevada State Officials Finalize Five-Year Strategic Plan To Fight Problem and Pathological Gambling

2/23/2010    New campaign targets underage gamblers

( "Zander" is a fictional character who helped attract millions of people to a new problem gambling campaign on Facebook. "Zander is the typical underage ...
9/21/2010    New feminist fight: Gambling addiction

(Bellingham Herald)- From multi-million dollar state-run lottery programs to glitzy Indian casinos to online slots that can be played in the privacy of one's own home, gambling ...
5/7/2013    New group to raise awareness of problem gambling

(San Francisco Chronicle)- CHICAGO (AP) — Representatives from Illinois' gaming industry and the addiction treatment community are teaming up to raise awareness of problem gambling. The Illinois Alliance on Problem Gambling includes members of the Illinois Gaming Board, the ...
1/19/2011    New Jersey First to Regulate Online Gambling

(Online Casino Reports)- The Intra-State Internet Gambling bill passed both houses of the legislature last week, paving the way for New Jersey casinos to accept bets online. ...
1/12/2011    New Jersey Quietly Approves Online Gambling Bill

( With the failure of Harry Reid's attempt in late 2010 to pass national legislation easing burdens on the internet gambling industry, advocates have been ...
12/6/2012    New Resources Provide Responsible Gambling Strategies

7/8/2008    New Rule Could Increase Casino Gambling Revenue In Indiana

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- The expansion of casino gambling is happening quickly around the United States, and competition for the gambling dollars is growing. ...
4/4/2011    New Site for Fighting Student Gambling Addition

8/12/2010    New Site Lets Students Gamble on Their Grades

(Los Angeles Times)- The website has created some controversy, but Ultrinsic insists it isn't encouraging online gambling -- which is illegal in the United States. ...
5/30/2011    New treatment center for compulsive female gamblers in Scottsdale

High number of women seek aid for addiction (more)
12/27/2007    Next-generation slots will appeal to video gamers

(Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA)-Young people are heading to Las Vegas and other gambling hot spots in large numbers. The problem for the industry is that they spend much less time in the...
12/7/2012    NFL censors Bradley Cooper interview over gambling movi

4/13/2012    NFL lifts ban on casino ads for two years

1/22/2014    NFL: Super Bowl a gamble for many

The Journal News | - But for problem gamblers, the country's biggest sports-gambling day of the year can pose a dangerous temptation. The thrill of winning a high-stakes ...
5/22/2013    NH Casino Would Mean Building Addiction Services From The Ground Up

(New Hampshire Public Radio)- Whyte says no one knows for sure how many people in the state might have a problem with gambling. His group provides a wide estimate of somewhere between 13,000 and 40,000. If someone does call the hotline, the group refers him or her to one of those ...
10/23/2013    NH gambling panel to hear from Mass. official

(Daily Item)- CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The director of research and problem gambling for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is scheduled to appear before a New ...
3/7/2009    NH House kills 2 bills to allow video slots

(Forbes - NY,USA)- "If you're concerned with problem gambling, this is going to create much more of it," said Manchester Republican Steve Vaillancourt. ...
1/9/2014    Niles testimony on video gambling goes on despite severe cold

(Chicago Tribune)- Moreover, she said, research also shows that video gambling terminals in close proximity to problem gamblers cause social problems that cost an ...
2/6/2013    NJ Internet Gambling Bill: Protect Kids, Problem Gamblers, and the Economy

(Fort Mills Times)- The internet gambling bill awaiting Governor Christie's signature this week provides more than just a market for online gaming – it will strengthen the state's economy and protect children and problem gamblers, according to two white papers issued by ...
4/5/2010    NJ Lottery aids gambling awareness campaign

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, which was also honored by a New Jersey Senate resolution honoring its efforts, was given a promotion boost by state lottery officials.To help promote awareness of problem gambling and that help is available to deal with gambling problems, Steven Palmieri, acting executive director of the New Jersey Lottery, met with Don Weinbaum, executive director of the CCGNJ, and Jeff Beck, chairman of the Eighth Annual National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, to discuss joint efforts.
11/12/2013    NJ Players Can Self-Exclude from iGaming Sites

( As in many other states, those who feel they have a problem with gambling that is beyond ... In moving to offer problem gamblers the ability to be precluded from ... (more)
5/3/2013    NJ seeks expanded problem gambling services to young people as state implements online betting

(The Republic)- TRENTON, New Jersey — New Jersey officials seeking new ways to expand services to young at-risk problem gamblers suggested Wednesday that college campuses create rules on gaming like they have on drugs and alcohol. Gambling industry leaders ...
10/15/2010    No Mention Of Online Gambling In Christine O'Donnell Debate

(Casino Gambling Web)- The two candidates squared off on several issues, none of which involved online gambling. This November, voters will go to the polls in the US for mid-term ... (more)
4/1/2013    No one wins when children play with gambling apps

(The Australian)- CASINO-style social media gambling apps are grooming children under 13 with inflated odds that experts fear is nurturing the next generation of problem gamblers and skewing their expectations when it comes to real money. The situation is so dire Clubs ...
7/20/2010    North America Finally Has Regulated Online Gambling Website

(Casino Gambling Web)- In the US, several states have explored the option of regulating online poker. Representative Barney Frank is leading a charge to regulate Internet gambling ... (more)
9/24/2009    NPGAW 2010

Its time to put on our thinking caps. You have all seen a part of NPGAW in the past. I am looking to formulate this year's committee with hope of having a first conference call by October 10. Please advise whether you are willing to be a part of the 2010 efforts. Please contact Jeffrey Beck if you are interested in participating in NPGAW 2010!!

3/20/2012    NPGAW 2012 Summary as of 3/20/2012

3/1/2013    NPGAW Week March 3-9, 2013

National Problem Gambling Awareness Week (NPGAW) is just around the corner..... (more)
9/7/2007    Number of problem gamblers grows with casinos in Wisconsin

The number of people seeking help for problem gambling has more than doubled in the past 10 years, according to the Wisconsin Council on ...
2/26/2009    NY Gambling on Gambling to Close Budget Gap

(WXXI - Rochester,NY,USA)- But James Maney, executive director of the New York Council on Problem Gambling, says the expansion will mean more New Yorkers will lose money, ...
11/18/2013    NY to require better signs for compulsive gamblers

(Wall Street Journal)- The state Council on Problem Gambling reported that the line received only 1,449 calls in 2011 although about 1 million New Yorkers have been identified with ...
7/21/2011    NY Woman Gambles Stolen $617,000 At Turning Stone Casino

11/7/2007    NYS OASAS Releases Findings from Adolescent and Adult Problem Gambling Surveys

The surveys, conducted in 2006, are the first on the issue of problem gambling since it became part of the addiction prevention, treatment,... (more)
12/15/2007    OASAS Announces $525,000 For Problem Gambling Prevention And Treatment Services

(ReadMedia-Press Release-Albany,NY,USA): A National Gambling Impact Study Commission report on pathological gambling found that the prevalence of problem gambling increases by 50 percent in... (more)
2/4/2008    Odds not only risk for online gamblers

(Mid Columbia Tri City Herald - Kennewick,WA,USA)- Of the number of people who seek treatment for problem gambling, 9 percent have trouble with Internet gambling, along with bingo, roulette and more,...
12/24/2012    Office Closed-Christmas

The office will be closed in observance of Christmas on Monday, December 24, 2012 and Tuesday, December 25, 2012. We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, December 26, 2012.

NCPG Staff

10/2/2012    Office Closed-Columbus Day

The office will be closed in observance of Columbus Day on Monday, October 8, 2012. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, October 9, 2012. NCPG Staff
8/27/2012    Office Closed-Labor Day

The office will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 3, 2012. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

12/31/2012    Office Closed-New Years

The office will be closed in observance of New Years on Monday, December 31, 2012 and Tuesday, January 1, 2013. We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

NCPG Staff

11/15/2012    Office Closed-Thanksgiving Day

The office will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday, November 22, 2012 and Friday, November 23, 2012. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, November 26, 2012. NCPG Staff

11/5/2012    Office Closed-Veterans Day

The office will be closed in observance of Veterans Day on Monday, November 12, 2012. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. NCPG Staff
11/5/2007    Officials say they can't predict gambling's social costs

They argued that the administration shouldn't commit to the gambling proposal until they have a better grasp of the problem. "I raise the question about ... (more)
4/2/2010    Officials Spotlight Initiatives Promoting Responsible Lottery Play

TRENTON-- Recently, Governor Chris Christie has issued a Proclamation declaring March 2010 Problem Gambling Awareness Month in New Jersey, and the New Jersey Senate passed a Resolution recognizing the work of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. (CCGNJ).
1/22/2014    Ohio ads use humor to address problem gambling

WFMJ - COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio Lottery Commission is trying to draw attention to serious messages about problem gambling by depicting outcomes ...
5/23/2012    Ohio Casinos Offering Voluntary Bans for Problem Gamblers

11/8/2008    Ohio defeats casino issue, keeps lending limits

(Forbes - NY,USA)- By MARK WILLIAMS 11.05.08, 10:19 AM ET Ohio voters on Tuesday rejected a proposed $600 million casino, the fourth time plans for expanded gambling in the ...
5/29/2012    Ohio draws comparison to Singapore as fertile market for casino gambling

8/14/2013    Ohio targets problem gambling as casino bans grow

(Houston Chronicle)- The number of problem gamblers is expected to rise as gambling sites are added. A state survey last year said 250,000 adult Ohioans are either problem ...
4/26/2010    Ohio To Receive Information On Problem Gambling In July

(Casino Gambling Web)- Many states across the US have expanded their gambling options, and it has led to an increase in call to gambling addiction hot lines. ... (more)
12/11/2007    Ohio Woman Accused of Stealing Money To Feed Gambling Addiction

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)-When one thinks of problem gamblers, usually sports or casino gamblers is what comes to mind. Gambling problems can come in all walks of life, ... (more)
8/22/2011    Oklahoma's gambling addicts put life on line for big win

3/9/2012    Older Adults at Increased Risk of Gambling Addiction

National Problem Gambling Awareness Week: March 4-12, 2012 (more)
9/17/2008    Older problem gamblers may face greater suicide risk than younger counterparts, study finds

(EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA)- WASHINGTON – Compared to their younger counterparts, older problem gamblers who ask casinos to bar them from returning are three to four times more likely ...
1/14/2013    OLG champions sustainable gambling concept

(National Post)- Mr. Pellizzari notes that the analytics tools don't diagnose problem gambling—they simply identify behaviours that may be consistent with the early signs of problem gambling, before they become a problem. “We seek to implement helpful methods that ...
5/22/2009    Omaha man pleads not guilty in gambling debt case

(San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA)- ... philanthropist pleaded not guilty Wednesday to felony charges that he failed to repay almost $15 million in gambling debts to two Las Vegas casinos. ...
1/2/2008    On-Base Gambling on the Brink

( - USA)- .. personnel had experienced a gambling-related problem in their lifetime, and about 2 percent fit the classification for pathological gambling problems....
4/23/2008    Online casinos for U.S. players facing economic challenge

(Online Gambling Paper - Atlanta,GA,USA)- Naturally, there is a point when even gambling is not lucrative enough (let's face it, most people gamble to win and the trill of gambling is just gravy),...
10/15/2013    Online gamblers more at risk of addiction

(Herald Sun)- Her research has found half of problem gamblers betting online have developed their addictions after using internet gambling but half already had a problem ...
6/15/2010    Online Gamblers Receive A Scare From BankAtlantic System Glitch

(Casino Gambling Web)- Representative Barney Frank has proposed legislation that would overturn the UIGEA and set up a regulated system in the US for Internet gambling. Rep. ... (more)
1/10/2012    Online Gambling Broke UConn Poker Addict — Now We Want To Make It Legal?

'I Hope The Legislators Are Prepared For The World They Are Opening Up' (more)
1/25/2011    Online Gambling Could Help Solve Issues In State Of The Union 2011

(Casino Gambling Web)- It has been estimated that billions of dollars annually would be gained in tax revenue if Internet gambling was regulated. The biggest thing holding back ... (more)
9/16/2010    Online Gambling Funds Forfeiture Could Lead To Changing US Law

(Casino Gambling Web)- The longer the US government looks into the world of online gambling, the quicker it may change the current laws. Goldwater Bank agreed to forfeit $733804 ... (more)
1/10/2011    Online Gambling History May Be Made In New Jersey Assembly Today

(Casino Gambling Web)- With New Jersey becoming a ground-breaker for Internet gambling, it is likely that other states will soon follow and create their own laws regarding the ... (more)
3/13/2013    Online gambling in NJ raises concerns for compulsive gamblers with 'hidden addiction'

(The Star-Ledger - A recovering compulsive gambler himself — his last bet was more than 16 years ago — Beck said that the council is neutral on gambling, as the vast majority of people who choose to gamble never develop a problem. Beck worries, though, that if ...
7/27/2010    Online Gambling Markup Scheduled Third Today In House Finance Committee

(Casino Gambling Web)- Representative Barney Frank will take another step today towards creating a regulated online gambling industry in the US. Frank's proposed HR 2267, ... (more)
1/5/2011    Online gambling not a good bet

( 4 (UPI) -- Expanding legal Internet gambling in the United States is a long shot now that Congress is more heavily Republican, gaming industry experts say. ...
5/31/2011    Online Gambling Spawns Addiction, Study Shows

Adolescents found to be most at risk (more)
9/13/2013    Online gaming addiction could be new menace

(Nelson Mail)- This experience spurred Dr Townshend to start a support group for problem gamblers in Nelson, which led to him being hired by the Problem Gambling ...
5/5/2008    Online gaming law ambiguities could scuttle Kentucky Derby bets

(Boston Herald - United States)- "The problem is that in some states online gambling is legal, in others it is not and in still other cases the question depends on where the bettor is, ... (more)
5/7/2010    Online Poker

(Gaming Today Slots Today)-American gamblers are apparently undeterred by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which effectively bans Internet gambling in the US by ... (more)
12/28/2010    Online Poker Players Keep Jobs Thanks To Republican Lawmakers

(Casino Gambling Web)- ... that would have given his support group in Nevada (big time Las Vegas gaming companies) the keys to the Internet gambling industry in the US. ... (more)
12/7/2010    Online Poker Players May Be Shut Out For Fifteen Months Under Reid Bill

(Casino Gambling Web)- It also would provide time for safeguards to be put in place regarding potential problem gambling or underage gambling. The bill will most likely have to be ... (more)
12/1/2010    Ontario Increases Help For Problem Gamblers At Casinos

(Casino Gambling Web)- Despite the gambling help, the state still has a massive deficit to deal with in the aftermath of the economic recession in the US. ... (more)
9/29/2011    Oregon Lottery Airs New Problem Gambling Ads

1/28/2013    Oregon lottery bills target problem gambling

( lotterygames.JPG Oregon lawmakers will consider new laws aimed at curbing problem gamblers who play lottery games. Brent Wojahn/The Oregonian. Rep. Carolyn Tomei has no illusions that she can stop Oregon's state-sponsored gambling, which pumps ...
11/24/2013    Oregon Lottery: Series looks at tie between state gambling, addiction

( But rather than pull back on video machines, a form of gambling considered particularly seductive to problem gamblers, the state has an ambitious plan to ...
8/30/2007    Oregon problem gambling program goes online

Help is only a mouse click away for people addicted to the Oregon Lottery's video games or other gambling. Oregon's state-sponsored problem gambling ...
10/5/2009    Oregon's awkward hush on problem gambling

( He needed help but very little was available for problem gamblers back then. One morning, on a Thursday, he shot himself in his Portland apartment ...
3/31/2008    Other states profit from Ohio's gambling fever

(The Plain Dealer - - Cleveland,OH,USA)- Just as there is a cost to legalized gambling -- more problem gamblers and gambling addictions, for example -- there is a cost to not gambling, experts say....
9/12/2011    OUR OPINION: Don’t water down aid to gambling addicts

4/8/2009    Overall youth gambling down, but Internet’s lure draws concern

(South Lincoln County News - Waldport,OR,USA)- The study findings, which are in a report titled “Oregon Youth and Their Parents: Gambling and Problem Gambling Prevalence and Attitudes,” will be used to ...
1/29/2010    PA Gaming Control Board Fines Another Casino for Underage Gambling

(USA Online Gambling News)- Over the past two years, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has had to issue a great number of fines to casinos within the state over underage gambling. ... (more)
1/29/2010    PA Gaming Control Board Fines Casino for Underage Gambling Violations

PR Newswire (press release)- At this web site, videos and information on the operation of the PGCB, problem gambling efforts and assistance, future meeting schedules and past meeting ...
10/3/2008    PA Gaming Control Board Recognized for Its Support of Problem Gambling Awareness Programs

(MarketWatch - USA)- The PGCB's Director of the Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, Nanette L. Horner, accepted the award yesterday during the Council's statewide problem ...
3/4/2010    Pa. casino fined $100,000 over underage gambling

(BusinessWeek)- Pennsylvania gambling regulators have fined the resort casino in the Poconos $100000 over underage gambling violations. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control ...
11/18/2013    Parental Monitoring Lowers Odds of a Gambling Problem

( Keeping an eye on your child can lower their odds for gambling by young adulthood, according to research conducted at the Mailman School of Public Health.
8/16/2010    Parents Leaving Children In Car While Gambling Becoming A Problem

(Casino Gambling Web)- Perhaps Harran does not understand gambling addiction, but several problem gambling counselors warn that family abandonment can be part of the process. ... (more)
5/9/2012    Participate in Research Study on Problem Gambling

1/8/2009    PartyGaming Sues Former Owner of Empire Online Over 2006 Sale

(Bloomberg - USA)- Livermore used to operate as the online gaming company Empire Online until Gibraltar-based PartyGaming bought its gambling business in 2006 for $38 million. ...
11/10/2008    Passing of Dr. Rena M. Nora

It is with great sadness that we report the news of Dr. Rena Nora's passing on Saturday, November 8, 2008. Dr. Nora was a great friend of the NCPG and words cannot express how much she will be missed by all. (more)
7/12/2011    Pathways now offers gambling services

10/8/2010    Patrice Tierney Politicians Wife indicted For Gambling Activities

( Eremian is alleged to operate a well established internet sports betting site from Antigua, using a bank account in the United States that was managed by ... (more)
1/12/2010    Pennsylvania Begins Preparations For Problem Gambling Funding

(Casino Gambling Web)- There also, however, is the possibility of problem gambling increasing in the state. That is why, along with the other areas of interest, ... (more)
8/23/2010    Pennsylvania Gaming Board Warns Parx Casino On Abandoned Children

(Casino Gambling Web)- Pennsylvania casino gambling is becoming one of the strongest in the industry across the US. In recent months, Pennsylvania casinos have added table games, ... (more)
3/7/2012    Pennsylvania Observes 'Problem Gambling Awareness Week' March 4-10

12/11/2007    Pentagon slots funding troops' vacation trips

(The Hill - Washington,DC,USA)-Compounding the problem with gambling addiction is a surge in casinos across the country in proximity to military bases, as well as easily accessible ...
1/5/2014    People in poor neighborhoods are twice as likely to have gambling problems, study finds

(UB News Center)- BUFFALO, N.Y. – The poorer the neighborhood, the higher the risk for problem gambling, according to a study from the University at Buffalo Research ...
1/9/2014    People Living in Poor Neighborhoods More Likely to Gamble

(Science World Report)- Problem gambling is determined by several symptoms including gambling with increasing amounts of money, continuous unsuccessful efforts to quit ...
1/2/2013    Percentage of Iowans with gambling problems drops despite more casinos

(The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines-blog)- However, Dr. Donald W. Black, says the survey results aren't apt to prompt backers of a new Cedar Rapids gaming casino to feature him or his work in a promotional campaign for the proposed new casino. The survey results still focus on problem gambling,...


8/29/2008    PGCB Fines Casino Operator for Underage Gambling and Security Lapses

(MarketWatch - USA)- In addition to the fines, Harrah's will make a $5000 donation to the Problem Gaming Education and Outreach Fund. The underage slots gambling penalty of ...
3/11/2008    PGCB Participates in National Problem Gambling Awareness Week

(Biloxi Sun Herald - MS, USA)- By Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Recognizing the effects problem gambling can have on citizens, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is actively...
3/14/2013    Pickett leads effort to raise awareness of problem gambling

(Towanda Daily Review)- To help raise awareness of problem gambling as a serious public health issue, Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna), chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, secured House passage of a measure to retroactively mark March 3-9 ...
10/26/2007    Pitt School of Social Work to Launch Nationally Cert. Gambling Counselor Training Prgm in Feb '08

Pitt's Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor Program is in accordance with the National Council on Problem Gambling regulations, and the certificate is ...
1/24/2008    Pittsburgh not ready for gambling impact

( - Charlotte,NC,USA)-More than 75 percent of the agencies do not screen for or treat problem gambling, nor have they provided such training for staff....
11/24/2008    Play your cards right; steer clear of compulsive gambling

( - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA)- This hype may also explain the 14 percent increase in card playing problems reported by callers to the FCCG's problem gambling helpline in the past year. ...
6/17/2011    Players may be disciplined for gaming investment

11/26/2012    Please help NCPG meet the challenge of helping everyone affected by problem gambling.

7/8/2010    Poker operation busted on Southside

(Indianapolis Star)- Mary Atteberry, a spokeswoman for UIndy, said the school has had no indication that gambling was a problem for some students. She said campus police also ...
5/11/2010    Poker Players Alliance Petitions Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke

( The Poker Players Alliance has petitioned the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve Board to clarify Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act ... (more)
7/22/2010    Poker star tells House panel that online gambling should be legal

(Dallas Morning News)- Duke told the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday that Congress should legalize and regulate the thriving underground market for online gambling ...

9/16/2013    Policing Gamblers Who Can't Police Themselves

(NBC 10 Philadelphia)- "When people sign up, we tell them, It is your responsibility to stay out of the casino," Liz Lanza, director of the office of compulsive and problem gambling for the ...
9/9/2013    Policing gamblers who can't police themselves isn't easy

( "When people sign up, we tell them, It is your responsibility to stay out of the casino," said Liz Lanza, director of the office of compulsive and problem gambling ..
11/4/2013    POV: Social costs of gambling

(Saugerties Times)- An estimated two to three per cent of adults in the U.S. are problem gamblers (people unable to resist the urge and experience negative social and family ...
4/10/2012    Poverty, homelessness and a suicide attempt: Mother and daughter tell tale of gambling addiction

10/23/2008    PRESS DIGEST - Financial Times

(Reuters - USA)- The 19 million pounds which the levy will raise in the ensuing three years is to be spent on education and research into problem gambling. ...
1/31/2014    Prevention beats cure

(Sunraysia Daily) - That figure prompted a renewed call locally for action on gambling reforms, ... “Often crime goes hand-in-hand with problem gambling (as) crime and ...
10/21/2009    Pro and con arguments about casinos neglect to mention addiction

(Akron Beacon Journal)- Jenny Campbell-Roux, Ohio Council on Problem Gambling executive director, said her organization is not taking a position on Issue 3. ...
5/1/2013    Problem gambler pleads for city to keep casino out

(Waterloo Record)- KITCHENER — Sue Pallas' voice cracked with sobs Tuesday night as the recovering gambling addict pleaded with city councillors to keep a casino out of this city. “I am here today to put a face to the problem gambler,” the 56-year-old woman said during ...
9/28/2010    Problem gamblers at crossroads

(Times LIVE)- William Eadington, of the Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gambling, at the University of Nevada, US, said illegal gambling was a concern ...
3/18/2013    Problem gamblers can gamble on gettin help

(Aitkin Independent Age)_ Problem gambling can affect anyone in any community. Gambling addictions are often difficult to detect, because the outward signs may not be obvious. However, it is estimated that there are between six and eight million Americans who are compulsive ...
5/29/2008    Problem Gamblers Gamble To Relieve Tension, According To Study

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- While Clarke found that about seventeen percent of the subjects surveyed were problem gamblers, the reasons for their gambling appeared to be tension....
11/27/2007    Problem gamblers need help sooner rather than later

The Pennsylvania Department of Health receives annual funding of $1.5 million to deal with problem gambling. But even though researchers place the number of ...
10/21/2009    Problem gamblers to receive state help

(Arkansas Democrat Gazette)- By Michael Wickline With the advent of its state-sponsored gambling, Arkansas is making more extensive preparations than ever before to help gamblers who ...
8/1/2011    Problem Gambling

Janet E. Jacobs
2/25/2013    Problem gambling a big deal to casinos

(U-T San Diego)- According to the California Council on Problem Gambling, 3.7 percent of adults are problem gamblers. At Sycuan Casino, staff is trained to identify the signs of potential problem gambling. Our graduated system for dealing with problem gamblers revolves ... (more)
7/9/2009    Problem Gambling Act is First National Funding for Treatment

(Online Casino Advisory - Vancouver,Canada)- Congress is considering the Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act, the first federal effort to fund education and treatment of the impulse-control disorder.... (more)
6/4/2013    Problem Gambling Advocates ‘Thrown Under The Bus’ By Keno

(CT Newsjunkie)- Advocates concerned with problem gambling crashed a Monday morning press conference, saying they felt “thrown under the bus” by the budget the House passed Sunday which would legalize Keno in Connecticut. The two-year budget approved by the ...
9/28/2010    Problem gambling among young people must be addressed, warns charity

(Children & Young People Now)- Charity GamCare provides support and advice about problem gambling and runs a national helpline. It decided to investigate the problem partly because of ...
11/20/2009    Problem Gambling and Substance Abuse Disorders

(Madison County Courier)- Problem gambling and substance abuse disorders often go hand in hand. Research suggests that almost fifty percent of problem gamblers also have a problem ...
3/1/2013    Problem gambling awareness takes center stage in Sumner County - See more at: http://www.wellingtond

(Wellington Daily News)- It's the scratch of a ticket, drop of a coin, or roll of the dice – gambling takes on many forms. For some, what starts as occasional fun has the potential to turn into a constant problem. March 3 through March 9 is Problem Gambling (PG) Awareness week ...
3/7/2012    Problem Gambling Awareness Week in the State of Florida

11/4/2013    Problem Gambling Behavior Reduced in Rat Packs

(Casino.Org News )- The team's findings suggest that blocking the D4 dopamine receptor may help to reduce the pathological gambling behaviors found increasingly in humans, but ... (more)
2/26/2009    Problem Gambling Calls Involving Blackjack Expected In Florida

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- The Miami Herald in South Florida is reporting that there has been a spike in problem gambling calls to the state's help line involving blackjack. ... (more)
7/22/2013    Problem gambling can stop

(Gloversville Leader-Herald)-Throughout New York state, problem gambling affects people of all ages, genders, occupations and backgrounds. Nowadays, we are all connected to social media in one way or another, making it almost impossible to live without Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest ...
1/16/2009    Problem Gambling Center Draws Rave Reviews For Internet Counseling

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Naturally, they also are ahead of the US when it comes to helping their problem gamblers. "GamCare is leading the way in providing support for those with a ... (more)
8/14/2013    Problem gambling clinic expands in Portland with $50,000 grant

( )- "We quickly realized we need to be there with an expanded schedule to fully the needs of problem gamblers and their significant others," Pidcock said. The clinic ...
3/11/2008    Problem gambling comes at a cost

(Windsor Star - Ontario, Canada)- Shawn Carey, 42, poses in a room at the Windsor Problem Gambling Services organization Friday. The Sarnia man checked himself into the residential program...
5/13/2008    Problem Gambling Common Among Young Adults

(Washington Post - United States)- Problem gambling is defined as gambling associated with three or more negative consequences, such as gambling more than you intended or stealing money to...
7/13/2010    Problem Gambling Competition Offers Missouri Students Scholarships

(Casino Gambling Web)- The Missouri Gaming Association wants to ensure that underage gamblers stay out of their casinos. That is why the Association has given away scholarships for students who raise awareness for their fellow students... (more)
1/10/2012    Problem gambling continues statewide

Hotline gets fewer calls, but the debt reported is higher (more)
12/24/2013    Problem gambling council’s mission evolves with times

(Las Vegas Review-Journal)- Carol O'Hare, executive director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, works in her office in Las Vegas on Dec. 12. Nevada Council on ...
12/4/2007    Problem Gambling Counselors Moving To Hotlines in Singapore

Problem gambling has been at the fore front of many arguments world wide over the casino gambling debate. Singapore is showing that with the proper tools, ... (more)
12/11/2013    Problem Gambling Expert Testifies on Impacts of Federal Bill to Legalize Internet Poker Read more:

Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) NCPG highlights expert testimony that gambling addiction is likely to ... 25 years, states there will likely be an increase in gambling addiction as a result of the ...
2/15/2011    Problem gambling getting worse in Britain: study

(Reuters India)- The rate of problem gamblers is similar to those in other European countries, the commission said, but lower than in the United States, Australia and South ...
3/19/2013    Problem gambling growing among youth

( Rose Gruber with the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling said for many adults and youth, betting on basketball games can be just for fun. However, she added problem gambling in adolescents is becoming more invasive. "We see kids, they tend to ...
9/21/2009    Problem gambling grows as Oklahoma casinos abound

(Forbes)- "Of course the number of problem gamblers is on the rise," said Wiley Harwell, executive director of the Oklahoma Association for Problem & Compulsive ...
3/13/2013    Problem gambling help available

(CBS42)- BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)- Millions of people gamble billions of dollars every year. The allure of winning big, however, can drive some into a deep, deep hole. When it reaches that point, it's called "problem gambling." "It's when you are gambling money ...
1/17/2013    Problem gambling helpline calls up almost 7%

(Green Bay Press Gazette)-In Wisconsin, gambling options — from casinos to the state lottery — are numerous and access is easy. The report found 544 callers reported gambling at casinos, followed by 109 at taverns, 91 lottery players and 53 card players......
10/23/2008    Problem Gambling Increases

(IGaming (press release) - USA)- In the UK, a national newspaper has claimed that the numbers of people seeking help for problem gambling has risen by 25 percent since the Government ...
2/10/2010    Problem Gambling May Start in Failure of Brain's Fear Instinct

(Online Casino Advisory)- A study has found gambling behavior may be related to the fear mechanism in the brain, giving some insight into possible roots of problem gambling. (more)
12/2/2013    Problem gambling more prevalent among men, Gambling Prevalence in South Australia 2012 survey finds

(The Australian)- MORE than two-thirds of problem gamblers have withdrawn cash from ATMs during gambling sessions and a quarter have resorted to taking out cash advances ..
2/11/2009    Problem gambling programs left empty in Oklahoma

(Gambling Online Magazine - London,UK)- One third of the money taken from gambling revenue to fund problem gambling programs is not being spent. With a total of 110 casinos in Oklahoma and 245 ... (more)
2/14/2013    Problem gambling programs scheduled in Norwich

( On March 7, Susan McLaughlin, prevention services coordinator for the problem gambling services department at the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, will present: “Enhancing Your Prevention Programs by Including Gambling as a ... (more)
3/6/2009    Problem Gambling Risk Increases with Economic Woes

(WBFO - Buffalo,NY,USA)- Professionals who treat gambling addicts worry that such desperate times might lead more people to desperate measures. And some legislative proposals could ...
1/24/2008    Problem gambling SOS issued

(Tribune Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA)-"The governor has said that if, in the future, there is a need to increase funding for programs dealing with problem gambling, then he will consider it....
10/10/2007    Problem Gambling Study Reveals Highest Risk For Online Poker Players

The study goes into much detail, breaking down the differences in trends between women and men, and also problem gambling in poker as opposed to other ... (more)
12/11/2008    Problem Gambling Worsens Over Holiday Season

(The Epoch Times - New York,NY,USA)- (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Christmas and New Year historically herald an upswing in expenditure on gambling, say the Problem Gambling Foundation. ...
3/15/2014    Problem gambling: Oregon Lottery gets nod to resume running outreach ads

(The Oregonian)- Oregon Lottery officials said Thursday they would resume running problem gambling outreach ads after Gov. John Kitzhaber signed a bill explicitly ...
10/9/2012    Problem Gambling: The Invisible Disorder

(Chickasha Express Star)- Problem gambling is the growing concern. According to recent statistics provided by the National Council on Problem Gambling Inc (, 1-3% of the 35 million Oklahoma residents are pathological in their gambling. That equates to ...

8/31/2010    Problem Gambling; The Carnage Continues

(Voxy)- While spending on gambling has receded slightly since the recession, it is clear to us the number of problem gamblers has not, National Consultant for ...
2/12/2008    Problem-gambler counseling backed

(Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA)- Amid the battle over whether Kentucky should allow casinos, groups on opposing sides of that issue are backing a House bill to pay for problem gambling...
8/24/2013    Problem-gambling conference to focus on military, subgroups

( )-Gambling and the military is among the topics to be discussed at this year's annual conference of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, a one-day ...
7/24/2008    Professor: Rep misused gambling research

( - USA)- The SSIGI points out that existing technology and security controls have already proven to be effective in addressing compulsive gambling....
2/13/2009    Program focus is on gambling

(The Daily News - Batavia,NY,USA)- The training will provide participants with a better understanding of problem gambling, signs and symptoms and phases of gambling addiction. ...
1/12/2010    Programs for gambling addicts take shape as table games hit state casinos Read more: http://www.pos

(Pittsburgh Post Gazette)- The state's Compulsive and Problem Gambling Treatment Fund is potentially to be doubled in annual allocations. It will receive as much as $2 million from ...
3/18/2008    Project 21 supports national campaign against problem gambling

(Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil - Council Bluffs,IA,USA)- Supporters of Project 21, the National Council on Problem Gambling, the Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators and the Iowa Department of...
12/11/2009    Proposal to let casinos extend credit draws fire

(Philadelphia Inquirer)- William Eadington, director of the Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada in Reno, said the concern was ...
5/4/2010    Provinces get in the game

(Winnipeg Free Press)- Potentially, this could give researchers better information about how problem gambling patterns develop and raise red flags about individual gamblers. ...
2/3/2009    Public Awareness Needed From States Involving Problem Gambling

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- They are problem gamblers who just recently received the help necessary to deal with their addiction. For many others, however, it is a lonely life that ... (more)
4/19/2011    Punch Partnership recognised for supporting problem gamblers

(Eat Out Magazine)- The GREaT Foundation – the Gambling Industry's charity responsible for raising funds to support research, education and treatment of problem gambling – has commended Punch Partnership for helping. The GREaT Foundation Annual Awards 2010 winners, ...
8/13/2008    Q&A: Tribal lawyer says there’s a united front on California gambling

(Sacramento Bee - CA, USA)- The Bee talked with him about gambling in California. Gov. Schwarzenegger's office is now adamant it doesn't support overturning the ban on Keno games for ...
10/31/2011    Re-look problem gambling approach

A letter from Kwan Jin Yao
4/27/2012    Real online gambling and social network casino games are on a collision course

5/22/2008    Recession brings more gambling

(Tampa Bay's 10 - St. Petersburg,FL,USA)- According to the Responsible Gambling Council, young adults between 18 and 24 years old have the highest rate of problem gambling...
3/7/2009    Recession making gambling problems worse for some

(Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA)- Now, those fears may be coming true: New Jersey recently added the 1000th name to a list of gamblers who feel their problem is so severe that they can't ...
3/9/2011    Recovering gambling addict places her bet on a better life

Vancouver woman suffered for years before seeking help (more)
4/19/2010    Recruit Mental Health Practitioners for multicultural research

Recruiting Mental Health Practitioners for multicultural research for online survey.
10/30/2007    Red-flag spotters wanted

Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council of Problem Gambling, does not believe that the Canadian system has been effective. ...
3/29/2011    REGION: New program offers free help for gambling addicts

Local therapists are available to help gamblers, family members (more)
11/15/2008    Regulator: Nevada could look at lower gambling age

(San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA)- Neilander said the proposal would get intense scrutiny from groups concerned about problem gambling and underage players. Nevada law currently makes it a ...
5/2/2011    Remembering Cost of Gambling

2/22/2011    Reno Problem Gambling Center Facing Big Cuts

(KTVN)- Even when she had to sleep in the street, she told us "I still didn't stop. I continued to gamble." What finally stopped her was the Reno Problem Gambling Center. In its 6 years, it has treated hundreds of patients. One of them is "Don". ...
4/16/2008    Report downplays dark side of gambling: researcher

(The Gazette (Montreal)- Quebec,Canada)- "Clearly, it is a public relations exercise, and perhaps a very good one," said Judith Glynn, director of grants operations at the Ontario Problem Gambling... (more)
10/12/2011    Report: 69 Percent Of Iowans Gambled In Past Year

8/29/2008    Republicans flip flop on online gambling

( - USA)- In 2000 and 2004, the platform for the Republican Party had included, "Millions of Americans suffer from problem or pathological gambling that can destroy ...
2/19/2008    Research challenges accepted view about compulsive gambling

(Kansas City Star - MO,USA)- A Harvard Medical School research study has challenged the medical profession’s accepted view of compulsive gambling as a progressive and incurable disorder...
10/29/2012    Researcher warns of online gambling luring kids

12/11/2009    Researchers: Gambling changes brain dynamics

(Pasadena Star-News)- The comprehensive 2006 California Problem Gambling Survey found that the overall lifetime prevalence rate of problem and pathological gambling in California ...
8/5/2008    Responsible gaming: Stopping a problem before it starts

(Daily Nonpareil - Council Bluffs,IA,USA)- People can also seek help through the National Council on Problem Gambling's help line, 1-800-522-4700. Some problem gamblers are easy to spot. ...
5/3/2013    Responsible-gambling forum addresses oversight

( The panel discussion was moderated by Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, and featured members of the regulatory, gambling, academic, criminal-justice, and public-health sectors, including state Casino Control......
9/8/2013    Review highlights links between problem gambling and substance abuse, and lack of treatment options

(Big News mental health or substance abuse issues who often don't get the treatment they need, a new study shows. Anywhere from 10 to 20 per cent of people with ...
7/24/2013    RI ends gambling addiction program

( Since 2001, Rhode Island Hospital had operated an out-patient program funded by the state for problem gamblers who are uninsured or lack the ability to pay. The state originally dedicated $150,000 a year to the initiative, but cut the amount to $50,000 ...
8/13/2007    RI led nation in 2007 tax hikes

In November, flagging gambling revenues forced state fiscal analysts to trim $37 million from the amount video lottery terminals at Newport Grand and Twin ... (more)
5/15/2010    Riegel Reports: Losing to Win

(WBXH)- You can contact the Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling by clicking, here, or the National Council on Problem Gambling by clicking here. ...
8/5/2013    Risky Gambling Tied to Social Isolation

(U.S. News & World Report)- ... socially isolated are more likely to take risks with their money, according to a new study. ... The U.S. National Institutes of Health discusses problem gambling.
7/8/2008    Rooneys Are Considering Selling Part of the Steelers

(New York Times - United States)- ... owns racetracks in New York and Florida, fall into line with the NFL’s policy prohibiting the joint ownership of a team and certain gambling operations. ...
2/10/2013    Russia Providing Problem Gambling Help in St.Petersburg

( The Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute which is based in St. Petersburg has plans to open a 24-hour clinic for problem gamblers. The article points out that unlike other addictions gambling rarely requires medication but is reliant on ... (more)
8/13/2008    S. Florida gambling boats cruising to oblivion

(Bradenton Herald - FL, United States)- If that happens, it could leave SunCruz Casinos in Key Largo the only remaining floating-gambling business in South Florida. Once the only game in town for ...
5/19/2011    Salem woman deals with compulsive gamblers

10/10/2012    SAMHSA: Behavioral Health Benefits: New Access and Challenges

3/30/2010    Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem continues active problem gambling training program

Pennsylvania Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling officials say Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem's management is taking aggressive steps early in a bid to outpace the wave of gambling addiction that's likely to arrive in the region when table games do.
4/1/2013    Saturation point?

(Appleton Post Crescent)- Rose Gruber, executive director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, said there's been no decline in calls to the organization's helpline. In 2012, there were 14,464 calls — the second-highest total in its history and a seven percent increase ...
9/27/2012    SBH offers help for gambling addicted

(Utica Observer Dispatch)-Lawrence Kent said their problem gambling treatments focus on creating the pathways to living a gambling-free lifestyle and developing functional family patterns through education of effective problem-solving skills and the introduction of alternative ... (more)
3/12/2010    SC Lottery focuses on problem gambling

(WACH)- By WACH FOX News Center March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, and here in the Midlands the SC Educational Lottery held a press conference to ... (more)
5/5/2008    School warns parents on dangers of teen gambling

(Village Times Herald - Setauket,NY,USA)- And, according to the Washington, DC-based National Council on Problem Gambling, "… adults who seek treatment for problem gambling report having started... (more)
12/2/2013    Scientists reduce behaviors associated with problem gambling in rats

(The Almagest)- The study, which featured the first successful modeling of slot machine-style gambling with rats in North America, is the first to show that problem gambling ...
10/30/2013    Scientists reduce behaviours associated with problem gambling in rats

(University of British Columbia)- The study, which featured the first successful modeling of slot machine-style gambling with rats in North America, is the first to show that problem gambling ...
6/11/2013    Seats open on new Neb. problem gambling commission

(San Francisco Chronicle)- The commission must have one member with medical or mental health expertise, one expert in banking and finance, a legal expert, an education expert, and an expert in data analysis. Two members must be consumers of problem gambling services, and two ...
8/14/2007    Second Life Bans Online Gambling

In a recent announcement, Second Life creator Linden Lab (Linden Research, Inc.) said gambling will be banned from the Second Life virtual world effective ... (more)
5/17/2013    See Seattle's attractions while getting the most out of your National Conference on Problem Gambling

3/7/2009    Self-Exclusion Program Highlighted During 'Problem Gambling Awareness Week'

(PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA)- HARRISBURG, Pa. , March 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- During "Problem Gambling Awareness Week" March 1-7 2009 , the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is ...
4/30/2010    Self-Exclusion Violation Leads to $10,000 Fine for PA Casino

PR Newswire (press release)- The Self-Exclusion Program, which began in late 2006, is a tool that allows problem gamblers to ban themselves from gambling at Pennsylvania casinos. ...
5/6/2009    Senate panel considers giving voters choice on full-scale casino gambling

(Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA)- A third, drafted by members of the Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling, would extend to Twin River and Newport Grand the same problem-gambling aversion ...
7/10/2010    Sheriff vows to enforce ban on sweepstakes gambling

( "We need this foundation, this vote, to assist us in dealing with these matters before the problem gets worse or more problems arise," the chief said...
7/24/2008    Sheriff's Department Makes Gambling Arrests

(Lakefront Hartwell - Hartwell,GA,USA)- The criminal investigation involved illegal gambling, keeping a place of gambling and commercial gambling which was a result of a two month investigation....
6/18/2013    Signs your teen could have a gambling problem

(WEAU)- GREEN BAY, Wis. (FROM WI COUNCIL ON PROBLEM GAMBLING) – With the end of another school year, kids across Wisconsin are making plans for their free time during the summer months. For many teens, that's also time with little supervision which can ...
10/13/2009    Silent addiction' on campus: gambling

(Chicago Sun-Times)- "Gambling among college students has proliferated over the last 20 years," he said. In fact, problem gambling has become such a concern that the national ...
10/10/2007    Since '87, Gaming Booms To $1.7B

He said at least 1 percent of the state's revenue should be devoted to the treatment of problem gambling. Joy agreed, and she questioned the state's motives ...
1/24/2008    Singapore To Help Curb Gambling Problems By Banning Bankrupts

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)-They are also, however, taking precautions to make sure they do everything within their power to help people avoid problem gambling.... (more)
12/18/2010    Six Defendants Sentenced for Illegal Gambling Operation

(Kansas City infoZine)- ... have pleaded guilty to conducting an illegal gambling business and await sentencing. These cases are being prosecuted by Assistant US Attorneys Paul S. ...
10/30/2007    Sixty Plus: Gambling has become part of senior culture

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) reports that 85 percent of adults have gambled and 60 percent have gambled in the past year. ...
9/13/2010    Skint gamblers go for broke

(Times LIVE)- "What we are more alarmed about is the number of unemployed people gambling. "If you want to reduce problem gambling, reduce unemployment.
3/18/2008    Slot player can't get a handle on his hang-up

(San Diego Union Tribune - United States)- Part of Gagliardi's dilemma is that, as with many problem gamblers, he's sure he's just a win away from erasing all his losses. That might be easier for him...
12/19/2008    Slots and cigs: Is there a connection?

(Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA)- Marc Potenza, director of the Problem Gambling Clinic at Yale, said his research had found higher rates of smoking among gamblers, especially among those ...
10/22/2010    Slots at the mall will hurt Md. families

(Baltimore Sun)- Wherever there is an increase in gambling in any given environment, there will be an increase in crime, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling addictions and ...
8/31/2010    Slots at the mall: a terrible idea

(Baltimore Sun)- Many of us who oppose the slots facility at that location are not against gambling, just against the government's bait-and-switch tactic that now would ...
11/5/2007    Slow down on gambling

Let's face it: California has a gambling problem. Gaming in our state has grown too quickly, with too little accounting of the impacts. ...
5/25/2007    Slowly killing your assets through gambling

A fun night of alcohol and card games could be an entertaining way to spend an evening, but your wallet may be left empty by morning. (more)
9/25/2008    Slump hits casinos' take

(Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA)- Figures released Monday by the Arizona Department of Gaming pegged gross gambling revenues for Indian tribes' casinos at $1.98 billion for the state fiscal ...
10/15/2013    Smartphone Gaming Linked To Increase in Problem Gambling

(BingoSupermarket)- The Telegraph recently reported on figures released by Gamcare of calls to their helpline that smartphone gaming is linked to the increase in problem gambling ... (more)
4/6/2011    Soccer / Not a safe bet

A Jaffa crime gang has caught Omri Kende in a trap. The Hapoel Tel Aviv defender lost NIS 67,000 in two weeks in Internet gambling, and now fears for his life. (more)
9/9/2009    Some say slots gambling most addictive

(Pittsburgh Post Gazette)- Various studies have suggested that problem gamblers represent one-fifth or one-fourth or more of casino revenue, even though only 1 percent of people are ...
5/29/2008    South Africa Approves Online Gambling Legislation

(IGaming (press release) - USA)- ... effects associated with gambling and deals specifically with issues of problem gambling, player protection, licensing, taxation and advertising....
10/13/2010    South Africa Limiting Gambling Advertisements To The Evening

(Casino Gambling Web)- While some parts of the world are advancing their gaming regulations, the US is still stuck in neutral with their online gambling laws. .. (more)
4/27/2009    Speaker warns Fort Wayne of gambling's ill effects

(News Sentinel - Fort Wayne,IN,USA)- He emphasized that problem gamblers and gambling addicts aren't just incidental consequences of legalized gambling. These most desperate gamblers are the ... (more)
1/16/2009    Speaker: Gambling may have its place

(Columbus Dispatch - Columbus,OH,USA)- By Jim Siegel As the beleaguered state looks for money, new House Speaker Armond Budish is willing to consider casino gambling but not the idea of helping ...
12/19/2008    Special Report: A casino’s impact on Center City

(It's Our City - Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA)- Those places were desperate, says Former Director of the US Gambling Research Institute Robert Goodman. He says unlike other cities that had fallen on tough ...
12/14/2010    Sports Betting Question Goes To Voters In New Jersey Next Year

(Casino Gambling Web)- Back when casino gambling was starting to branch out in the US in the early nineties, a federal ban was put in place regarding sports betting. ... (more)
5/1/2010    Sports Gambling Ringleader Admits Guilt In Kansas City

(Casino Gambling Web)- The gambling operation was run through toll-free numbers and Internet websites that were based in Costa Rica. Cammisano was the leader of a group that paid ... (more)
1/22/2010    Stan Hochman: All bets off for recovering gambling addict

(Philadelphia Daily News)- Finally, they agreed to offer a phone number to call 'if you or someone you know has a gambling problem.' " If you or someone you know has a gambling ...
4/25/2012    Standards published for the control of problem gambling on the internet

3/10/2010    State addressing underage, problem-gambling issues

(Scranton Times-Tribune)- Editor: Thank you for the March 5 editorial, "Very bad bet for teenagers," a timely piece as we move into National Problem Gambling Awareness Week March ...
11/26/2007    State casinos — It's a start

Topeka Capital Journal (subscription) - Topeka,KS,USA: Kansas' version gives gamblers a chance to get off the list after two years, provided they complete a problem gambling program with a certified counselor. ...
9/11/2007    State feeds its addiction to gambling

... thousand little casinos all over the state. That has always been the problem with gambling. Enough is never enough. The best policy is to just say no.
1/8/2013    State gambling board walks fine line on problem gamblers

(Tribune-Review)- Money for the campaign, which started two years ago, comes from the state's Compulsive and Problem Gambling Treatment Fund, to which all licensed gaming entities contribute a combined minimum of $2 million a year. Richard McGarvey, the state Gaming ...
2/12/2014    State Internet Responsible Gambling Standards Are Off To A Good Start

As more states consider internet gambling legalization the National Council on Problem Gambling urges states to adopt its best practice Internet Responsible Gambling Standards.

12/20/2011    State lottery gifts not for kids

Illinois Lottery (more)
9/9/2009    State off to slow start with efforts for problem gamblers

(Pittsburgh Post Gazette)- "The vast majority of people in Pennsylvania don't know anything about problem gambling," observed Joanna Franklin, education coordinator for the private, ...
10/3/2012    State officials reveal results of survey on gambling addiction

(Hudson Hub-Times)- Leksan put a face on gambling addiction during a press conference at the Statehouse Oct. 1, where state officials unveiled a new survey of potential problem gaming. The survey of 3,600 Ohioans was conducted by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug ... (more)
2/26/2008    State seeks youth artwork for gambling-awareness calendar

(Albany Democrat Herald - Albany,OR,USA)- The sixth annual art search is conducted in partnership with local problem gambling prevention and outreach coordinators. Twelve artistic designs will be...
5/22/2009    State Senate rejects plan to allow slots at racetracks

(Boston Globe - United States)- And while almost every Senate Democrat voted against the slots proposal, they made clear that they weren't against gambling, only against dealing with it ...
9/20/2013    State will pay for treatment of gamblers

(Columbus Dispatch)- Ohio's newest campaign to combat problem gambling comes with a ... The guarantee is part of the state's $4.9 million problem-gambling response plan, funded ...
9/6/2007    State's problem gambling program introduces electronic messaging

by Bend Weekly News Sources Responding to that fact, the state's Problem Gambling Services program has introduced e-mail, instant messaging and live chat to ...
6/28/2011    Stevie Masterton: I hit rock bottom when gambling addiction cost me chance to take on Man United

(Scottish Daily Record)- It was the moment he accepted his gambling problem had robbed him of the chance to play the Premiership giants at Old Trafford. What should have been the highlight of his move from Morton to the cash-rich Conference side had been shattered by addiction ... (more)
5/1/2008    Stimulus checks could mean revenue boost for gambling industry

(KDRV - Medford,OR,USA)- According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, about two percent of US adults are compulsive gamblers. Analysts say that most gamblers view free ...
10/23/2008    Storms chopped away La. casino winnings in Sept.

(Forbes - NY,USA)- Larger gambling destinations already have been reporting big declines in the face of the slow economy. Nevada casino revenue fell 8.1 percent in August 2008 ...
1/8/2009    Straus heir apparent for Texas speaker

(Houston Chronicle - United States)- They complain that Straus is not one of them — that he's too liberal on abortion and gambling issues in particular. Straus' family has been in the horse ...
12/7/2010    Strengthen Online Poker Bill Problem Gambling Provisions

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) calls for increased funding and an objective grants program in the Prohibition of Internet Gaming, Internet Poker Regulation and UIEGA Enforcement Act. States already strain to handle the estimated $7 billion annual social cost of gambling-related addiction, bankruptcy and crime, which may be exacerbated by the legalization of online gambling without sufficient resources to mitigate harm. NCPG neither supports nor opposes the bill...........................
3/26/2010    Student-driven film shines spotlight on young gamblers, online betting

(The Canadian Press)- Reynolds points out that while cases of problem gambling among 18-to 24-year-olds are growing, online betting hasn't been researched as heavily as other ...
6/6/2008    Study Finds Alcohol-Abuse Drug Helps Curb Problem Gambling

(FOXNews - USA)- A drug used to treat alcohol and opioid dependence appears to also help those addicted to gambling, according to a study that appeared in the May issue ...
11/24/2008    Study Indicates Additional Disorders For Problem Gamblers

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Problem gambling is a topic that is coming up a lot around the United States. With many states involved with expanding their casino gambling laws, ...
6/15/2011    Study Reveals Gambling Problem on the Rise in Adolescents

12/11/2009    Study Reveals That Gambling Addiction May be Treated with Medicine

(USA Online Gambling News)- These medications, designed to make the users more inhibited and reduce the urge to use, have recently been researched for their link to problem gambling. ... (more)
8/13/2008    Study sees $ in gambling, hits adding slots at tracks

(Boston Herald - United States)- “I think (the Spectrum report) will be the framework for what they will come back with,” said Clyde Barrow, a professor and gambling industry expert at the ...
6/24/2008    Study urges wariness of state gambling revenue

(Chicago Tribune - United States)- By Ashley Wiehle | Tribune reporter SPRINGFIELD — A major gambling expansion has been touted as the way to pay for a proposed $34 billion construction plan...
8/8/2011    Study: More casinos, more gambling addicts

1/16/2008    Sumner County Commission won't endorse Mulvane casino plans

( - KS,USA) BY FRED MANN The commission's attorney on gambling issues, David Cooper, said Tuesday the county followed a fair and open process before endorsing two ...
1/26/2011    Super Bowl Has Gambling Hotlines Gearing Up For Increased Calls

(Casino Gambling Web)- All across the US, hotlines have been set up to help problem gamblers find comfort and treatment for their addiction. In many states, these hotlines have ... (more)
1/31/2014    Super Bowl kicks off 'flu season' for problem gambling

(Kitsap Sun) - The boards also show the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline, 800-522-4700. Also this week, the Tri-County Board began shipping information packets ...
2/3/2012    Superbowl XLVI: The Most Important Super Bowl Number

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – When the New York Giants and the New England Patriots take the field on Sunday, desperate gamblers may be focused on one number—the point spread......
6/15/2013    SW Ohio attorney with gambling problem suspended

(San Francisco Chronicle)- CINCINNATI (AP) — A Cincinnati attorney who has acknowledged a longtime gambling problem was suspended from practicing law by the Ohio Supreme Court on Thursday. The court said in a 7-0 ruling that Thomas Leksan could seek reinstatement in two ...
1/16/2009    Taiwan the Latest to Legalize Gambling

(TIME - USA)- Religious groups in Taiwan protested the decision, arguing that casinos would have a negative effect on society (see our story on gambling addiction in Asia ...
11/13/2007    Taking A Chance On Treatments

Panelists identified the problem, but it was audience members at the conference sponsored by the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling who said the state ...
1/8/2014    Talking About Children Left Unattended In Cars By Parents With Gambling Problems

(WBAL Radio)- "The idea that children can be left in cars by people who have gambling problems and we have to police the parking lots to prevent this really shook ...
10/13/2009    Tax breaks for online bookmakers a worry, says welfare group

(ABC Online)- The move has angered Chris Jones, from Anglicare, who says the organisation has waited six months for the Government's plan to combat problem gambling. ...
2/4/2008    Tax rebates may be a roll of the dice

( - USA)- About two percent of US adults are compulsive gamblers, according to the National Council on Problem Gambling. "This will be like giving more booze to an...
6/7/2010    Tax revenue to be gained from internet gambling isn't worth social costs

(Longview Daily News)- And studies have shown that adolescents and young adults are particularly susceptible to problem gambling. Most observers predict that this effort to ...
3/26/2008    Teachers' union yields to fiscal blackmail on slots

(Annapolis Capital - Annapolis,MD,USA)- College and high school students are among the most likely to become problem gamblers, especially if you make it easier for them, according to University of ...
1/12/2010    Teams review gambling stance after Gilbert Arenas incident

(USA Today)- Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley— talking in general about gambling, not specifically about his team — is concerned. "Gambling on a plane is a problem," he ...
5/30/2013    Technology to combat problem gambling hitting cyberspace with online poker

(VEGAS INC)- Critics of online gaming say a new generation of problem gamblers is likely to emerge with Internet poker being so readily available. But two presenters at this week's 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking at Caesars Palace say ...
11/13/2007    Teen Problem Gambling on The Rise According To Survey

That is what is happening according to a recent survey which suggested that problem gambling among teens is becoming more and more of a threat. ... (more)
3/6/2009    Teens urged: Think before you gamble

(Norwich Bulletin - Norwich,CT,USA)- The announcement comes during National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, which has a significant relevance in Eastern Connecticut with the operation of ...
6/24/2008    Temptation — Gambling on revenue stream addictive

(Bluefield Daily Telegraph - Bluefield,WV,USA)- West Virginia’s share of the budget generated by gambling also grew more than any other state, including Nevada, from 1998 to 2006, according to a report...
12/24/2008    Tempting Back Casino Customers

(Online Casino Reports - USA)- From Nevada to New Jersey the gambling industry is suffering. A range of innovative techniques are being employed to lure the gamblers back. ...
7/22/2010    Testimony Positive For Online Gambling Bill, Changes Requested

(Casino Gambling Web)- Duke also dispelled the myth that Internet gambling could lead to more problem gambling. "I believe that many of those who seek to prohibit Internet gaming ... (more)
5/22/2009    The 'hidden' addiction

(Edmond Sun - OK,USA)- Pathological and problem gambling affects financial institutions, the criminal justice system due to more embezzlement, fraud and domestic violence charges, ...
4/25/2011    The Casino Next Door

How slot machines snuck into the mall, along with money laundering, bribery, shootouts, and billions in profits (more)
8/21/2008    The Complexities of Gambling

(Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA)- Ask yourself these questions from the National Council on Problem Gambling. 1. Have you often gambled longer than you had planned? 2. ...
8/20/2010    The gamble was his to take

(TODAYonline)- The $6.6-billion resort also claims on its website to be "committed to the prevention of problem and underage gambling at our premises. ...
1/11/2008    The Impact of Gambling on Mental Health

(New California Media - San Francisco,CA,USA)- According to the UCLA Gambling Studies Program, problem gambling includes all gambling behavior patterns that compromise, disrupt or damage personal,...
3/30/2010    The Lottery works to educate gamblers

According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, most people who choose to gamble do so responsibly. However, for some, gambling is not just a form of entertainment but potentially a troubling addiction.
2/26/2008    The National Council on Problem Gambling and the Online Poker Industry

(PocketFives (press release) - USA)- by Dan on 2/21/2008 17:56 The National Council on Problem Gambling, according to its website, is “the national advocate for programs and services to assist...
10/8/2013    The National Council on Problem Gambling Announces the Winners of the 2012 Holiday Campaign Awards!

The awards honor two outstanding campaigns that promote a responsible gaming message regarding underage lottery play during the holiday season..... (more)
4/10/2013    The New York Council on Problem Gambling Launches KnowTheOdds Campaign for New Yorkers

MarketWatch (press release)- ALBANY, NY, Apr 10, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- The New York Council on Problem Gambling, a not-for-profit independent corporation dedicated to increasing public awareness about problem and compulsive gambling, announces that it has ...
1/10/2012    The Psychology of Compulsive Gambling

7/21/2011    The real effects of gambling

2/3/2011    The real face of casino gambling in Pennsylvania

Blinq (blog)- Last Friday, in a Norristown courtroom, the first area gambling addict sentenced for playing slots with stolen money had to give up his body. ... (more)
6/10/2009    The Responsibility in Gambling Trust: Gambling Industry Welcomes Continued Voluntary Funding To Help

(Trading Markets (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA)- Until recently he was the Chief Executive of GamCare, the charity which provides most of the treatment for problem gamblers and is funded by RIGT. ...
9/4/2007    The Science of Gambling Addiction

People opposed to casino gambling often point to the problem of gambling addiction, they say new casinos will just encourage more people to become addicted ...
11/20/2007    The State Lottery's Dark Side

Beyond the usual blather about "responsible gambling," I heard some alarming stuff. Take the typical state resident with a gambling problem... (more)
12/3/2007    The State of Online Gaming

Motley Fool - USA:... exists to determine where the bets are coming from (jurisdiction), who is doing the betting (ID and age verification), and to address problem gambling. ...
7/5/2013    The Year’s Best in the Problem Gambling Field

7/5/2012    The Year’s Best in the Problem Gambling Field

12/22/2010    There’s a move afoot to legalize online poker

(Chicago Sun-Times)- The proposed legislation ensures that Federal and state authorities will have the ability to control unfettered access to all forms of internet gambling.
10/2/2012    Thousands could face gambling problem

(The Newark Advocate COLUMBUS)— A new study released a week ahead of the grand opening of the state's largest casino in Columbus says nearly a quarter million people in Ohio are at risk to develop a gambling problem or already are gambling addicts. The Ohio Gambling ...
9/28/2011    Three gambling raids produce 15 arrests in Daisetta and Raywood

1/2/2009    Tim James praises Riley's gambling task force

( - Birmingham,AL,USA)- Bob Riley for creating a task force to investigate illegal gambling in Alabama. James said illegal gambling operates openly in Alabama and Riley has taken ...
12/21/2012    Tips For Problem Gamblers During The Holiday Season

9/13/2010    Tom Fahey's State House Dome: Predictions for Tuesday's primaries

(The Union Leader)- Rubens will be joined by Dr. Marvin Steinberg, executive director of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, who developed data that shows higher rates ...
10/22/2010    Top Federal Prosecutor Vows Crackdown On Corrupt State Legislators

(ABC News)- ... on the heels of recent arrests in Alabama, where lawmakers have been accused of accepting bribes from gambling lobbyists in exchange for their votes. ...
4/16/2013    Toronto Casino: Ontario has 300000 problem gamblers, CAMH says

(MetroNews Canada)- About 300,000 Ontarians have a moderate to severe gambling problem, which in turn affects the lives of those closest to them—about 3 million people, according to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Robert Murray, manager of the CAMH Problem ...
12/11/2007    Tracks seek bigger cut of gambling profits

(Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie,NY,USA)-... of the state's thoroughbred race tracks, New York's other tracks face their own problem: Some said they need a bigger slice of the profits to survive. ...
3/11/2008    Training, lectures to combat gambling addictions planned in Coachella Valley

(The Desert Sun - Palm Springs,CA,USA)- In response to the growing problem of addictive gambling experts have seen in the Coachella Valley, Desert Samaritans is holding free information sessions...
5/21/2008    Treatment groups see windfall from slots

(Baltimore Sun - United States)- Michael Osborne, executive director of the Problem Gambling Council of Maryland, says if state money becomes available, he plans to seek funding for a...
10/30/2008    Treatment Seeking Among Ontario Problem Gamblers: Results of a Population Survey

(Psychiatric Services (subscription) - USA)- METHODS: Ontario adults who had gambled more than $100 (N=4217) and who screened positive for a possible gambling problem (N=1205) were classified according ...
12/27/2007    Trial Dealing With Gambling Ads on Deck in California For Yahoo, Google

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)-... in February is also calling for money that the companies received from online advertising of gambling to be forfeited and used to help problem gamblers.... (more)
10/30/2007    Tribal suit a $2.8B problem for Harrah's

But White says her people missed years worth of gambling profits that are now being spread around racetrack casinos in Pennsylvania and Indian casinos, ...
7/30/2009    Tribal teens share passion for prevention

(Stanwood Camano News)- Artists from Los Angeles to Puyallup helped the teens dig deep to create poignant messages about prescription drug abuse and problem gambling prevention ...
2/19/2009    Trump Entertainment files for bankruptcy

(Reuters - USA)- It also underscores the struggles facing the casino business as recession squeezes casino gambling. Trump Entertainment owns and operates three casino ...
7/24/2013    Turfway to host problem gambling training

( FLORENCE — Working with the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling, Turfway Park will host one of five training sessions across the state to help health professionals and racetrack, casino, and lottery personnel recognize and assist people whose ...
10/19/2010    Two charged after gambling investigation

(The Review)- EAST LIVERPOOL - After a state investigation, the owner of Berdines Tavern and Patio along Lisbon Street was charged with operating a gambling house, ...
1/27/2011    Two-Thousand Persons Now Helped Through PA Gaming Control Board's Casino Self-Exclusion List

PR Newswire (press release)- Director of the PGCB's Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling Liz Lanza announced the milestone when she updated the Board at their public meeting today ...
6/29/2010    U.S. Horseracing want clarity on internet wagering

( The UIGEA is designed to stop illegal online wagering transactions with internet gambling companies, and depends on the already overloaded financial ... (more)
2/13/2013    UCFS to host lectures on problem gambling March 4-7, 2013

(Norwich Bulletin)- Norwich, Conn. —. UCFS will host a series of lectures from noon to 2 p.m. March 4, 5 and 7 at the Edward & Mary Lord Family Health Center, 47 Town St., Norwich, in honor of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. Lectures are scheduled as follows: ...
10/8/2010    Underage slots players cost Harrah’s Chester $70,000

(Delaware County Daily Times)- “Harrah's Chester has since implemented precautions to avoid those who are under the legal gambling age from entering the casino floor,” Marketing and ...
10/10/2007    Understanding the extent of gambling in tennis

The growth of Internet gambling and the globalization of tennis are a potentially combustible combination. On any given day, events sprawl ...
12/21/2010    Union embezzler sentenced to 3 years' probation

(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)- Dorsey, who worked for almost three decades at the Milwaukee Public Library, admitted she took the money between 2004 and 2009 to finance her gambling ..
4/1/2009    Unused service for gamblers may be revised

(Trading Markets (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA)- But problem gambling is known as a "hidden addiction" because most addicts try to treat it themselves rather than seek formal assistance, he said. ...
7/26/2010    US And Ontario May Be Next Into Online Gambling Market

(Casino Gambling Web)- Ontario and the US could be the next in line to regulate Internet gambling. This past week, Representative Barney Frank held a hearing on his Internet ... (more)
9/21/2010    US Bank Becomes Victim of UIGEA Laws

(CompatiblePoker)- The implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in June 2010, meant that banks and other financial institutions in the United States .. (more)
8/18/2010    US Government Nets Another $13.3 Million From Online Gambling

(Casino Gambling Web)- The purpose of the UIGEA was to place the burden on the financial institutions to decline transactions that are marked as gambling transactions. The problem ... (more)
9/24/2010    US Internet Gambling Regulations May Pass As An Add-On Bill

(Casino Gambling Web)- Frank asserted that he did not believe his Internet gambling legislation would reach the House floor before November. The mid-term election is on the minds ... (more)
11/2/2010    US Mid Term Elections and Online Gambling

(Online Casino Reports)- This will result in the Republicans forming a majority within the House of Representatives and may have drastic implications for the online gambling ... (more)
11/3/2010    US Online Gambling Bill In Light of Elections

(Online Casino Reports)- However, the regulation of the US online gambling industry will be heavily affected whatever the result. The future of Barney Frank's HR 2267 bill, ... (more)
12/17/2010    US Online Poker Bill Dead

( The bill would also carve an exemption for online poker into the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Online casino industry observers....
6/18/2010    US Politician Compares Poker Ban to Prohibition

(CompatiblePoker)- McDermott said that despite the fact that major efforts were put in to ban online casino sites from servicing the US gambling market, millions of the ... (more)
3/11/2013    Valley HealthCare System Works with Problem Gambler Health Network

"Valley is involved and has identified therapists who are trained in how to address gambling issues for folks," said Nancy Deming, the Chemical Dependency Director at Valley HealthCare Systems.
10/15/2010    Vegas Casino Sues Online Casino Site For Trademark Infringement

(USA Online Gambling News)- By pulling tricks like cybersquatting, those who would promote the best USA casinos with shenanigans such as this would damage the USA online gambling ... (more)
1/14/2014    Venues accused of exploiting ATM ban loophole with new Eftpos machines

(The Guardian)- Critics say the machines, which restrict users to a $200 withdrawal limit, are counterproductive to the cause of reducing problem gambling.
5/7/2010    Vermont to Monitor State Employees for Porn, Gambling Activity

(Gaming Zion)- At a cost of $120000 the software will attempt to prevent State employees from viewing pornography, accessing online gambling sites in the USA, ... (more)
8/29/2013    Video gambling numbers grow in Rockford

(WREX-TV)- "I have had problem gamblers going into one of those venues and triggered to relapse and they do," says Cheryl Hollembeck, Remedies gambling counselor.
12/22/2009    Video poker 'zombie' won't remain dead

(Asheville Citizen-Times)- Gary Gray, director of the NC Council on Problem Gambling, said, “This judge needs to walk into one of these (businesses hosting sweepstakes games) and walk ...
11/8/2008    W.Va. resort will consider gambling after ballot

( - USA)- NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Voters in Greenbrier County have approved gambling at a luxury resort here, but now the house is holding all the cards. ...
5/29/2008    Want to bet that sports has a gambling problem?

(The Oregonian - - Portland,OR,USA)- Wexler's job would be to determine how widespread the league's problem with gambling might be. "The league put the kibosh on it," Wexler said....
9/27/2010    Washington legislature Wins Gambling Ban Case In Supreme Court

(Casino Gambling Web)- The Supreme Court ruled that the state's ban on Internet gambling does not violate the US Constitution. Lee Rousso, an avid poker player and an attorney ... (more)
11/18/2013    Watch list of gambling apps will warn parents of dangers facing children

(Yahoo!7 News)- "Research has shown that early exposure to gambling-like games may lead to some children developing problem gambling habits later in life." The online watch ..
10/16/2011    Watch the House Hearing on Internet Gambling Live
3/1/2013    Waterville conference to focus on problem gambling

(Press Herald)- Conference co-sponsors include the SAMHS office, the Maine Gambling Control Board, the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations, Hollywood Casino and Oxford Casino. It will coincide with National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, ...
9/17/2010    We'll give you $100 for an A

(Hofstra University Hofstra Chronicle)- Concerns have also been expressed by the National Council of Problem Gambling. “[Using Ultrinsic is] like gambling, within reason it could be used as ...
1/5/2011    Website launched for gamblers in Pennsylvania

( The website complements existing services provided by the state, including its 24-hour, toll-free Problem Gambling Hotline.
8/5/2008    Welch pharmacist gets home confinement in gambling case

(Charleston Gazette - WV, USA)- A Welch pharmacist who admitted skimming hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from his business to feed his gambling habit will spend a year on home ...
3/3/2010    Welfare sector demands gambling action

(ABC Online)- Nick Xenophon backs the calls of the welfare sector for parties to adress problem gambling. (ABC News: Cate Grant) State welfare providers want Tasmania's ...
7/8/2010    Wells Fargo Financial Offices Closing Could Hurt Online Gamblers

(Casino Gambling Web)- If many of these workers find new employment quickly, some analysts believe it will minimize the affect on the Internet gambling industry. ... (more)
7/6/2010    WHAT ADDICTED GAMBLING looked like in 1968 and today ! (press release)- According to a Harvard study a few years ago, 4.67% of young people have a gambling problem. Experts tell us that the earlier a person starts to gamble, ...
3/20/2014    What Do I Do If I Have a Gambling Problem?

Recovery is the focus of week four of National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Anyone, anywhere, at any time, can call the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network at (800-522-4700) to speak with a live, knowledgeable Helpline specialist. The Helpline specialist is often the first person a concerned individual speaks with and can provide problem gambling information and referrals for services in the caller’s area. This is a free, confidential, 24/7 service.
3/13/2014    What Does Responsible Gambling Mean?

WASHINGTON DC -- March 17-21 marks the third week of the National Council on Problem Gambling’s (NCPG) National Problem Gambling Awareness Month (NPGAM). The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about problem gambling and resources available for help.

8/20/2007    What happens at Elgin casino stays at Elgin casino, man finds

The Gaming Board forwards proceeds to one of three Illinois human services organizations that fight problem gambling. So far, the Gaming Board has channeled ...
3/23/2010    What is in Store for Online Gambling in the US in 2010?

( Online gambling is definitely moving forward but whether the US is moving with it is another thing entirely. There is much anticipation for the decision ... (more)
8/7/2012    What is Recovery? survey

7/30/2010    What's next for Frank's Internet gambling bill?

(Casino City Times)- Self-exclusion lists for problem gamblers will be required. The facilities used by online gamblers in the US (servers, payment processors, etc. ... (more)
1/4/2010    When gambling becomes a problem

( STATEN ISLAND, NY -- There is an epidemic number of gamblers in the United States. These people have become trapped in an endless cycle of attempting to win ...
12/10/2012    When giving a lottery ticket as a holiday gift, please keep in mind the person’s age

The National Council on Problem Gambling and McGill partner with lotteries worldwide to discourage lottery gifts for minors (more)
8/8/2011    When Mays And Mantle Were Banned From Baseball: Putting A-Rod’s Gambling Problem In Context

3/6/2014    Why Do I Need To Know About Problem Gambling?

Gambling addiction is a public health problem impacting relationships, families, businesses and communities. The National Council on Problem Gambling highlights National Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

10/11/2012    Why the teen brain is drawn to risk

1/2/2009    Will Charles Barkley still be beloved like John Daly?

( - USA)- From gambling, to weight excess to arguably, arguably...problems with alcohol, it’s all there. It’s very easy to point the finger and say Barkley has a ...
2/3/2009    Will Obama go All-in with Online Gambling?

(TPMCafé - New York,NY,USA)- Every online gambling site will be required in explanation to its visitors involving gambling addiction and introducing assisting institutions to the ...
7/24/2008    Windsor Student To Begin Three Year Study On Gambling Treatment

(Casino Gambling Web - Tampa,FL,USA)- Problem gambling affects many people and some respond better to treatment for their addictions than other. Why there is varying responses to treatment has...
12/3/2007    Winning lottery ticket unlucky for convicted bank robber

Boston Globe - United States: "If somebody is saying my excuse for robbing this bank or convenience store was to get money to pay gambling debts," he said, then conditions are ordered to ...
1/16/2009    Wisconsin gamblers help line gets more calls than ever

(Marquette Tribune - Milwaukee,WI,USA)- The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling experienced a record number of calls to its help line during 2008. The help line, which offers advice on how to ...
3/30/2010    With lottery profits down, Oregon will make deep cuts in gambling addict programs

Starting in April, the state will make deep cuts in the programs that provide treatment for gambling addicts. At least 265 people will be turned away, state budget records say.
1/29/2008    With Vegas so close, Super-Bowl gamblers may be more tempted

(USA Today - USA)- At last count, the National Gambling Impact Study Commission said there are 5 million compulsive gamblers and 15 million at risk in this country....
2/23/2010    Woman counsels Niantic inmates with gambling problems

(Norwich Bulletin)- “There were always programs for drugs and alcohol addiction, but to the outside world, they don't see there is a gambling problem,” she said. ...
3/10/2008    Woman Files $20M Long-Shot Casino Suit

(The Associated Press - ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.)- Arnie Wexler, the former head of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, estimates there are 5 million problem gamblers in the United States,...
4/6/2011    Woman steals everything from in-laws, gambles away $14 million

12/12/2007    Women and Gambling

NCPG Executive Director, Keith Whyte appeared on the Mike and Juliet Show to discuss Women and Gambling.
11/12/2013    Women and gambling addiction

(InterGame)- Karter has written a book, Women and Problem Gamblers, and concludes that addiction among women has its roots other than in the “buzz” which men ...
7/17/2010    World Cup gambling costs 235 people

(Times LIVE)- ... Kong dollars (46.3 million US dollars) were seized in a month-long operation against illegal gambling on World Cup football matches, police said Friday.
7/31/2013    World-first ad campaign a win for problem gamblers

(Herald Sun)- A CONFRONTING world-first ad campaign tracking the crippling battles of real-life problem gamblers has inspired 120 gamblers a week to try and beat their ..

Public Oversight Hearing on the Matter of I-Gaming and Public Hearing on B19-474, Lottery Amendment Repeal Act of 2011 (more)
12/27/2012    WSU researchers publish important study on problem gambling

1/15/2013    You're Invited - Public Educational Forum

The Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling invites you to attend an educational public forum..... (more)
7/15/2009    Your help is needed to pass important legislation for problem gambling!

10/5/2013    Your Money AND Your Life

(The Global Mail)- “Like other stressful activities, a gambling problem is likely to involve cortisol, a hormone which accelerates the heart,” Livingstone says. “But if you're getting ...
11/8/2008    Youth gambling is an increasing problem

(Chadron Record - Chadron,NE,USA)- Gambling at a young age can lead to loss of control over behaviors that lead to problem gambling or addiction,” said Scot Adams, director of the Division of ...
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